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10 Spooky Board Games for Halloween, & MORE! – Your Board Game Questions Answered

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Matthew Answers The Internet!

Empire’s End
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00:00 – Intro
00:19 Who else hates getting rid of expansion boxes?
04:20 What are the best spooky games for halloween?
11:49 Are deluxe games getting out of hand?

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  1. I always get rid of my expansion boxes now, unless I can’t for some reason. That also goes for inserts,I just throw those right in the trash for the most part.

  2. Dang , might need a video on cutting down the boxes. That's enticing

  3. Besides the box size, whether or not an expansion fits into the base game plays a huge factor in whether I purchase the expansion or not. Recently got rid of Isle of Cats with the 5-6 player expansion because the box is "too big for the game". I sold Lost Ruins of Arnak with it's expansion recently, advertised as come in base box only, and yet there was interest in the expansion box which I had thrown out immediately after sorting the components into the base box. It's just so satisfying to get an expansion box, crush and dispose of it to make more room for other games.

  4. Thanks for the content, enjoyable as always. Your subtle humourous delivery is on point and thoroughly entertaining. Anyway, enough of the plaudits, thanks for the suggestions, we've now added Don't Mess With Cthulhu to our collection and should arrive in time for Halloween.

  5. If I can fit the expansion in the main box, but the expansion box is a nice box, hey, bonus box! There's always something that could use a nice box to keep it in.

  6. I like the card game Dia de los Muertos (really 11/2 not 10/31, but close enough; I will play it a few times this week).

  7. Thank you for (maybe unintentionally?) answering my question from a few videos ago about whether the GIPF games could all fit into one of the boxes!!!

  8. The unmatched games….the box art is amazing

  9. I love Bloody Inn and Deaf of winfer. I own mostly dark,/horror games. There is a game called Halloween where you play as a ghost. Mansions of Madness, Haunted Mansion, The Phantom Society, Mystrrium, Tales of Evil, Friday the 13th, Final Girl…. List goes on.
    And yes, I keep expansion boxes! Lol

  10. I keep all my expansion boxes so the beginning of this video was blasphemy 😨

  11. I wish I was crafty enough to reforge boxes to appropriate sizes. I think normally though it is the board that is too big to warrant it. On the crafty side I do have some foam core and want to make some inserts and I also want to make some custom tuck boxes for cards as they are, imo, more classy than having cards in bags or (shudders) loose in the box. Now there's your boardgame horror!

  12. At our house no Halloween is complete without a game of Fury of Dracula.

  13. Terrors of London is an awesome horror-themed deck building game.

  14. Foundations of Rome is probably the recent game that falls into “deluxe only, no thanks” for me. It was too pricy anyway and for what felt like a simple polyomino game, which could use tiles like Isle of cats, it didn’t entice me enough to get it.
    Nice one though Matthew!

  15. A recent game to add for Halloween is The Hunger. Everyone plays as a vampire and eat humans, but it has a cartoony art style instead of gory 🙂

  16. Vast the Mysterious Manor is great, as well as Nemesis (Lockdown), both very well suited for Halloween

  17. Cutting up game boxes?! …He’s a heretic, burn him!

  18. My idea of scary games for Halloween is probably, um, different than other peoples. XD Although I haven't played these two yet, I really want to play Broom Service and Best Candy on the Block: Rewrapped. I'm also curious about Ghosts Love Candy. Truffle Shuffle is kinda sorta thematic…okay, not really. What kid gets truffles for Halloween???? I like Mysterium, the Initiative (it's a little scary, right?) and I really want to play Rear Window, just haven't had the chance. 🙂

  19. Some notable horror game that I like are Escape From Aliens In Outer Space and Hako Onna.

  20. Halloween games (so many, but here are two):
    Halloween Dice (Aka Jack-o'-lanterns) by Steve Jackson, especially if you use the special pumpkin dice. We have little pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets we collect our points in. We use metal coins for the points. We also use a little painted wooden pumpkin as a first player marker. It's a great, short and simple game for a late night after trick or treating with the kids.
    Also, Patchwork Halloween edition. It has eyeballs instead of buttons. I am planning to replace the cardboard eyeballs with plastic half-eyeballs (like for making dolls).
    As you might be able to tell, I love deluxifying my games. I love luxury editions but I also like upgrading my favorites. Sleeving the cards, metal coins, special inserts, etc. I've replaced some of the tokens in Betrayal with actual plastic minis for the bad guys. I also like condensing things into less boxes or smaller boxes. I'm currently working on fitting my smaller games into photo boxes with printed inserts (see Boardgame Barrio on Facebook). I have cut down a box once, but did not like the result. I will definitely try to fit the expansion stuff in the base game box or buy a big box storage solution, but I don't usually store different games in the same box unless it something like print and plays that can fit multiple games in the same 4×6-inch photo box. I have all the Funkoverse things released to date, and I have them all mixed up in the larger size boxes. Everything fits in a Kallax cube. Otherwise, it would take up WAY too much space. I can see putting all the GIPH games together in two boxes, though. I only have Zertz or I might try your idea. They're in the same series and they integrate with each other so it makes sense.
    I also agree with you that there aren't enough different holiday-themed games. I love them.
    I keep all my expansion boxes in the basement. There are way too many of them. I occasionally use them for other purposes – like when The Climbers box was all moldy from the factory/warehouse when I bought it new, I cleaned all the pieces very well, and copied the directions. Then I used the Widow's Walk Betrayal Expansion box to put the clean game in, printed out some The Climbers box art, and used packing tape to laminate it to the Widow's Walk box. Yay! Disaster averted. Nearly good as new. Arguably better, since the box dimensions of the new box is easier to fit in a stack of games on a Kallax.

