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10 Two-Player Board Games for Any Gaming Duo!

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We share our list of ten two-player board games we think you should check out. This list has something for everyone, including deuling games, cooperative games, and abstract strategy games.

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  1. Nice list… Splendor Duel is one of my wife and I's favorites.Some other good ones:-7 Wonders Duel-Caper Europe-Blitzkrieg!-Watergate-Jaipur-Onitama-Star Wars Rebellion-Skulk Hollow-Yinsh

  2. Yesss great list, but I would suggest adding Onitama (this one is a total must have), and Neuroshima Hex (come on its great!) as well as possibly Match of the Century (or watergate but I havent played that one). But yesss great list mostly

  3. I would also suggest for easy to get into 2 player games, Beer and Bread, Tak, boop, aqualin, Kahuna, Onitama, Ceasar! seize rome in 20 minutes, Targi, Paris the city of lights, "Air, Land and Sea", Star Wars the deckbuilding gaem, and of course and above all SPLENDOR DUEL and 7 Wonders Duel 🫠, these last 2, hmmm, masterpieces!

  4. very nice list, I did not expect to see here a game a hadn't heard about, specially cuz 2-player games are my most played games, I own 78 2-player only games, so Odin's Ravens and Mr. Jack will definitely go on the wishlist, they really intrigued me! thank you for the great content! : )

  5. Great list for 2 players game. Thanks for sharing your recommendation

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