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$10,000 Bet With A Dude Named Sketch #gambling #blackjack #casino #shorts

Vegas Matt
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  1. One of my degenerate lessons I've learned playing big hands is always hit on the big hands when you're up against it.

  2. He should have hit again scared money don’t make money 70% of the time it’s a 18 there

  3. Why dealer have the cards in his hand is not normal

  4. And this is how you act like an idiot in the casino.

  5. People sleeping on the streets help them out

  6. Yeah, he seems sketchy. Also maybe even not all there in the head… Gambling with random fans now? Wow.

  7. 10k isn’t brutal. True OG fans know that regal riches is brutal.

  8. Sketch will link with anyone bro 🤣🤣

  9. Let's help someone who is pretending to be mentally challenged become famous :I Any content that has this man in it=bad karma…

  10. I love the shirt if I would’ve known you was in Arkansas it would’ve been awesome to meet you

  11. “ Anyways, I got here $10,000 to bet“ 😅😅 like it’s normal lol

  12. Oh no Vegas got sketch too. They get all the up and coming content creators. 😢

  13. Let's go!!!! So cool you got to play with sketch

  14. Never play blackjack with a dealer who holds the deck in their hand.

  15. After a 10, that’s an automatic hit, come on now, you were already to deep in.

  16. Dude crys and complains when playing slots but loses $10,000 in 30 sec.

  17. It’s not even my money and I’m pissed off at Sketch for losing it.
    I’d be like “get this guy away from me”….“Brutal” it’s like in Happy Gilmore “better luck next year!”

  18. Matt can I have 2 grand please to pay school

  19. How sketch keeps his act up for so long is impressive

  20. Did not see this collab coming at all lmao

  21. Why is the dealer holding the deck?!? 😲

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