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11 Gifts for Board Gamers (That Aren’t Games)

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11 great Christmas gift ideas for board gamers that are better than getting them a game they don’t want or need.

1. Senet Magazine –

4. Board Game Arena –

5. Token Trays
Walnut/Leather Token Trays from Thailand on Etsy –
Wooden Trays from Germany on Etsy –
Wooden Nesting Bowls from USA on Etsy –
GameGenic Token Keep –

6. Books
Everybody Wins: Four Decades of the Greatest Board Games Ever Made –
It’s All A Game: A Short History of Board Games –

8. Dice Trays
Dwarven Runes Dice Tray on Etsy –
Mahogany/Leather Dice Tray from UK on Etsy –
Wooden Dice Tray with waiting room from US on Etsy –
Velvet Dice Tray on Amazon –
Gamegenic Dice Tray –

9. Accessory for favourite game
– Quacks of Quedlinburg Cauldrons on Etsy –
– Western Legends Wooden Tokens on Etsy –
– Handmade Pandemic figurines by Hobolds Grotte on Etsy –
– Targi figurines on Etsy –
– Agricola figurines on Etsy –
– Patchwork figurines on Etsy –
– HEAT: Pedal to the Metal poker chips on Etsy –
– Obsession Meeple Stickers Option 1 on Etsy –
– Obsession Meeple Stickers Option 2 on Etsy –
– Scout Insert on Etsy –
– Arkham Horror LCG Magnetic Player Board on Etsy –
– GeekUp Bit Sets on BoardGameGeek –
– Libertalia Metal Coins –
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  1. On accesories.. small analog generic counters, the kind with two dials that go to 99.. are fantastic for a lot of games. Screw fiddling with 1, 3, 5 and 10 value money or tokens.

  2. I like rock climbing… and I have a perfectly good ladder…

  3. #3 is huge. Most of this hobby is a room with empty chairs, without players to fill the seats. Just showing up, and holding your nose while playing rotten games that other people like, that is going above and beyond, and the investment will yield dividends when you break out your "awesome" game.

  4. LOVE number 11. My wife's gift to me every year for my birthday is to play War of the Ring with me. ♥

  5. Thanks for reminding me we need a toilet brush. I also like the other 11 ideas!

  6. Playmats are terrible though. As nice as they look and function, they never fit in the box or even on the shelf and make storage a chore. I would much rather play on a folding board that fits in the box than a giant playmat that I have to store rolled up in a corner somewhere.

  7. One thing I always do is keep a running wishlist on BoardGameGeek of the games I want. I try to keep the list long and try to put a wide variety of potential price points and then, if people ask me which games I want, I point them to that list. It is fun because I keep the list long enough that I am surprised when I open presents. I have also found friends/family putting a lot of thought into it and picking games that they think they will like too, so that I will definitely have someone to play it with. I highly recommend doing this (if you're interested in getting games as gifts and don't want them to be games you already own or aren't interested in).

  8. I wish my friends were watching the video, perfect haha

  9. My stickers for Dune: Imperium are falling off 🙁

  10. Your ideas are rather cool, I personally appreciated enhancers for several games and luxurious accessories, but I think pretty much every boardgamer has got a (huge) wishlist of boardgames 😅 Although I started mine being too inexperienced and crazy about bright boxes (but not so "bright" insides), so now I have some really doubtful pieces in my collection, and I'm thinking of selling them😔 I believe it's ok to sell something you don't enjoy anymore, but I feel particular guilt for wanting to ged rid of something I was given as a gift 😢

  11. Or you could give your board loving friends an introduction class to rock climbing 😗

  12. "In Texas it's sold as a foot rest" 😂
    Watching from San Antonio. Love the video!

  13. Well done. The best board game gift giving video I’ve seen this year.

  14. Loved the video. You're always wonderful and entertaining.

    My suggestion, though it is very niche: They don't have it for very many games, but BGG has a series of artist posters for certain popular games that they commissioned. They're pricey, but they're high quality. AND most importantly: It's not just like. Putting the box art on a poster, they made em from the ground up. From what I remember there's Terraforming Mars, Everdell, Pandemic. Lots.

  15. Another great one! 100k is on the way!

  16. Number 11…so my wife is just going to be herself and I don't get a present. Stick to top 10s.

  17. Could you tell me the name of the boardgame you flash at 7:16? The viking-themed one. Thanks!

  18. Amazing video; liked and subscribed. Now the question, how do I get my GF to discover this video on het own 😂

  19. Senet is such a great mention, I would have never had known about it without you!

  20. "Only gamers gave a favourite polygon"
    > CGP Grey has entered the chat

  21. I’m a role playing gamer. Don’t worry, if I come round to play games I’ll bring my personal dice tray and one for you too.

  22. I would love to get your "Spiel des Jahres" pronouncement as notification sound ! 😉 <3

  23. I think I'm just going to spam this at my friends and family on a monthly basis. Just so they're fully brainwashed when Christmas comes round. Also, became a bit obsessed with looking at your watch to see how long it took you to make this!

  24. Ah, I'd really like to subcribe, but I already am subscribed;D thank you for all of your content! My partner and I watched your top 50 videos this October and picked games to give to each other from there (our friend checked we weren't repeating titles). I cannot wait to see what I'm getting, because so many seemed superb!

  25. Be careful with 3 and 11, I once got a Game Night as a gift and it was so bad. It was at a point where I had too many board game time/friends for too little time. So there I was at my gift board game evening, sitting with people who clearly would have liked doing other stuff more. I don't blame them, it was one of the most awkward gaming sessions I've witnessed.

    Also the point of gifting me time to play board games for my birthday was weird for me right from the beginning. Most of my other friends just did that without needing a celebration. They would just come to my board game night without "doing me a favor".

    My recommendation is: If you gift this, don't just gift your time at the Game Night itself, but also before in preparation. Prepare e.g. their favorite food and call it a "Chocolate Cake Game Night". Then it's also a personal gift.

  26. Literally said out loud "I wear fine woollen jumpers!"

  27. This is a great video..I am going to share it.

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