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10 Small Box Games You Should Try!

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Hey friends! Today I am chatting about 10 small box board/card games I’ve played recently! SO many great games our there that are small, easy to get to the table and are so quick and simple to teach. Hope you all enjoy the video and let me know of any other small box games you think I (or anyone) would enjoy!

Huge thank you to Floodgate Games (our channel sponsor) for sponsoring today’s video! Be sure to check out Everything Ever and the rest of their game catalogue here!

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  1. Highly recommend "OH Crud" super fun card game (trick taking with a twist). I know you would love it. Love your videos!

  2. Mountain goats is my go to for any age from6 up.easy to learn easy to play and you get to knock each other off the mountain, which kids love to do. I have given away 20 copies of this game and it is small box so I carry it to family reunions and other gatherings.. my nephew sad “best game ever”

  3. Recently picked up Doomlings, it's been a really fun game.

  4. Fun list. I was not familiar with most of these games. Point City is a lot of fun.

  5. Sea of strife is fantastic, ordered that right away after you introduced me to it, even though I wasn’t told all the rules😅😂

  6. Thanks so much for talking about Everything Ever! I know it's for the Floodgate sponsorship, but I appreciate it and it's really cool to see.

  7. Hi Jenna. Everything Ever sounds like a fun family game for Thanksgiving. Maybe you can bring it with you 😘

  8. I would recommend King of 12 and Similo as great small box games.

  9. Vaalbara is great! It works really well on BGA.

  10. Recently picked up Joraku, excited to get it played soon.

  11. Oh yeah, Token Terrors Battlegrounds is a GREAT small box game. We would love for you to take it for a spin. 😊

  12. I really like your channel 'cause it feels like chatting with a friend, ty

  13. Thank you for including Splito! Several new recs in this list for me to check out.

  14. For a coop pick I recommend Cat rescue, (one edition is smaller than the other).
    There are also 2 series that come to mind when talking about small box games: tiny epic series by Gamelyn games and Mint series(each game fits into a mint tin) by Five24 Labs/Poketto.
    Also Oink games make a lot of small box games.

  15. Nice video, I enjoyed a few of the games you mentioned. Would add ‚My favourite things‘ to the list if you can find it. It’s a great little game, worth looking for.

  16. Skull king, hanamikoji, cockroach poker and I’ll throw one in that doesn’t really get talked about anymore…matcha!

  17. Chai tea? Chai means tea bro, you're saying tea tea. 🕷🫖

  18. Have you found Spiced Sands?( chai tea) from Many Worlds Tavern yet? ( the BEST chai tea I have found yet). I love tea also, and Chai anything is my favorite type.

  19. Ooh! Point city and point salad never really caught my attention until this video. Gonna have to try out point city if i get the chance!

  20. I recently enjoyed Nimalia, Fika, subastral and savernake forest. Thanks for your list Jenna! Point city is on my wishlist 🥰

  21. Have you ever played “Enchanted Plumes”?? Recently picked up that one and we are loving it!! “Spicy” has also been fun, I’m not super into bluffing games but I do like that one! We’re also huge fans of “Cabo” or “Silver” and recently got “Scram”; didn’t get to table yet but excited!

  22. How did I know sea of strife was going to be on this list. I'm on a boat! 🚣🏻‍♀
    Recently picked up point city and ramen ramen. Both good solo too 😊

  23. Joraku is fantastic! There is a new deluxe edition that was on amazon for a while, but I think that one should be floating around the second hand market as it came out more recently

  24. ooo – intro is a good reminder to get my ember out of the back of the cabinet as iced beverage season ends! haha

  25. Harbour is a great small box game! Really enjoy it at 2-3, but feels very meaty for such a small box! More game designers/publishers should really try to reduce their game box sizes if the space is just going to be filled with air.

  26. The Point City solo mode is really cool…. you know what the AI will do each turn, but sometimes you can't stop it from getting buildings (so frustrating 😁). Every time I bring this to game night people want to play this game! I hope you will like it!

  27. I’d love to try a chai morning drink. Can anyone recommend they’re favorite brand? Thank you 😀

  28. Check out beacon patrol and forest shuffle!

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