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11 WITCHY THEMED BOARD GAMES! Like witches & wizards? Check out these games!

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  1. For a chance to win either Harry Potter House Cup Competition or Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery using my link on your mobile device or tablet: https://jamcity.me/HPHMJR #adJam City is not a sponsor of this sweepstakes.

  2. Five years ago? I remember when those chokers were big in late 90s! Now I feel old… Thanks Jenna. 😅

  3. GREAT idea!!! My favourite theme 🥰 I’m an avid DnD player / enthusiast

  4. I’m also a ravenclaw! Such a fun mobile game 🥰 I felt bonded to Luna Lovegood in the films and feel inspired by their use of wit wisdom and learning

  5. Honourable mention to "Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre". Not an amazing game, but kind of dumb fun stringing together ridiculously detailed spells at one another.

  6. Awesome video and those chokers 😍, they sure were the rage. I love all the witch theme board games. I'm Slytherin all the way!

  7. GREAT THEME!!! Unfortunately I already have Hogwarts Mystory pretty fun game! Forever a Hufflepuff 💛💛!!

  8. Salem 1692 is a fun social deduction game where you accuse your friends of witchcraft.

  9. Hogwarts Battle is a fun game. It is a really light deck builder I have been playing with the family and they enjoy it a lot.

  10. Btw witchstone is pretty fun. Played it just the other day

  11. Penny!!! 21:46

    Great list. Thanks again for highlighting Atheneum. No need to shout me out for solo. I am so very pleased you like it. I can't wait for you to try it multiplayer as well.

  12. Argent of the Consortium is SOOOOOO fantastic. Harry Potter worker placement without the IP. You are trying to become the next headmaster of the school and you are trying to find out what the 12 members of the Council are looking for in recommending you (most gold, most mana, most fire magic, etc). The game is an always different board of locations where you gather resources and learn magic or advance the spells you have. The very workers themselves have a special power. Like the red mages when placed will fireball someone else in the same room (they go to the infirmary and get a lessor bonus/resource). It's brilliant!

  13. My house is Ravenclaw for the same reasons you mentioned. I do want to check out Alchemists and Quacks sometime in the future. I can't wait to get Septima, too.

  14. Very goth. I had a lot of chokers like that in the 90's. To be witchy, you need a hat, broom or cat. 😉

    Great list!

    I play a lot of Potion Explosion on BGA. I used to play the app a lot, before it was on BGA, and the app is so well-done! Great music and sound effects. The take-that is a few of the potion types. So if you don't want any take-that, remove those from the random setup when you play the physical game. I haven't yet seen any way to remove them from the digital game. And yes, you're racing to complete potions and the game ends when a certain number of awards are claimed depending on the player count. I've actually never played the physical version, but I totally love playing it digitally!

    Quacks is one of my favs! I love the Herb Witch expansion. Those witches are the best addition to the game!

    Merchants of Magick is sooo good! The way they use probability is brilliant. (Check out our review of it, if you want to hear us gush about it.)

    I'm trying to think of witchy magical games in our collection…. oh, an old one is Chaos & Alchemy. It's, well, very chaotic, but it has some fun gameplay. Been years since we played. I should dust it off and get it to the table soon.

  15. Ooh good theme for a video. Haven't started yet but Broom Service is my fave Witch game!

  16. I remember those chokers from my childhood (90s).
    Can't wait to get my copy of Septima!
    Potion explosion seems fun – I'll have to check it on on BGA. I love quacks of quedlinburg.

  17. Wizards of the Grimoire looks very intriguing to me. Looking forward to your video review of it!

  18. I feel like the shocker it is your style! You look prettier 😉

  19. I LOVE Res Arcana, but I have to say I get more of a "fantasy wizard" vibe than "witchy." As for Septima, I did back that one and am really looking forward to it! I love the look and feel of it. For Witchstone, I'm in the exact same spot as you. I have it on price drop alert and my Amazon wish list 😅…but I haven't tried it yet.

  20. A fun fast one is School of Sorcery from Dr. Finn Games (designer of Herbaceous and The WhatNot Cabinet)
    Thanks for the shoutout to the solo for Atheneum. I need to check it out properly now.

  21. Darling choker. 😉 I am also waiting for Septima. one of my anticipated games.

  22. You should back septima! It's pretty similar to broom service but more complex

  23. As always great video! But let's face it. The most magical part of it is Penny. 🐕

  24. I mostly play solo on my ipad (because I have no friends) and Potion Explosion is my favorite!! I highly recommend you try the app. Merchants of Magick looks like a good one that I haven't heard of before. I'd be interested to play that for sure.

  25. Another game you should check out is Broom Service! 😀

  26. You also need to try Whirling Witchcraft from AEG!

  27. My wife and I play Hogwarts battle along with the expansions,we love it!

  28. I played in Ravenclaw as well (and dated Merula). I had a good time with the game.

  29. As a fellow Ravenclaw might, you'll love Res Arcana for the brain-straining strategy. We play it often! It's a very enjoyable puzzle to gather resources, build monuments, and maximize points. Necer the same game twice. There are two expansions that add a lot as well but aren't necessary. Thanks for a super fun video! Chokers rule!

  30. Res Arcana is a fantastic engine builder and Potion Explosion is one of my favourites, the take that is very minimal.

  31. Witchstone is my favorite game from last year. So many combos. The Ingenious comparison is just in the action selection but it is a really cool mechanism.

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