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10 Overrated/Underrated Board Games on the Board Game Geek Top 100 | King’s Court

Foster the Meeple
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Welcome to Foster the Meeple, a channel dedicated to board games and all board gamey things! Join Kyle as he brings some spicy takes on over/under rated board games on the BGG top 100!
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00:00 – Intro
01:09 – Underrated Game 1
02:14 – Overrated Game 1
03:36 – Underrated Game 2
04:26 – Overrated Game 2
05:49 – Underrated Game 3
07:13 – Overrated Game 3
09:45 – Underrated Game 4
11:17 – Overrated Game 4
13:12 – Underrated Game 5
14:53 – Overrated Game 5
21:19 – What should be #1
22:43 – Wrap Up
23:42 – A little bit extra

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  1. Good video, however some of the stuff you mentioned. Like you can't imagine Gloomhaven "still" being #1 for being so old, yet Brass is 15 years old and still basically tied for 20th. ALSO check out how VERY close the ratings are of the new Brass and Gloomhaven, almost identical like 0.06 difference. I think the theme isn't exciting for near as many. Like if you check out other Youtubers Brass is almost never in there top 5. (example from DT since they are easy to find lol…Vasel has original at 6.0 and new one at 5.0, and Zee hasn't even rated it even after commenting on over 2000 games, Brass isn't on of them) Again good video!

  2. The first American to pronounce Birmingham correctly …….. wahooooooooo go KYLE!!!!!

  3. I think people get hung up on BGG being a ranking system, but it's not, it's a rating system that BGG rank-orders in an effort to bring the most popular games – those that are both highly rated and widely rated – to the top. Any set of values can be rank-ordered, but rank-ordering is not the same as ranking and does not imply that one "rank" is better or worse than the other. It's not possible to rank the BGG database, but neither can a game be over- or under-rated, any given rating just is what it is. Gloomhaven isn't the best game in the world, it's just beloved by a whole mess of people.

    I also don't think it would be appropriate to group games that are "the same" or substantially similar because 1) that would have to be done to the entire data base, and 2) who would make those decisions? For example it might make sense to combine TI3 and TI4 into a single "ranking", which would fall somewhere between their individual rankings of 6 and 61, but then suddenly TI and TI2 are Top 100 games, which they are decidedly not. Same thing with Agricola and Caverna, if you merge those to then suddenly Caverna: Cave vs. Cave appears to be more popular than it really is. People would have no way of knowing that Blood Rage is a beloved game – justifiably – while Midgard is not – also justifiably.

    I don't think there is any way to "fix" the BGG system, but I also don't think it's broken. It just needs to be viewed through the lens of what it is and not over analyzed. My only beef with it is the use of the term "rank". I think it's appropriate to rank-order games based on their weighted average rating, but then indexing them 1 through N just creates confusion.

  4. The Crew is fantastic. Sounds like you played the quest for planet 9 with lower that 4 playersGloomhaven is definitely overrated

  5. Absolutely agree with this list! I actually hate Gloomhaven, I don’t think it’s a good game, but I can accept why it’s in the top 10. And it’s value for money is amazing. There’s about 500 hours of game in there for $120. That’s pretty dang good, even if you do the same thing over and over and over and over and over. Jaws of the lion should not be in the top 1000… it’s identical to Gloomhaven, but far FAR less content. I guarantee you that less than 0.001% of people who bought Gloomhaven actually completed the game, let alone all the side missions. Jaws of the lion is a cash grab from the fanboys.

    Another FAR too overrated game is Ark Nova. The BGG top 1000 list is now just games riding the hype train to the top of the list, despite not being good games. It’s not balanced, it’s too hard for beginners to learn but not interesting or fair enough for competent gamers to be interested, and doesn’t do any of its mechanics terribly well. It’s just so “meh”. It’s a game you’ll play once and think it was fun, but after the 3rd/4th play you’ll realize how the game doesn’t do anything well and there’s not much fun in there. Then you’ll put it on your shelf, never to be played again. There’s no good player interaction, far too dependent on luck, and the deck milling in the game is far too atrocious to be enjoyable. Not to mention, so much of this game is luck. SO much. You build a zoo in the hopes of drawing a card that will fit what you’ve been building AND scores the most points. You can build the exact same zoo as your opponent, even identically mirroring their actions every single turn, and have WILDLY different scores because of the luck of the draw. The game tricks you into thinking that you’re getting better at interacting with its systems, but you’re not. The systems give you minuscule points compared to the luck of the card draw. Deck milling is this age of board games version of roll and move and it’s even more garbage.

