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10, OUT OF 10 (Part 15): will we ever finish this if we keep buying new games? 😂

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Here’s a mix of old and new! Finishing off a lot of our GenCon haul here, but also talking about some recent releases that we haven’t had a chance to talk about on the channel, like Earth and Darwin’s Journey. Enjoy!

This is Part 15 of our series, 10 (COMMA!) OUT OF TEN, where we rate 10 games on a 10 point scale from our two unique perspectives!

We hope this helps you get a better sense for our game preferences, and remember…..

1) ratings are subjective, based on our own individual enjoyment of the game, they’re not a judgment on game quality or the likelihood you would feel the same,
2) our game preferences are ever evolving and these may change,
3) we respect and would love to hear your differences of ratings in the comments… that’s what makes gaming so fascinating and full of joy. There is something for everyone! 💜

Have a great week ahead,
A&M xx

00:25 Isle of Trains: All Aboard (BGG 7.1)

06:01 Illimat (BGG 7.3)

11:59 Roll Camera: The film making game (BGG 7.6)

19:27 Tiger & Dragon (BGG 7.1)

28:03 Majesty: For the realm (BGG 6.9)

36:04 Bruxelles 1893 (BGG 8.5)

48:22 Cosmoctopus (BGG 7.7)

55:49 For Glory (BGG 8.2)

01:03:57 Earth (BGG 7.8)

01:11:15 Darwin’s Journey (BGG 8.2)

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Amy & Maggie aka ThinkerThemer. We’re an Australian couple with two very different perspectives of what makes a great board game – Amy (Thinker) is all about the mechanics and enjoys tight, competitive games, and Maggie (Themer) is all about the storytelling and the theme of the game, and the ‘world’ that the designer is trying to create. Subscribe to our channel to hear us talk about these two elements of a game, and how well integrated we feel these are in delivering a cohesive and wonderful game experience.
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  1. I came here to hear Nick Murphy's response. No show?

  2. I haven't rated Isle Of Trains yet, but suspect it will fall closer to Amy than Maggie.Wow- Bruxelles 1893 didn't go down with you. I agree higher player counts are better, but the bidding complexity is really only equalled by Keyflower in my experience- I really love all the things one is trying to accomplish here. I also tend to bump earlier innovators over later imitators, unless they really nail the sweet spot with theme. It's an 8 for me, though it doesn't get to the table enough.

  3. Hi Amy and Maggie! I see that you guys are on my podcast app, but there hasn't been anything uploaded since Feb… Are you guys not uploading to podcasts anymore? If love to be able to listen to you guys while I'm driving! 😁

  4. Thanks for the video!Likewise with Tiger & Dragon, I did not what to expect other than its title, cover art, and Oink Games' track record of fascinatingly unique games. After playing it at a post-Gen Con event at my FLGS, I was quite surprised by how simple it plays similar to mainstream card games like Uno and Pairs. Plus how unnecessarily deluxified it is with the mah jong tiles. Could easily be released as a board and card game. Nevertheless, it's a great filler and family game that I've preordered soonafter. Hope to get the copy soon!Definitely want to give Cosmoctopus and Majesty a try if the opportunity arises. With many board games being released, it definitely seems impossible to finish. But I still enjoy these videos! Looking forward to the next one. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the video. I love your passion for board games and for talking about board games.

  6. Never finish the series! This is such a fun series and y'all are awesome haha keep adding to the collection 😂

  7. I’m always happy to see your copy of Brian Boru on your shelf. I don’t know why, but I really like that game… and it’s not very popular, so makes me glad that someone else likes it enough to proudly display it on their shelf.

  8. Earth just doesn’t quite land …. Clever but no interaction…. bland …. Just doesn’t grip you. When I pulled it out for game night to play- with the same group of people who had played it 3 weeks prior- there was a collective sigh …no excitement

  9. Did my Alex get a shout out during tiger and dragon? awwwwwwwww

  10. absolutely love For Glory. It's such a well designed game

  11. Honestly, not having a female patron is probably the most thematic part of Bruxelles, but yeah, I don't think it's that important that they couldn't have changed it. I'm surprised that you don't love Darwin's Journey, being a fan of Luciani and Lacerda.

  12. If i recall correctly, Monique and Naveen were not fans of Earth either – so you're not alone! My partner absolutely loves the game and is always itching to get it back to the table to try something new. I find it a pretty chill experience – in that I don't feel compelled to think hard about it. I'm happy to play it, but if i were in the mood for a good puzzle or a fun time, I don't think it would be the one I would pull out

  13. Do you sell the shirt that Amy is wearing? Btw, love your channel!

  14. Personally, I hope the series never ends because I enjoy it so much. I know – just what you needed – incentive to buy more games, lol.

  15. I love The Decemberists, but I didn't know they had a boardgame!

  16. I really, really, really like Darwin's Journey, but like you I don't love it. Still a game I will keep in my collection and will gladly play it anytime. I would rate it a bit higher than you somewhere in the 8's.

  17. Love Majesty for the Realm, and was also taught by the Outback friends at DTW!

  18. Maybe I'm the odd one out on this, but reviewing a game through a "reviewer lens" kind of defeats the purpose for me. I want to hear Maggie's ACTUAL rating of For Glory, not some adjusted rating based on what she thinks what other people might think. The whole point of picking which reviewers to listen to, for me, is learning the reviewer's likes and dislikes and then gauging accordingly based on my own affinity with that reviewer. A 7.2 that you never want to play again just doesn't make any sense.

