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10, OUT OF 10: We rate our entire board game collection! (Part 1)

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Welcome to our new series, 10 (COMMA!) OUT OF TEN, where we rate 10 games on a 10 point scale from our two unique perspectives. We hope this helps you get a better sense for our game preferences, and remember…..
1) ratings are subjective, based on our own individual enjoyment of the game, they’re not a judgment on game quality or the likelihood you would feel the same,
2) our game preferences are ever evolving and these may change,
3) we respect and would love to hear your differences of ratings in the comments… that’s what makes gaming so fascinating and full of joy. There is something for everyone! 💜

Thanks for watching, and can’t wait to hear what you think!
A&M xx

PS. Yes we’re recording them, yes there’s a spreadsheet involved 😆

00:00 Why are we doing this now?
05:48 Dice Miner
(BGG 7.3)
11:38 Brian Boru
(BGG 7.7)
17:38 San Francisco
(BGG 7.1)
23:08 That Time You Killed Me
(BGG 7.7)
30:11 Mercado de Lisboa
(BGG 6.7)
35:16 Kitchen Rush
(BGG 7.6)
42:03 Boon Lake
(BGG 7.8)
50:20 Scythe
(BGG 8.2)
58:42 A Feast for Odin
(BGG 8.2)
01:11:38 Ark Nova
(BGG 8.6)
01:25:50 What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Amy & Maggie aka ThinkerThemer. We’re an Australian couple with two very different perspectives of what makes a great board game – Amy (Thinker) is all about the mechanics and enjoys tight, competitive games, and Maggie (Themer) is all about the storytelling and the theme of the game, and the ‘world’ that the designer is trying to create. Subscribe to our channel to hear us talk about these two elements of a game, and how well integrated we feel these are in delivering a cohesive and wonderful game experience.
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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many games do you actually own?

  2. Hey A&M 😀. Are they going to rework the art at minimum for Feast For Odin? Any new edition is comming maybe? Do you have any clue on that?

  3. I enjoyed the video but admit I skipped through to a few games I'm interested in your take/rating of. Not sure if possible to minimise an explanation of a game vers your thoughts on it, as in most cases people would be aware or can find another video to know how it works. Obviously it does make sense to explain how something works when it's a reason you like/dislike something.. a hard balance 🙂

  4. For my solo players out there – Boonlake plays fantastically solo! I can understand the critiques in the video for multiplayer (length of play, ap, inability to plan moves, start/stop feel) but most go away in solo. I love the action selection mechanic and it encourages you to keep pace with or stay ahead of the bot on the river track. Of the pfister games I've played I prefer boonlake solo over either great western trail or maracaibo.

  5. The longer format is great. I really appreciate the details and commentary; hearing specifics as to your individual likes/dislikes is both interesting and helpful. Looking forward to Part2.

  6. This is a great series!
    Would love to see your top abstract 2p games too.

  7. I’m sure you have figured out the calculation where the release rate of these videos is geared to perpetually align with your acquisition rate to provide a consistent and near infinite outcome 😂

  8. Love the ratings. Cracks me up that you have numbers between numbers. (7.9) I buy a lot of my games used so I am always interested in games that are not new and how people rank them. It’s really helpful to get a vin diagram of my tastes vs. a reviewers. The more you rate the more clearly I know where our likes crossover. Thank you ladies for taking the time to do this. I am also curious how many times you have a played a game. I have only played my favorite game Scythe 7 times. Between owning a real estate company, 3 kids, a husband, and a lot of movies I have to watch, I don’t get to play as much as I would like. I am always curious how much others get to play.

  9. Oh, at the end show us the piles of what you are keeping and what you are saying goodbye to. I multi take so so times I miss what piles you put things in.

  10. Thanks so much for your very thoughtful and thorough reviews

  11. This is gonna be a great series! Keep it up!

  12. Great video. Looking forward to the rest of the series! From my personal perspective, I really value the logging of ranking of games on bgg, my preference would be to go for your highest rating and then capture both in the comments (maybe with a youtube link :), because I would much rather know one of you loves the game and it standing out for that reason, than a washed out average if one of you loved it and the other was meh. But welcome whatever you choose 🙂 Thanks for the content… Keep up the good work!

  13. Nice set of games and comments. Looking forward to the next set.😊

  14. Very excited for the next vid! Also reminds me I should probably rate my entire collection on BGG sometime

  15. Finally got around to watching this one, as yall put up part 2 lol. But I really love the in depth thoughts and how much purpose this list has for y'all. While I enjoy top 10s generally, I think the really special and valuable ones are when you feel the enthusiasm and solid criticisms on why a game hits y'all in a particular and personal way. Which I feel it in spades here. I also really like how multi purpose it is, in terms of helping you cull, get ratings out there, and filling up the BGG list. I hope yall find your 10 soon. I'm always on the look out for mine, and the closest possible games to the rating is Brass Birmingham and/or Spirit Island for me personally.

