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10, OUT OF 10: We rate our entire board game collection! (Part 1)

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Welcome to our new series, 10 (COMMA!) OUT OF TEN, where we rate 10 games on a 10 point scale from our two unique perspectives. We hope this helps you get a better sense for our game preferences, and remember…..
1) ratings are subjective, based on our own individual enjoyment of the game, they’re not a judgment on game quality or the likelihood you would feel the same,
2) our game preferences are ever evolving and these may change,
3) we respect and would love to hear your differences of ratings in the comments… that’s what makes gaming so fascinating and full of joy. There is something for everyone! 💜

Thanks for watching, and can’t wait to hear what you think!
A&M xx

PS. Yes we’re recording them, yes there’s a spreadsheet involved 😆

00:00 Why are we doing this now?
05:48 Dice Miner
(BGG 7.3)
11:38 Brian Boru
(BGG 7.7)
17:38 San Francisco
(BGG 7.1)
23:08 That Time You Killed Me
(BGG 7.7)
30:11 Mercado de Lisboa
(BGG 6.7)
35:16 Kitchen Rush
(BGG 7.6)
42:03 Boon Lake
(BGG 7.8)
50:20 Scythe
(BGG 8.2)
58:42 A Feast for Odin
(BGG 8.2)
01:11:38 Ark Nova
(BGG 8.6)
01:25:50 What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Amy & Maggie aka ThinkerThemer. We’re an Australian couple with two very different perspectives of what makes a great board game – Amy (Thinker) is all about the mechanics and enjoys tight, competitive games, and Maggie (Themer) is all about the storytelling and the theme of the game, and the ‘world’ that the designer is trying to create. Subscribe to our channel to hear us talk about these two elements of a game, and how well integrated we feel these are in delivering a cohesive and wonderful game experience.
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  1. Once you get your rating for a game, put it on BGG, and include a brief comment as to your reasoning for the ranking. (Jump start your memory.) (you said this at the start…)

    Do you think there are going to be any games you will rank below 6 that you will be keeping? (Maybe Amy painted the pieces of a game, and for that reason you will keep it even though it rates at example 5.8)

  2. Love this! You both always have such interested and articulate opinions, so much fun to hear you go through these games.

    My main question: how exactly are you coming up with your super granular decimal ratings? with scores like 6.6 and 7.8, you're essentially working on a 100 point scale–what was the thought on that versus a 10 point (or 20 point, with .5's) scale?

  3. Great video. I loved hearing your thoughts on these! Regarding Scythe, have you played with more than two players? I find that the player interaction is much more intense and "war-like" with four+ players, especially since two of the stars can be obtained from winning a battle.

  4. Great video!! Added your BGG as Geek Buddy so that your ratings will show up in Geek Buddy Analysis in the game. Thanks for all the mini reviews it's amazing.

  5. I am sure this will be absolutely amazing series! Have not watched but I know already.

  6. Great new show… and a nice way to make a clean slate in the collection.
    For me, on this particular list, I haven't played a lot of the games, but omg I do love Ark Nova.
    I was quite apprehensive at first, due to the look and feel of the game. Same with terraforming Mars. It took me a long time before I dared to play the game, but in the end I loved it so much. So with that in mind I decided to purchase this game much faster. And it hasn't given me any regret. Best game of the year (so far), and already in my Top 10 of all time. And house-ruling is quite easy. We've already used a drafting system for the first 8 (4) cards in hand. And the new solonmode online vs an AI player is great a different from the standard solo version in the game. Love it as a solo game.
    For the next series I am interested in the King is Dead, as I see it continually on screen in the back 😉 I know I like it a lot, but interested in your take…

  7. Such an awesome new series ! The title explanations at the beginning made me laugh so much, and I was very happy to get a super long video from you ! No pressure.. but can’t wait for the next one (;

  8. Hello Amy and Maggie, its a while since I have watched any of your videos, indeed any boardgame videos in general, since my collection has reached saturation. I really enjoyed this Part 1 of your new series though and look forward to more. I am always amazed how much you can talk about each game, the pics and detail of the mechanics and theme (or lack of theme) you pack in, even of those that are leaving your collection. Boon Lake is a firm favourite of one our local game group members – we have a large game group locally (100+ members) we have recently joined. I was surprised how low you rated Ark Nova, however, its very immersive and thinky, we love it. I know its very long and if you finish on negative victory points after all your efforts that feels a tad mean but it is sooo good! On your scoring I would put it probably put it at a 9.0.


