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10 Terrific TWO PLAYER Board Games | Collection Starter

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10. Jaipur – USA: // UK:

9. Fugitive –

8. Star Realms – USA: // UK:

7. Onitama – USA: // UK:

6. Hive – USA: // UK:

5. Patchwork – USA: // UK:

4. 7 Wonders Duel – USA: // UK:

3. Santorini – USA: // UK:

2. Lost Cities – USA: // UK:

1. Unmatched – USA: // UK:

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  1. I'll be looking into some of these, thanks for the recommendations! My favorite two player game is Cribbage. It's a board game, but technically it can be played with just a deck of cards

  2. Excellent list! Many of my favorites on it. My favorite 2 player game—and actually my favorite game—is Battle Line. It's similar to Lost Cities (same designer), but it has incredible strategy, and despite its abstract gameplay, actually gives you the feeling of mustering troops to the frontline of a battle.

  3. You should try the BattleCon games, they're the board game equivalent of 2D fighting games and they're amazing.

  4. Great list. I think “raptor” would have deserved a spot as well. It’s a brilliant, tense and lovely themed game that has some of the most fun decision making of any game. Maybe it’s too close to “unmatched”…

  5. Do you have any 2 player co-op games?

  6. I bought Patchwork for my parents on a whim. They are far from big board game people but they enjoyed it a lot.

  7. Didn't make the list, and technically not an only 2-player game, but Mansions of Madness is a great 2-player co-op experience. I think a video on ' top 10 not technically 2-player games, but has a great 2-player experience' could be something.

  8. Nice video! However could you please help as I currently cannot decide between patchwork, 7 wonders duel and santorini (will go for the more complex/heavy on strategy)

  9. First boardgame video explanation that made me laugh out loud. I usually want to rush through all the rules as they are pretty boring (until you start to play the game and appreciate the intricacies) …. this is the first time I'm entertained! Great job. please keep it coming!

  10. jfc all this wasted time of making bad jokes instead of just talking about the games…

  11. Goodness I'd love to play hive if not for the horrendous bugs.. Yikes

  12. thats really interesting. I possess all of those games and really like every one but unmatched ^^ I always feel it's just moving to draw cards, fighting, moving to draw cards, fighting with no real dephts. I probably don't get it… ^^

  13. Humorous, informative, entertaining and concise. What a well produced summary of the 'best of' two player games. You made that look easy…

  14. just bought patchwork bc of your guys channel 🙂

  15. I love you guys but HOW DARE YOU SHIT ON TTS! XD

    Its how i started my love of Table top games, and hence your channel.

  16. One of the best 2 player lists I've come across

  17. I have only watched to 10-6 so far and no board games. Will see if they end up with some kind of board game not card games.

  18. Reduce your "funny comments" because they're awful. Bad taste, bad relationships are not our fault and definitely no one needs to hear about them.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣 Hilarious and efficiently informative. Quickly convinced me to add a few more games to my want list.

  20. Monty python mentioned in a boardgames review? Subscribed

  21. It is not a game for people new to the hobby and it can be a long game but I love Twilight Struggle. One of you plays the US and the other one plays the USSR and you play out the entire cold war trying to have more global influence than your opponents, getting ahead on the space race and making sure you don't trigger nuclear war. I'm not particularly interested in the Cold War and I still love this game.

  22. I bought fugutive but never played it because nobody ever understood the game 😖

  23. Games playable by one person. Have you covered that yet?

  24. We share the same two favorites, so tense In fact my tastes are so similar to yours guys. Me and my friends, we game to have fun 😀

  25. Great list, fantastic mix – cracking video 👍

  26. What an excellent list! If you're a fan of Lost Cities/Jaipur, really recommend Biblios (2-4, but excellent at 2). Fits right in the same bracket of light, easy, small footprint and completely addictive. 🙂

  27. So Hive is basically the condensed version of Go. Gotcha

  28. Other 2P games I would recommend: The Fox in the Forest (arguably my favorite game), Schotten Totten, Matcha (not a good game, but a game I'm still fond of), Hanamikoji, Royal Visit, Hive, Mandala, Quarto, Jekyll vs. Hyde

    Play well at 2: Piepmatz, Village Green, Azul

  29. How about Botanik? Kinda like Lost Cities, but more abstract and put in a steampunk + floral theme

  30. Board game and card game I guess are the same thing? WTF is this

  31. Try Fields of Arle and Twilight Struggle 😅

  32. I just recently played Star Wars: Rebellion for the first time. It has rules so 4 people can play but it is just basically splitting up duties of who does what. I think that is going to be a great two player game. Can't wait to play it again. It is definitely a much larger game and longer game but it is really good.

  33. hive and onitama are great games but to slander chess? seems like some people dont understand how and why chess has survived hundreds of years. Both are simpler dumb down versions of chess and in doing so more accessible to the public. Lets be real not everyone want to play a deep and infinitely complex game of chess. Even getting better at the game can take hundreds and thousands of games.

    Doesnt make chess boring or bad. Highlight whats good about what you are showcasing but dont slander games that other people like.

  34. Unmatched is my number 3, with Radlands being number 2 and Summoner Wars being number 1.

  35. Radlands is a newer one that definitely would make it on this list if it was made today. It's the lane-based card game I was looking for

  36. Please try exceed fighting system it's probably my favorite game period and undoubtedly my favorite 2 player game. the teach is a pain and it needs multiple plays to get it down but it is the perfect chefs kiss encapsulation of the feeling of playing a 2D fighting game.

  37. great video. It's hard to find reviewers that match one's taste, you did that for me

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