  6. Agree with gloomhaven and viticulture. Total meh.

  7. I love the Crew, and i wont understand it not being in top 100.
    Azul is probably one of the few games i will never play again, I just didn't enjoy it at all.

    For the others I kinda agree, especially on GH. Its a good system but very repetitive at some point.

  8. I think Gloomhaven popularized an entire generation of fantasy campaign games and is still my favorite of the bunch, so I understand it being number 1. Nothing in the genre has bested it, in my opinion. It is not my number 1 of all time, but I do think it deserves the love it gets. Also, for a lot of people, a game is more than just the gameplay. It's the whole experience.

    JotL isn't really the same game as Gloomhaven in my opinion… I mean, the system is the same, sure, but it's not the same play experience, story, characters, etc.

    I really don't like Azul. At all. I find it really boring even when being cutthroat… I've really tried to like it but I just don't. 😕

    I fully agree with Viticulture and Five Tribes. I'll play those, but really don't love them.

    Clans if Caledonia is cool, but every time I'd rather play TM or Gaia Project. I feel like those are both just tighter and deeper.

    Brass is wonderful. I wouldn't collapse the entries as they really are quite different play experiences. Birmingham is like Caverna (looser, less chess like) and Lancashire is like Agricola (tighter, more established play patterns).

  9. This is a great concept. You're not alone on Five Tribes (I hate it).
    Next time you should do this as a big group: throw out a game and see who agrees/disagrees/hates on you.
    That'd be fun. Hahahahaha

  10. My favorite game is Ark Nova, so I think that should be number 1, and it might actually be the first thing to challenge Gloomhaven. It hasn't been out long and is already 14 out of 100.

  11. Haha never have I disagreed with a list more… until you reached your #1 overrated and saved it. Loved the video (fyi I don’t have to agree to love a video). Keep up the good work

  12. Hahaha! I’m watching your list and a weird pattern formed. All of your underrated games I have not played and your first four overrated games we love. Doh! Gloomhaven I haven’t played but JOTL I have. Agree, it’s the same game, it should be on the same spot. That of anything other than #1. I’m all about dungeon crawlers but I hate…er, very much dislike losing cards from my hand. My group doesn’t want to play it for that very fact. We prefer Rollplayer Adventures over it or a sesh of D&D. Brass is on my list to pickup soon. Great vid.

  13. This was a great video! As someone who is relatively new to the hobby, it was great to hear your take on some of these big games.

  14. Funny thing is I'm playing LotR right now! I don't think it's overrated at all. My reasoning is first, the enemies are all the same. They all just move and deal damage/fear. None of them have any interesting or unique AI. You don't have to deal with each in a specific way to be successful. They just move…and deal damage. And you just attack them back, in the same way, no matter who they are.

    My second complaint is the timer. Yes, you need a timer in games. But it you can't explore everything you want or you'll run out of time. So it seems to try to limit how much you actually explore.

  15. I agree with you about the two top 5 but Gloomhaven is the best campaign game I have played. I don't think it will ever be de-throned. Gloomhaven was super hard and that was what I liked most about it! I hope you finish the game, it's fantastic!

  16. I only partly agree on the "multiple versions" of one game on BGG discussion. I agree if it is just "2nd edition" or something that they should be merged. But for me Gloomhaven: JotL is different enough to Gloomhaven and also the Crew is different enough to mission deep sea to have both

  17. Raiders: The expansions really helped with this. There's enough different systems going on where it really feels like a race up the various tracks.

    Five Tribes: I'm just going to disagree. The set collection is balanced well against a lot of the camels and blues. It's also worth noting that since you're seeing people take sets, bidding to snipe a green to prevent someone from scoring points is viable. I can see it not being for everyone, but if your group doesn't stall with AP it's still fun.

  18. Came hear to be offended by the Viticulture slander, but the Seinfeld reference "I drink Pepsi!" LOL won me over. Carry on.

  19. Kyle the video and Mic are looking great. Not sure if you got new equipment or just fine tuned the settings either way. Well done.

  20. How do you feel about Gloomhaven and other popular games in the top 10 being retired to a BGG hall of fame? I think it would help keep fresh games in the top 100

  21. Ok..Ok…Ok.. Fun video..:)…but Clans of Caledonia…snooooooze…I LOVE the crew. I have had so much fun with it playing at breweries over beers with pals. Love this game. Yep, Failing a gloomhaven run is the pits…I will ONLY play this game solo because I enjoy the surprise of new characters and the storyline is intriguing, and I totally cheat. I keep more cards in my hand than I should, and I don't even feel bad about it :). Keep the good content coming! Nothin' but respect.

