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10 Spooky Board Games for Halloween, & MORE! – Your Board Game Questions Answered

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Matthew Answers The Internet!

Empire’s End
You can lead a grand civilization at the height of its influence, but can you save it from collapse?

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00:00 – Intro
00:19 Who else hates getting rid of expansion boxes?
04:20 What are the best spooky games for halloween?
11:49 Are deluxe games getting out of hand?

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  1. We had a Halloween game day yesterday and the menu was Bloody Inn, The Night Cage and Dead of Winter. Fantastic night, but bummed we couldn’t get Betrayal at the house on the hill to the table. Last weekend the menu was: Horrified, Mysterium, and, of course, The Bloody Inn!

  2. I am currently using some of my expansion boxes for storage especially those with inserts, keeping my mini painting supplies in them. My Fenris box I saved so I can rebox the components when they get “revealed” as part of the story. The rest of my empty expansion boxes are sitting in a closet with my Hasbro games until I decide how to get rid of them.

    Not much of a Halloween or Horror guy (and I can’t stand traitor games)… so the closest I can get is the Mountain King games (the new one Fall of the Mountain King even has gnomes swarming you). I will be giving deduction games another go with Rear Window this weekend… Alfred Hitchcock is horror right?

    Don’t feel one way or the other around deluxe games. If an upgrade seems really practical or if it’s for a game that I love and will play eternally then it’s nice to have ways to get to it. But I don’t back very many kickstarters (backed 5 in 2.5 years of gaming and only two of them did I shell out for upgrades and one was a pack of abstract puzzles, not even a board game)… I realize for people that have been in the hobby a really long time they might be reaching a breaking point but I am not personally where they are yet.

  3. Metal coin money in games makes no sense. You can often use your own local currency, with easily recognizable values, for 1/5th of the price.

  4. I use expansion boxes for Christmas gifts, beautiful misdirection.

  5. The only game that I "deluxified" out of necessity is Quacks of Quedlinburg. The acrylic pieces are completely necessary to make the game as functional and tactile as possible. I can't/won't play without them.

  6. I can only fit 2 TTR expansions in the base European box. 😢

  7. That snakes game cut down looks so much better. I'm definitely doing that to mine!

  8. Definitely agree about trying to consolidate expansions into the base game box whenever possible. Your solution to the abstract series games works IMO 👍

    As for deluxe, I'm very much in the camp of having nice components that enhance the experience, especially for games that you love. I have the premium food tokens, ALL of the bird tokens for Wingspan from Meeple Source (more than I will ever need) and even put together one of those wooden inserts for it. All of this effort and extras I'm okay with having because I feel it adds enjoyment to what is a very special game to me.

  9. Excellent stuff as always Matthew 🙂 Horror games I like are Cthulhu Gloom, Alien: Fate of the Nostromo and Eldritch Horror.

  10. I consolidate all my expansions into the base game box, then proceed to store the empty box on the shelf.

  11. You cretin!!! What did those expansion boxes ever do to you to deserve such scorn?!?!? I need a hug now. But not from you! Cretin.

  12. Great video! Love your answers and great picks for Halloween 🎃

  13. I only keep expansion boxes in case I need to sell off that game in the future and the new owner may want the expansion boxes.

    I do also resize some boxes, either smaller if I can pull off with keeping the general cover art, or bigger, like for card games that won't normally fit sleeved cards.

  14. I kept the Ginkgopolis expansion box and GOT RID OF THE BASE GAME BOX! Simply because everything fit in the smaller, expansion box ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  15. I never get rid of expansion boxes… sometimes I even use then to store own designs or print and plays 😅 those are quality boxes how can you get rid of them? You are almost as much of a monster as those people that bend books pages into dog ears… 😳those monsters!

    Regarding spooky games I need a game that looks like Campy Creatures but with more interesting mechanics. But Campy Creatures art is all I want in a spooky game… I mean LOOK AT IT! It's amazing!!!

    I stay away from Kickstarters and Deluxe editions… even Expansions sometimes (not always, I do own some), the thing is… I rather put that money into different games to be honest. But it all comes down to the budget and experience each of one needs. If going deluxe gives you more joy and your budget allows it… go crazy… I tend to go wide instead of deep as well though.

  16. Always on the look out to ditch boxes. I’ve got 3 of the Gipf games in one box; will bin oversized card game boxes (Point Salad etc) and stick the cards into a plastic photo organiser box; put vaguely matched games into a single box – Lost Cities, Air Land & Sea, and Great Plains into the GP box; ditch Unmatched inserts and get as many sets as possible into one box.

    Games have to be doing something special for me to accept a separate expansion box. Parks – I can’t bring myself to get rid of the inserts. In a moment of weakness I got the Paris la Citie de la Lumieres expansion in the knowledge that it’d mean 2 boxes for a small game – but what a great game.

  17. love the idea of cutting down large boxes that dont need to be large. im afraid of cutting too far, or incorrectly in a way that makes the box look shabby

    as for delux games : i was so excited about Weather Machine, but i saw the price point and it was miles away from what i can accommodate.

  18. I will never get rid of my Quest for El Dorado: Heroes & Hexes expansion box.

    Primarily because I have the base game, heroes & hexes and the golden temples expansion all in that half-height expansion box, it's glorious 😉

  19. Ghost Stories and Abomination are worth your time if you enjoy horror themed games. The Bloody Inn is really all you need though. Best game.