  9. Crikey!! That's a big big project.. ..and giving a score out of 100 (effectively).
    ~ respect ~

  10. Are you honoring BGG's definitions of the number scale?

    It fascinates me that humans have a weird bias for numbers 7 through 9.

  11. Awesome video! We also love Feast for Odin, and also find the occupation cards to be not the best part. We now have a house rule of "draw 2, choose 1" that has improved them quite a bit. 🙂 We have the Norwegians expansion on a hold shelf at Game Nerdz – looking forward to playing it!

  12. No Friscans subscribed? Who says borough in SF? It would be like making a game based in London and calling the Underground the subway. Or calling a component a flashlight instead of a torch. Nails on a chalkboard.

  13. I am still struggling to understand why Maggie doesn’t like fun games lol. I need a whole video on that

  14. Fun series – I appreciate compare and contrast, so have you considered doing 10 area majority games (not a top 10 or best of), but just games that are somewhat comparable to each other?

  15. Maggie, you should try Rise of Fenris, if you haven't. I played it solo and was a real fun time!

  16. Haha, hi Amy and Maggie. Love the sound of this series. Before I even watch further and as one of the unnamed "people in the comments" I need to ask (IAQ): As you are always getting many, many new games, does that mean we will never see a top 10 BG's of all time? I.e. is this a clever way to go around this burning question? Anyway, can't wait to watch the rest (during work) and maybe comment again

  17. What a fun new series, very excited about it!! Can't wait for the next episode 🙂

  18. Feels like an advanced version of Keep or Cull from Boardgaming Ramblings, with actual ratings for each game, nice!
    Now if you could also borrow those funky (trademark?) Keep and Cull paddles, that would be the cherry on the cake!
    I love how deep you go on each game, it's like we get 10 reviews, amazing!

  19. Maggie, you mentioned that when playing Ark Nova you feel no investment in what the other player is doing in the game. The more I play Ark Nova, the more I actually disagree with that sentiment. Figuring out what your opponent may plan to do, I feel, can make a noticeable difference in the direction of your play. For example, if you can predict that they will be playing many cards with a certain tag, playing a sponsor card that allows you a benefit every time that tag is added to any zoo can be a great boon that allows you to play more efficiently. Also, with the drafting of the completely unique cards and the tokens on the association board, there’s a subtle competition to every space in the game that I think is perfect. Since the tempo of the game, from triggering breaks to ending the game, is completely player-driven I find it’s a compelling multiplayer experience.

    Anyway, I am excited to watch this series! After years of listening to various reviewers sing the praises of AFFO I think you both have finally just convinced that I would enjoy it and ought to play 🙂

  20. Great video and interesting to hear your thoughts on Scythe and Ark Nova given I own them both! I enjoyed the longer format video btw and would love to see more in future.

  21. I am LOVING this series! The time honestly flew by and I love how much detail you're giving each game. I'm excited for the rest of your collection 🙂

  22. Hi Maggie and Amy! I love this new series! I like how you are rating newer games, but also some older games as well…

  23. Nice format. I subbed to your channel and my Dad and I bought Kitchen Rush after seeing your playthrough. 🙂

  24. This will be a great series 🙂 definitely a marathon not a sprint! Pace yourselves and go easy on yourselves if you have weeks where you don't get as many games played

  25. Another great video ladies! And another great sweater Maggie!

  26. Such a great series! I absolutely love this and wouldn’t change a thing! Except maybe your rating on Ark Nova 😉😉! Of the games I have played, this one is my biggest difference in rating. Though I have only played 3 of these! I need to fix that! I think as you go through your collection, if I have the game I will play it over the next week or two weeks (however frequent this series will be). It will be a great way for me to play my shelves and rate them too. Oh this is gonna be fun!! Looking forward to the discussions in Discord on all of these! I even appreciate the 90 mins! I am so excited for this series! 💕

  27. Now that I've watching all your vids, I just have one question: How does Amy feel about a rondel? And what about a GOOD rondel? I just don't know if Amy loves a good rondel….

