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10 Superb SOLO Board Games | Collection Starter

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There ARE some good games you can play alone, we promise…

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10. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective – USA: // UK:
9. Friday – USA: // UK:
8. Ghost Stories – USA: // UK:
7. Arkham Horror: The Card game – USA: // UK:
6. Robinson Crusoe – USA: // UK:
5. Unlock – USA: // UK:
4. Fuse – USA: // UK:
3. Black Sonata – You can print and make your own copy here:
2. That’s Pretty Clever – USA: // UK:
1. Detective: City Of Angels –

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  1. Great editing! Excellent writing too. Well done.

  2. Fav solo games:
    1. Obsession 2nd. Ed.
    2. Last Aurora
    3. Nemesis
    4. Brook City
    5. The Awful Orphanage

  3. nice list… but consulting detective should have been at the other end

  4. Hey I'd also like to suggest Clank! solo. Clank is a fantastic deckbuilder/dungeon crawler and amazing with 2-6 players but still great with 1. The companion app gives you various quests to do solo and the danger of red threat cubes is always looming over you.

  5. Youd be surprised how many people are scared of chickens LMAO

  6. Adam, after watching your review (I'm a big fan of your videos), I bought Robinson Crusoe and it was everything you set it up to be. Multiple challenges, thinky preparation, a 40 page rulebook yet elegantly flowy gameplay – this is exactly my kind of game. Both playthroughs with my girlfriend and solo have been successful. Thank you to all of you on this channel for what you do for the board gaming community!

  7. I just picked up Box One, a single person game that's a collaboration between Neil Patrick Harris and card company Theory 11. Puzzles to solve, tricks to decode, etc. Can't wait to crack it open

  8. When lockdown is over, I just want Adam, Sully, Jon and Blair playing City of Angels.

  9. Phenoma-Nerds damn the starting days.Hope this will get a part 2, think most will need some new tips 🙂

  10. definitely picking up Robinson crusoe looks brilliant

  11. There are 2 solo games that I own that I play. Dark Souls the board game and Fallout the board game are both great single and coop/competitive games… Chunky though.

  12. I think I've watched 4 of your videos today. Obviously I must like them, lol. Subscribe? Don't mind if I do! A few others that I have had a very good time playing solo are Samurai Spirit(from the designer of Ghost stories), Tiny Epic Galaxies, Star Realms Frontiers, and Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama.

  13. In speaking of choose your own adventure books they made their own solo to 8 player card game

  14. quest for the lost pixel, iron helm, and maximum apocalypse are the 3 favorite out of the 20(ish) solo-able games i have. quest for the lost pixel is a ridiculously good game that has juts an insane amount of content packed in the box.

  15. You do technically play as Friday in Friday… Robinson Crusoe is too dumb to know what cards to play so you have to tell him.

  16. Surprised to recognise Adam on this. That does mean I will listen to it all though and subscribed.


  18. As someone who has very few friends who like board games, I appreciate this list. Incidentally, Gloomhaven is probably the best solo game I've ever played. You're essentially playing a video game, but without the video part. It works wonderfully solo, although I you to pay a lot of attention to what you're doing to know the intricacies of every class

  19. Love your list! I’ve tried this game called Lagim – a collectible card game based on the Philippines’s folklore and mythology. The art work of this game set is also impressive.

  20. For me I love playing Mansions of Madness and Burgle Bros as Solo games but the best Pure Solo game experiences for me have to be Solomon Kane and Hostage Negotiator Career

  21. I honestly find Fuse to be an absolute banger of a multiplayer game.

  22. Phenomanerds? Did you recently change your name?

  23. I love board games with friends..
    But i don’t have friends🙁

  24. I am an opinion "The City of Angels" is disapointing in solo mode, and I wouldn't recomend to pay full price for just 1 player game. Doesn't worth it then. And everyone will immediateley realize how much from the game is not used in solo mode.

  25. My favourite solo board game is the Set A Watch series, it's 1-4 players and the rules don't change on how many people. Plus one of my favourite parts is that it uses the box as part of the game

  26. As someone who enjoys the tedium of handling multitudes of cards but hates the randomness of TCGs, LCGs are my life, and Arkham Horror is basically my significant other in all but name.

    Yes I am sad how could you tell?

  27. Your narrations are the highlight of this video lol. I am on Amazon looking for some of these right now.

  28. Forge War has good solo rules. Which should be played before teaching it to others.
    Mystic Vale can be played solo as well.

  29. My go-to boardgame to play solo is Kingdom Death: Monster.

    Regardless of how many people you have, you always play 4 characters, so you'd think 4 players would be optimal.
    However, since the game features a campaign that, even if you play daily, takes weeks to complete, the solo experience is the only way you'll realistically be finishing the game.

  30. Your Python/ Black Adder level witticisms and sarcasm are much appreciated. Solo gaming insights encased in British humor are just what this American needed. Thank you, sir!

  31. It is worth noting that 1 or 2 of the unlocks are not solo games but they are pretty good. I know the island one where you like gets stranded on island isn't and I like the reason it. Isn't it's a very fun gimmick where basically you and your partner? Are. Split up so you each get a separate half of the deck and you cannot talk to each other until you find a way to communicate to each other. And then you still can't show each? Other your cards until you're able to reconnect to each other. It's actually a really cool gimmick for the game but that's the only one. I can think of that you need one friend at the very least.

  32. My favorite subtle game is final girl which I assume was not out when this list was me because I think it's new

  33. the first game looks like a game i got when i was little. but i am pretty sure it contains multiple cases

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