  16. Thank you so much for that very elaborate explanation of Ark Nova. I am glad I stood my ground and didn't give in to FOMO. Now, I can definitely say this game isn't for me. Great job in the video! Keep them coming.

  17. I liked the video very much, but I wanted to point out that for subjective ratings yours have a very good precision… I mean, differentiating between a 7.5 and a 7.3 would be really difficult for me! 😀 Thanks for your video, keep up the good channel, one of my favorites.

  18. Really interesting video! Interesting particularly to hear your thoughts on Ark Nova. Personally, I really love it. It’s a key part of the fun and challenge of the game to me that because of the large card deck you can’t go in with a pre-conceived strategy; you have to react to the cards that do appear. If a player is hoping that a particular card will come out then they probably aren’t playing very efficiently. Looking forward to other videos in this series!

  19. Love this video! Off to watch part 2 right now…
    Question about your A Feast For Odin rating: Is the 9.5 for AFFO+ Norwegians? Or does Norwegians make it closer to a 10? I suspect the former…. but then what is your rating for AFFO base game only?

  20. I really really like this format! Especially when already in the beginning I can see the pile of games you'll be talking about and they contain some of my favourites or some that I'd like to hear more of.

    P.s. why would you pass around the action board in Boonlake… that never even occurred to me to pass it around, why not just have it on the board and whoever is closest moves those strips

  21. I enjoy this new series, it's really cool. After all you said about Arc Nova I was surprised by both of your scores, they sound like you were way more critical than those scores reflect. I've never played it, but I love Terraforming Mars.

  22. I really like this new series, your personal thoughts and mini critiques of each games are more interesting than a number, but hey, a number to cap it off is also nice.

  23. Love it make it as long as you want i will watch it. Tell us all you want about games you rate it is super interesting cheers from Poland

  24. I actually like that you have to be opportunistic and pivot in Ark Nova 😀

  25. This is going to be epic!!!
    OMG!! You never disappoint.

  26. I love, love, love this series! This is going to be SOOO incredibly fun!

  27. When is Part 2 coming? Lol. This is going to be fantastic!!

  28. Sometimes I think you guys fall into the thinker/themer roles a bit too heavily.

  29. Hi Amy and Maggie! Really looking forward to this series, quite the undertaking. I'm early into the video, but did you rate Brian Boru? If so I missed it.

  30. For unknown reasons I don't like top lists. And rating the games comes close to that. 🤷‍♀ But since I love your channel…🙃💕💕💕💕💕💕

  31. I don't understand the question!?! You're awesome, keep going, of course 😃

  32. Wow. What a lovely idea! Liked the video for the concept alone. Grabs some popcorns and indulges for the next 90 min.

  33. Guess I will have to get A feast for Odin after all. So looking forward to the rest of this series! ❤️

  34. The format reminded me quite a bit of the Keep or Cull videos on the Board Gaming Ramblings channel- which I love, but I do agree this could have been a bit more condensed. After just a couple minutes of discussion/game, I was skipping ahead to the ratings.

  35. Great series! Looking forward to the next one!!

  36. I agree with the Ark Nova luck factor. And it’s my biggest gripe with the game. People will gush over this game but knock Viticulture for the card draws. It’s a good game, but 3rd best?

  37. This is a GREAT series! Thank you for doing this! Have a great week!

  38. 3 years from now – 10 out of 10 episode 73 🤣
    special thanks for the realistic Ark Nova scorew

  39. I am team Odin 😁 my top3. Together with GWT and Paladins of the WK. Super idea.

  40. Loving the start of the series and looking forward to more! Also, I've got an IAQ: What are your thoughts on Mindclash Games? I know you've talked positively about Septima and Astra, but what about their heavier ones? For myself, I really enjoy what I've played from them, even though they're very tough to get to the table because of their complexity. Anachrony is one that's been in my collection for a while, and I just recently picked up Cerebria and have been loving it solo! Really looking forward to trying it multiplayer, but it's going to be tough; it's probably the heaviest game in my collection and is apparently best with 4 players (in a 2v2 team mode) who all know the game pretty well, lol.

  41. This is the video I've been waiting for! Can't wait to get stuck in. This must have taken a lot of time and effort to plan, film, and edit. Thanks so much, Amy and Maggie!

  42. I agree with Maggie on Scythe! My husband wanted it, but I thought it was ugly and that it was gonna be a war game. Finally broke down and got it for him….and we waited 9 months to break it open. And I LOVED it!!!! One of my favs 😂

    And I so want to love A Feast for Odin…I've only played it online, but have played like a dozen times, and feel like I still make almost no progress. I don't know what I'm missing but it still feels like an impossible puzzle 😢

  43. Love it, I rate this series, out of 10, 10!

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