  20. We try to at least get a couple episodes of Mansions of Madness or Betrayal out on my game night before Halloween.

  21. at about :35 .. I am that person. Specifically, Eldritch Horror. I kept every small expansion box and stowed them within the big expansion boxes and saved every one .. can't say I'm sorry. NEXT!

  22. I instantly got nauseated and felt like I would faint when you condensed the GIPF series into two boxes. I could never do something like that.

  23. The only problem with the box situation for me is what box to keep if i put them together 😛

  24. Generally I like getting rid of expansion boxes unless the art on the box is top notch or if it doesn't fit in the base game.

  25. Betrayal Legacy is the best version of Betrayal

  26. I recommend GLOOM as a good Halloween card game where you try to have bad things to happen to your family member; do good things to the other family character; and then kill your family members. It has been a lot of fun.

  27. omg. it took me so long to get rid of all these extra boxes… I think it was the introduction of Legacy type games that finally let me let go. Now I have a sticker printer and even repackage some games…

  28. I have about 9 sets of Unmatched squeezed into three boxes and I love it….. but I can't bring myself to throwing out the expansions 😄

    Also, I need a video on you changing the size of Snakes! I would never damage a box but I'd love to see it done

  29. i think i pretty take a worst of both worlds approach on dealing with expansion boxes. I combine them, but then fear that if I ever decide to sell them, not having the excess with lower the value… so i have a closet full of big boxes, all full of empty expansion boxes.

  30. Okay, if Modern Art is my favorite game ever I am pretty sure I need to get my hands on another Knizia auction game and Halloween theme is so perfect. Nightmare Productions, here I come!

  31. City of Horror is the game I've played where I betrayed someone and they've never let me forget it hahaha

  32. Dark Moon is always gonna be one of my fave social games. 👏

  33. I think table space is also becoming an issue. Because games are deluxe and have large pieces or miniatures they literally don't fit on the table anymore… Looking at you Wonderland's War and Mosaic 😜

  34. Yeah, if I can get rid of the expansion box I'm absolutely going to do it. I only have limited space after all! However, I have saved a few of my favorite covers to cut out and frame as wall decorations.

    Abomination is my favorite Halloween themed game, though Final Girl will probably get up there once that arrives.

  35. Owing upwards of 700 games and living in a small home, I’ve resorted to combining 2 or more different games into one games box. I label them with removable stickers displaying the additional games within each box.
    ex: I’ve got 3 GIPF games in the Tzaar box. I’ve got Tak, The Duke and That Time y Killed Me in the ttykm box.
    Dice Miner and Nidavellir share a box, Tiny Towns is hanging out in the Sagrada box…I’ve done this to dozens of games and it saves a tremendous amount of space.
    It’s insane I know.

  36. You're an absolute savage for putting different games in the same box! I for one love how my expansions look next to my base games! I am a little salty that wingspan has all different size boxes though

  37. For more light hearted horror, cryptid and king of Tokyo are good choices

  38. After some zooming and enhancing I see you have a copy of Tintas 😏 I remember discovering that company a few years back and they have loads of little games which are so neat.

  39. When I first started in the hobby I would keep expansion boxes in the closet. But once my closet got too full of them I threw them all out. Now I just combine as much as I can.

    Viticulture I actually have everything, except the world board, in the base game. The world board I just have on the shelf beside it.

  40. Halloween game possibilities – Final Girl, The Night Cage, My Father's Work, Machina Arcana.

  41. Just played fury of dracula but BOY does that take forever to play….

  42. I'm very guilty in still keeping my expansion boxes. I really don't know why because they're just taking up unnecessary space in storage.

    Mansions of Madness, Mysterium and Fury of Dracula are three games that comes to the table on Halloween.

    I tend to get a deluxe version if it means that I can fit every thing in one box, the Isle of Cats is a good example of that. The box is really big and fit everything now.
    I also sometimes upgrade my game to a deluxe version or deluxify them with coins or other nice tokens. I recently got the upgraded tokens for Quacks of Quedlinburg.

  43. Ooh The Night Cage is a good one. And Patchwork Halloween edition is obvious and silly but thematic.

  44. Have you tried the Blood on the Clocktower?

  45. In my opinion, you don't need fancy metal coins for every specific game. Just get one really nice set of coins (I highly recommend the ones by Drawlab), and use those in all your games.
    I have the "Medieval Unit" set, which is pretty thematic looking for most euros.
    If you have two settings you play a lot, maybe get another set (e.g. Sci-fi), still a *lot*cheaper (and nicer) than the custom coins for each game. Deluxe gaming on a budget 😉

  46. Wish that Legacy game was available lol

  47. Simply two words: metal coins. I love the metal coins I have for the West Kingdon Trilogy; same can be said for my Viticulture coins – although I hardly get to use those as I am particularly rubbish at Viticulture 😂

  48. My underrated Halloween game recommendation is Dead Man's Cabal!

  49. Having been on the fence for a while, placed an order for Dark Moon thanks to this video. Has been on my watchlist for a while thanks to having the same designer (Evan Derrick) as Detective: CoA.

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