  22. Totally agree with you on everything…..wait for it….except….viticulture of course. No, I get it, I do have visitor of rhine valley and it does help. I also love the special workers of Tuscany and I found a 10 pack of promo special workers that I didn’t even knew existed. Plus with world coming out, this will stay in my top five. But like you said, great game can see why people like it, just doesn’t have to be in everyone’s top ten. Thanks for the vid. I made my money the old fashioned way, I got run over by a Lexus !

  23. You’re right in that Viticulture you really want to see more cards and play more cards because those actions are the most powerful. So it becomes a fight over those card placement spots. Great video and good support for your opinions!

  24. No way is five tribes overrated! I can’t agree with this opinion at all lol

  25. Wrong about Journeys into Middle Earth. It's over-rated, not that good.
    Wrong about Raiders of the North Sea, maybe. Needs both expansions.
    Wrong about Five Tribes.
    Right about The Crew. So over-rated.

    Right about Azul.
    Right about Viticulture, the cards are so unbalanced. Right about the points.
    SO RIGHT about Gloomhaven. All Gloomhavens. SO OVER-RATED.
    Right about Brass: Birmingham, it should be #1.

  26. Crew overrated? Oh yes! Viticulture? Yes yes yes for all the reasons you mentioned, and may I add that it has a clunky and unnecessarily convoluted interface design as well? I’m that someone who reads rule books and learn games on a weekly basis and Viticulture was Zzzz to learn so I lost my patience and thought that the theme would show me the way……..oh so it’s not really about making wine – it’s about playing powerful visitors at the right time? 😒 Raiders? A hundred times yes, (but that is a game I actually enjoy playing despite all its issues).

  27. Totally agree with Euchre! Great card game and Azul should be way higher!

  28. Our experiences with bringing LotR: JiME to the table have always seemed to have led to everyone running away from everything. We never got the sense of our characters being powerful enough to take on much of anything toe to tow. Perhaps just bad luck for us so far. The campaign aspect makes it difficult to get back.

    The crew is one of the very best games we have played. Instant hit.

  29. I would love to see a top 10 underrated that are not in the top 500 or top 1000. great list none the less! Except brass, I hate brass, it's a well designed game, but it doesn't work for me. I would rather play almost any other game over brass.

  30. GH is a tough call because JoTL is a different game in the sense that it's a different story, characters and even how it plays. But I totally get what you mean, it's difficult that games in a series is a lot for the top X list and calling it now within 6 months of release frost will be #1. Also also, I will never play gloom without the app lol.

    For me a game I don't understand how it's so high is Nemesis, I have played it a few times and I just think it fails at everything it wants to do and yet it's in the top 10 I think, it's gross.

  31. I agree with Clans of Caledonia. It is such a great game. I wasn’t so sure when I initially bought it but then I played it and wowwww! That was a game changer.

  32. I agree about the Crew; me and my bf played it (and we are pretty new to Trick taking), but yeah… wayyyyyy too easy. And also, we HATE limited communication in co-ops (and we are BIG co-op fans; Spirit Island is still in my top 5). Also: I don't get what's so great about Viticulture either… granted, I haven't played it IRL yet, but I agree that it didn't really seem to be about making wine; I was expecting (and hoping) for an honest to goodness engine builder or at least economic/efficiency game, but no. (THOUGH, just started my first game of Clans of Caledonia, hot on the heels of my first ever Terra Mystica… and I must say, I agree with you on that one.)

  33. calling something in bgg 100 underrated… lol 🤣

  34. My favorite FTM moment is whenever you talk about Azul you use the shot of Jeff on the porch with the sun blaring in his eyes.

  35. This was SO good. I couldn't agree more with The Crew and Gloomhaven. So great! Thanks for explaining all your thought process. Well done.

  36. The Crew didn't land for us either and now that you talked about growing up playing trick taking games I'm now wondering if that's what didn't work for us. I definitely don't love "don't talk" as a solution to alpha players in general, but I do think one of the reasons I have always loved played Pitch with my family is the social aspect. I think The Crew is completely 'fine', but I don't get it's place in the top 100.

  37. #94…of all time…on planet Earth…is UNDER-rated? 🙂

  38. Raiders of the North Sea is so much better than LOTR: Journeys

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