  19. So true Ladies😂 have the same problem here. Just got myself Planet Unknown and was and still waiting for gamefounds and kickstarters to come and new things are going to be released on the Polish market… it never ends😜

  20. That’s right 😂 good for us 😄 have a good day 👍🏻

  21. It's Cull O'Clock! 😂
    Goodbye below 7.5 averages! 😅
    Hello shelf space!

  22. I have one of those games! I do like Roll Camera, and one day I will manage to get the expansion to the table.

  23. Great vid. I’ll throw a challenge at you for those hard core euro gamers in you. Give Voidfall a try, I dare you!

  24. I absolutely love For Glory but I can see how it isn't for everyone. The expansion adds some fun stuff to play around with, like the new champion gladiators that are unique to each player and a well-made solo and 3-4 player game mode.

    Nice reviews!

  25. Great video. Appreciate your thoughts on the games in your collection. Nice to see the contrasting opinions.

  26. The artwork and player choices for Bruxelles 1893 is absolutely maddening. I played Glass Road for the first time recently and same thing – apparently there were no women needed in the villages we were building (good luck in sustaining those villages!) This is SO disappointing for a newly published game. I won't be buying this one. Appreciate you calling attention to this. Hopefully at some point more publishers will start listening.

  27. Thanks Maggie and Amy!! I really loved Darwin's Journey but if I remember correctly they only had 1 player aid for that massive table hog of icons😅 why must they torture us! Other than that we did find it very intuitive after we got through the rules. I've heard good things on the Pirate Expansion and really want to give it a try next time!🦜🏴‍☠
    Lorenzo il Magnifico is now on my list of games to try! I loved Tzolk'n!

  28. Love these videos !!! The discussion and insight on each game is both incredible interesting and helpful !!!

  29. Maggie, where do you get your colourful shirts from?

  30. For Glory looks interesting! I will have to check that out.

    Roll Camera might be the most disappointing game I ever bought. The theme is fantastic, but the game is just not…fun.

  31. Love these videos but please add chapters and consider if your rating system is holding up. Every review being 7.x is a bit unusual

  32. Great series! Did you played the Fire Island side of the board of Darwin’s Journey?

  33. I'm fine if you never finish because those videos are my favortie from your channel ! Keep the games coming !

  34. I see a parallels between your review of Darwin's Journey, Tom Brewer's review of Golem, and my own recent emotions. We're now saying it's good, 7.5 of 10, but no reason to return to this game over any other similar game. It's a matter of choosing your favorite (superficially implemented) theme among this strong herd.

    My gaming group rotates Agricola, Age of Steam, Caylus, Bus, Ra, Grand Austria Hotel and whatever new thing has come off the conveyor belt this week.

    A new everything-but-the-kitchen-sink design with a lot of setup and copious language-independent iconography has a difficult time breaking into the cycle because it has to compete with all the other games that tickle the same dendrites but also, frankly, we can't remember how to play it by the time we fancy it again.

  35. When I saw Darwin’s Journey in the thumbnail I had to tune in. I’m always curious what others think. I was a little disappointed to hear this game didn’t quite land with you the way you were hoping. For me though, I absolutely love it. It is easily my #1 game for 2023. Not only do I think the base game is great but I feel the Fireland expansion is even better. I found it to be so good that I took the effort to record a video about it which is rare for me.

    Anyway, solid video as always. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these games!

  36. It was interesting what you said about Earth. Intially I really wanted this game and was trying to get a copy which was difficult living in NZ. But then I was put off by complaints re some of the components but also the lengthy game play and as much as I would like to try it I think it's a game i'd mostly solo because with my game group we don't do a lot of simultaneous play game as we have to help players to make sure they don't for get anything so this would be a very long play for us.

  37. Range 7.2 to 8,0. Not much differentiation.

  38. I REALLY appreciate the perspective you two bring to the hobby and the vast array of different games you cover! Keep up the great work!

  39. Love seeing any coverage of Majesty for the Realm. Such a great game!

  40. I picked up Cosmoctopus at GenCon really liked the theme and easy set up. I brought it to a friend’s house and got him addicted to the game (he really enjoys engine builders). The next week his family flew into town and he requested we play Cosmoctopus, and I got his family hooked. So I guess I’m a missionary now for the Great Inky One haha? But I liked your thoughts on the game and I think they are spot on.

  41. Interesting video. I have yet to play my copy Isle of Trains. I was intrigued about your review on Earth, such a beautiful artwork but was wary of the game play. Thanks for your take on this one. Having read many books by and about Darvin's live and his groundbreaking research of his time, I was disappointed about Darvin's Journey from the get-go and didn't back this on. And I don't regret it. What artwork and storytelling could one have done with a game about Darvin's live. But this looks boring and dull. The theme in For Glory is terrible as a theme, not as it plays out as a game-opponent destroyer. Nothing wrong if somebody is into war games for example (I personally would prefer a pace/Sci-Fi war).

  42. I love that even without a large variation to your scores the discussion about the game gives me a great idea whether I would like the game or not. 🐙 the inky one is headed my way… and I was considering the belle epoch 1890something… and may just hit it at a convention some day. ❤

  43. Thanks for another great video. Always a highlight when you two show up in my feed.

  44. I'm really surprised you didn't talk more about the back side of the board for Darwin's Journey, as it's a much different game that's considered far superior in general. The Fireland's Expansion really leans into the exploration side of the game, which improves it greatly as a whole.

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