  21. Final Girl …from Van Ryder Games

  22. I don't buy deluxe games, though I admit to having been tempted a couple of times. The best I got was buying metal coin upgrades for my Lords of Waterdeep…and some some high quality plastic tokens for another game which I won't mention here. However unless deluxe versions add anything specific to the gameplay (other than looks) I'm selection inclined to buy them.

  23. I just got campy creatures just for this year's Halloween, hope it will get played! I just love the vintage theme of clasic Halloween movies and those matching tokens and decks are simply amazing!

  24. We are currently loving Escape from Dark Castle

  25. I'm one of the expansion box hoarders, which is a real problem after X-Men United delivered with boxes stacked to the size of an NBA player (yep, you did it right!).
    But, on the other hand, how would you treat the Canvas boxes–especially with the third one coming? They are to be one picture across multiple boxes, and I plan on hanging them all on the wall as sneaky hidden games.

    Also: Similo Spookies is a great game for Halloween!

  26. I feel sad when I destroy beautiful, well produced expansion boxes. Recently got Endless Winter, and everything fits in the big box, but destroying all those beautiful boxes, with the amazing Panda Mfg production, made me sad. Panda is the best production quality out there, and it makes me sad destroying the boxes.

  27. My family loves to go back to Ghost Fighting Treasure Hunters every Halloween. Love that game!

  28. Had to pause the video after the first question to type this. YES Matthew, I'm with you. Expansion boxes are pretty much non existent in my collection. I am in awe of your five games into two boxes work. In fact I'm right now glancing up at the five Unlock boxes on my shelf, each with three decks of cards and a lot of plastic insert in them and thinking, "your time has come".

    I will admit to pushing it too far some times. A friend of mine looked actually wounded when I destroyed the Lords of Waterdeep insert with its slots for everything to include the expansion. My base game pandemic box has all of the expansions and is a good inch or so from being fully closable and has to now be stored horizontally. Mr Raiders of the North Sea box (original not the big one) and my Western legends box are so full with expansion content that if I move the game beside them I'll be clearing up Vikings or Cowboys from my floor.

  29. Root and Marvel Champions are my biggest concern. I also like having fewer boxes, but those game just keep growing 😭

  30. It's quite odd timing that you bring up the topic of condesing boxes, as that is something I have just been doing recently. I did used to be of the mindset that "I've bought the box, I must keep the box." But once I realised how much space I was wasting by doing that, it became much easier to just bite the bullet and stomp down that excess cardboard.

  31. Matthew loving a game because it made his friend stop talking to him for an entire night is so on brand.

  32. That Cthulhu deduction game is Time Bomb right?

  33. I always kept the expansion boxes just in case it's a game I no longer want to keep in the collection and want to sell. Boss Monster, Mysterium, and Betrayal at House on the Hill are such examples, they weren't getting played that much. I did the same with Colt Express but only so I can get the BIG BOX edition

  34. At least twice now, i've toyed with the idea of seeing if it's possible to legitimately start a business selling fully licensed, publisher-approved appropriately sized game boxes… So like a Splendor Box that's 1/4 the size, or a Red Cathedral Box that's just big enough to consolidate both boxes into one. but it would still have like official art and whatever… I'm sure the logistics of making that happen would be an absolute nightmare and the environmental impact of shipping empty boxes makes it totally not worth it… but still, how neat would your shelf be if all the games were an appropriate size?

  35. It's so weird. I'll cut my boxes right away if I think they are too big but for the few expansions I do have, I haven't gotten rid of the boxes.

    If I can come up with an in-box organization solution to keep the expansion content separate I think I would be more willing. But yeah. Definitely should look into that and get some more shelf space.

    As for the deluxe games question. I feel that sentiment of "I wish I could get that but it only comes in the deluxe version that I can't justify." I wanted Mechs vs Minions for a long while and although the price if I was American might have been okay, the shipping and the currency exchange killed the purchase for me. Then I found someone selling it second hand.

  36. 7:13 hurts my brain so much… I don't know how to handle seeing a green game box with a title that begins with F but its designer isn't Friedemann Friese…

  37. People actually fall for that black cats are bad luck nonsense. I've got two amazing black cats and many amazing black cats don't get adopted because of people's stupid superstitions, it's ridiculous.

  38. A couple of really good horror games I have I'd Dread where u have to play with a Jenga Tower and when the tower falls ur character dies. And also 10 Candles where u have 10 tea light Candles a bowl and 10 6 sided dice and when a candle goes out from a failed roll (no 6's on any die) then u lose a die and a candle goes out. U have only dice equal to the number of light candles and before the last candle goes out, everyone dies.

  39. I can't yet part with my expansion boxes, but my minimalist tendencies will get the better of me one day. Thanks for showing off your tricks for condensing! Betrayal Legacy (or the regular version) is a great Halloween game!

  40. I have been getting rid of some of my expansion boxes because I may be moving soon. I have been purchasing the Folded Space foam core inserts because many of them can fit the core game with one or more inserts. For example, I have the Sagrada Folded Space insert, and it can fit all the current expansions in the core box. Another one I have is for Carcassonne. I have multiple expansions for this game, and I only needed to keep one expansion box along with the core box with my Folded Space insert. I'd recommend the Folded Space inserts to anyone…light weight…and makes setup and take-down pretty easy for your game night.

  41. I wouldn't call it horror, but we love Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove. In a game where you hope to be the last orphan standing and actively work to see other orphans taken by the Boogeyman, I'd say that this meets the Halloween game standard.

  42. I kept the expansion boxes in the garage, but it got ridiculous and I found a wonderful solution. 🙂 I gave them to a used retail board game seller.

  43. Sawing boxes down to size would make me nauseous and Ben pass out. True Halloween horror. XD

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