  28. I so relate to having a goldfish memory!! haha Looking forward to following along this series!!!

  29. Loving this new series!! The video le gth was perfect because it's necessary to hear your opinions on the good and bad of each game discussed. Great name too, love the comma!

  30. i love this! but i appreciate if the clarification came earlier, that 7 seems to be your average score and that even ones you want to give away may still rank high somehow. ive always loved board games but only recently decided to really dive into it as a hobby and be part of the community. because of that I was one of those people who were off-put by Feast For Odin even though litterally everyone sings its praises. i loved the way you explained it, and i am much more willing to get stuck in with that one sooner than later

  31. Yaaaaasss!! Such a great series! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on a bunch of titles and to seeing older games get some love. Awesome work! 🥳🥳🥳

  32. Great format, looking forward to part 2!

  33. Such a nice first episode of the new series! I love that you take your time to discuss each games !

  34. …hmm, interesting rating! Still a bit confused about it though. What makes it 7.7 instead of 7.9 for example. Like Ark Nova – after the comments I would have expected it to be at least below 7.0.
    Do you rate AFFO with expansion a 10/10 or only a 9.9? And oh nooo! You are giving the "That Time you Killed me" away! It's killing me, just got it the other day and can't wait to try it.
    I love the new series and can't wait for part 2.

  35. Looking forward to this, I definitely came for the ratings but I'm staying to find out if you'll post the games you're selling to Sydney 😛

    But seriously I think this will be so helpful to figure out where tastes align and where they differ. So Very Wrong About Games is maybe my favourite board game podcast but I disagree with them 90% of the time, but going in knowing that just allows a more rounded impression of a game and whether it's for me, and I hope knowing what you like will do the same here.

  36. Love the format and excited to see many more episodes!

  37. Love this new series! Looking forward to more videos, and you guys have a ton of games. Also, your new game room is fantastic, I'm so jealous 😀

  38. Love the new series!! I have been witnessing (since the start of your channel) your collection growing in the background and I was always curious of the games that are in your collection. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about all of your games. What is your BGG account so I can follow you on BGG?

  39. Hello to both!
    This seems to be a promising series, but it's going to be hard for you to go through the all collection at 80+ minutes per video xD I thought you were going to go over more than 10 games. But I loved the conversation.
    I still want to try Ark Nova, like a lot! But I can't get myself to buy that big of a box without being sure first that I will love the game (as everyone, shelf space is limited and mine has a battle between games and books).
    A Feast for Odin is a game I can't get into. I tried it 3 times and all of them I felt a frustrated meh. I can't point it out what it is specifically, maybe is just the overall game. I do love puzzle games: I'm a huge Lacerda fan, and love Pfister games like Blackout Hong Kong. Feast for Odin just don't engage me.
    Waiting for part II!

  40. I loved your reviews and scoring. I was also happy to see you reviewing some older games.👍

  41. The quality, energy and tone of your delivery is outstanding. I am very much looking forward to the next one!

  42. Yes, I like this new series! Agree, could be shorter. I need to cull games too, and I love Feast for Odin. Looking forward to next episode! I give a 10 out of 10 (no comma) for this series. 😊

  43. Love this! I stopped supporting kickstarters after their stance on crypto. So I no longer watch anything covering the new hotness. I’d much rather see a game that stood the test of time, so I’ll always tune in for this. Excited to see what has held up and what has lost its luster for you all.

  44. Great new series! I really enjoyed this first episode. Looking forward to more 😊

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