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10 Small Games You Should Know About

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I recommend ten small card games, social games and 2 player games that come in small boxes that I’ve been enjoying over the last year.
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1️⃣Spies, Lies and Supplies –
2️⃣Order Overload: Cafe –
3️⃣Vaalbara –
4️⃣My Favourite Things –
5️⃣Star Wars Deckbuilding Game –
6️⃣The Number –
7️⃣Phantom Ink –
8️⃣Quickity Pickity:
9️⃣Noggin –
🔟No Mercy! –
PUSH Review –
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  1. I want to by My Favourite Things just to have my wife rank our 6 kids. Ha ha ha

  2. Best top 10 list I’ve seen in ages. I now want to play (and buy) every one of these games

  3. Thanks for this video, Jon! I love how you highlight games that I don't hear about much (or at all) elsewhere. I've added a few more games to my want to play list – Quickity Pickity was already on there, but I added Order Overload: Cafe and Noggin!

  4. Was this before or after asking for payment to reshoot unfavourable coverage?
    Jokes aside, amazing video as always. My wallet hates it.

  5. I may be a Star Wars fan.

    Thanks again Jon for an excellent video😊

  6. Noggin looks hilarious. Particularly the bit about shouting Red when the word is actually Der!

  7. Micro city 2nd ed is a great small game thats ludicrously cheap

  8. Star Realms fits perfectly on this list, even with its expansions

  9. Cool! But I have a question… Will you ever finish the top50 board games list from last year? I am still patiently waiting and hoping to see the rest of your favourite games:)

  10. I always end my game nights with a party game, or something like that. Chunky Monkey Business is a recent favorite

  11. 2: 'those are some very annoying variants on cappuccino, I see how this gets pretty difficult'…. 'ow wait, that's just the different languages'

  12. Air, Land & Sea was localized in France with cute animals. I am wondering how it can be done with Spies, Lies & Supplies.

  13. Roquefort (the one where the cheese comes from) is actually in the south of France 😉

  14. You should also mention there is a version for both Air, Land and Sea and Spies, Lies and Supplies with cute critters and animals: Critters at War and Flies, Lies and Supplies respectively.

  15. Air, Land, & Sea might be my best board game. It's incredible how much design and play space there is in such a tiny selection of cards. It's a min-maxed microcosm of Sid Meier's "games are a series of interesting decisions."

  16. Cool video, I hadnt heard of a few of these.

  17. Wow! Great video, as always. Thanks so much for talking about My Favourite Things. This sounds amazing!

  18. Hey Actualol, could you make a video covering top games for big groups like 10 people or so!

  19. The Vaalbara game sounds like an evolution of Kingdomino, where you can go for something high value this turn but you could get stuck on the next. I'll have to check it out

  20. 0:22 Why wouldn't a "small game" never be in a top 10 ?!

    I swear I'm getting terribly mad at some fringe of gamers that can't avoid being pricks about "smaller" games… :///

  21. Great video. Bought Spies, Order Overload and Quickity Pickity this morning!

  22. So glad to hear that 'Eye My Favorite Things' is coming to kickstarter. It's true that your recommendation of this game has taunted me for years

  23. Very unique list of games. I already love ALS: Critters at War but need to try the 'sequel'. I am most intrigued by Vaalbara and the Star Wars Games. Also, you remain the KING of metaphors keep up the great content.

  24. What about One Deck Dungeon? And any Tiny Epic games worth playing?

  25. The number seems like a boardgame that you can play without buying one

  26. really awesome and unique games like always John! great list!

  27. Was it Bruce Forsyth or Lilly Savage that had the conveyor belt game show where you had to remember items – Order Overload looks like it would feel like that …. and should do a reskin with toasters and vacuums

  28. Bravo, referring to low level Star Wars characters as “red shirt”
    🎉I see you, king 🎉

  29. Another fantastic push your luck, card flipping game is Port Royal. I love that the cards double as gold that you use to hire people and gain victory points. It's such a clever way to make it so never actually know which cards are in the deck because they could be in someone's gold pile.

  30. I helped out Resonym, the people who designed Phantom Ink, doing at a couple conventions. Max and Mary are both incredibly kind people, and i bought the game after demoing it for 8 hours straigjt

  31. Great list of small accessible games, Loved it ❤.
    Designer: Royal Realms

  32. Gossip Girl and Rumor Man…solid writing and joke there, Jon!

    So many good looking small box games on this list! My Favorite Things and Noggin look like two games I may have to pick up for get-togethers! Thanks again!

  33. As the famous The Clash song says: "Buzz! A-ah, saviour of the universe!"

  34. I was introduced to Quickity Pickity by Jon at Airecon and it was a blast. I bought my copy immediately after. Great little game!!

  35. Sorry, cheese I don't like? I don't understand this sentence.

  36. Another great video! Makes me want to try all ten games! Well done!

  37. Just a PSA that Air, Land and Sea has a variant called Critters At War, which is the same game but with a cartoony animal theme if you want something more colourful.

  38. "At the end of the day, the game you're playing is always more fun than the one sitting on your shelf." Now THAT made me think. Great recommendations!

  39. im on the move a lot and try to teach new games to non gamers, so this list was perfect. added vaalbara and noggin to my wishlist, although noggin seems to be unavailable. air land and sea is indeed a fantastic micro and gateway game that still has surprising amount of tactical depth. subscribed!

  40. The one game I was disappointed to not see here is Coup. Absolutely amazing, small box, you can explain it in 5 minutes and play a round in 10. Best small-box game I've played, but several here are looking pretty enticing.

  41. I just added half of these to my wishlist. Thanks!

  42. Played Vaalbara on Tuesday and liked it instantly. Ended up buying it less than an hour later.

  43. “Famously the son of buzz light year”

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