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10 Perfect Board Games To Start Your Collection

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I talk about 10 board games that are perfect for starting your collection with. These games cater to all different player counts and contain a bunch of gaming mechanisms that will keep you entertained for a long time.




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  1. "… from two players to -"Iiiii am gonna stop you right there.A perfect board game collection needs to include at least 1 solo-play masterpiece.

  2. Wow what a great list! Mandala & ChinaTown are in my all-time favorite list

  3. Great list.Some I’d love to add to my collection.

  4. I love 9 of the 10 games on that list – exception being Just One – party-style games are just not my cup of tea.
    A 'Baker's Dozen' of alternatives that I'd suggest to lengthen the list (as I'd not wish to replace the 9):
    Lost Cities and Targi (both for two players),
    Medici, Modern Art, High Society, Ra (by my favourite designer),
    Web of Power/Iwari, Serengeti/Templari (by my 2nd favourite designer),
    Rumble Nation, Parade (latter could be a Coloretto substitute),
    Sharp Shooters (older dice push your luck/quest fulfillment),
    Azul (original) and Yinsh.

  5. Excellent list. Any idea when you might be reviewing Tiletum? Waiting on your review before I order it, I have seen mixed reviews so far…

  6. I agree with everything except just one. Codenames should be in that space even though it has some downtime.

  7. Only things I'm missing from this list are first 2 places. Still 80% of list is not bad :).

  8. thank you so much for the consistently fantastic videos

  9. For Concordia, you need to get the Solitaria expansion if you want to play solo (it's not in the base game).
    Great startup collection! Although I think it needs a deck builder 😉

  10. Mandala and 7 Wonder Duel deserve the praise…both are great games.. I would have loved to see these games in the list – Condottiere or Kind is Dead (Hand Management and Area Majority game), Secret Hitler (Social Deduction game), Forbidden Desert (Cooperative Game), 7 Wonders (card drafting for larger group), El Dorado and Luxor (Worker placement game), and El Grande or Tammany Hall for Area Majority.

    Please do a review video for Tammany Hall – its a classic like El Grande.. Also, pls do a comparison video for Samurai (by Dr Knizia) and Caesar (by Paolo Mori)… pls

  11. Brilliant list… Missing Glen More II though….

  12. So many good choices I would have put Condottierre her too.

  13. Amazing list- well done. I have all of them except Capital-lux- just not drawn to the theme and art of that one. Some I think I picked up after watching your videos. I haven’t figured out how to win Mandala yet- I lost badly the last few plays.

  14. Great list! I can imagine how difficult it is to narrow the list down to 10 – Azul, Ticket to Ride, Century Spice Road, For Sale, No Thanks, Onitama, Hanamikoji, and Wingspan are all great ones collection starters in my opinion.

    I'd also consider a cooperative game too, not counting Just One. I often find that they blow people's minds when they play one for the first time – maybe Pandemic or The Crew?

  15. All great choices. Mandala especially, I believe is a game design of pure genius. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to lay my hands on a copy of Capital Lux 2 here in Australia but hopefully will eventually. My other choices would have been Carcassonne, and Castles of Burgundy, and for 2 players, Hanamikoji and Jaipur.

  16. On Capital Lux, when you mention different "game modes", you mean the different central power cards? 4 types each with 4 different cards, making a total of 256 different combinations.

  17. If you haven't already, I highly recommend watching this channel's excellent reviews. Two of my all time favorite games, Mandala and Capital Lux II, were brought to my attention thanks to the no nonsense no fluff deep review process that has become the trademark of the channel. So thank you CotB, keep up the good work!

  18. I was fairly new to modern board games, and played Keyflower and it gave me a slight bad taste because you get constantly frustrated by being outbidding for tiles. then Jnplayed Isle of Skye which is pretty similar but IMO much streamlined. much better overall game to start and keep forever .

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