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12 Fun Board Games For Kids and Parents | Raising Gamers

Ant Lab Games
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Join Frances (Ant Lab Games), Lexi (All Aboard Gamer), and Allie (The Family Meeple) as they discuss 12 fun board games that are great to play with kids.

0:00 Start
6:47 Coconuts
9:39 Dragomino
12:45 Bubble Trouble
17:59 Jamaica
25:49 Fairy Tile
32:04 Labyrinth
38:20 Mincraft Builders & Biomes
44:32 Kids Chronicles Quest for the Moon Stones
49:55 My Lil’ Everdell
55:34 Fort
1:00:56 Potion Explosion
1:08:56 Roll for Adventure

All Aboard Gamer:
Family Meeple

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  1. My wife played Labyrinth as a child, and we still play it when we visit her parents. Honestly it holds up as a solid lightweight game as adults!

  2. Dragomino is an awesome choice for kids. It is my 3 yo favorite game and both my 7 yo and myself play with him. We also play my first Carcassonne. It is so awesome to not get bored as an adult playing with such a young kid.Then with my 7 yo we play many games …. Carcassonne, Jaipur, Draftosaurus (awesome for kids with the Dino meeples), Azul, Splendor. She beats both her parents at Splendor !!!

  3. Oh hey, it's the lady who auto-blocked most of board gaming twitter with her husband (All Aboard Gamer) for no reason, then cried victim.

  4. My favorite is Cora Quest. If you haven't played, I encourage you to try it. The art is great!

  5. Definitely need to try Catapult Feud! Fun for all ages! It’s next level Coconuts 😁

  6. We love you Frances! Intelligent and eloquent. Without you there is no ant lab games.

  7. This was so much fun! I can't wait to share even more amazing games for kids soon with you lovely ladies.

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  9. My kids loved Fairy Tile. Jamaica still comes out even though they've mostly moved on to more complex games. It's definitely more fun (chaotic) with more players.

  10. The most surprising thing about Minecraft was that there was a real game in there. The expansion is good too.

  11. This was a great topic with a trio of great hosts. My kids are an almost-14 yo son and 10 yo daughter. My son is much more focused on his video games, but my daughter is becoming my tabletop board-gaming pal. She's recently begun transitioning from Clue and Life, (as her favorite games), to Crusade: Thy Will Be Done, Stone Age, and King of Tokyo.

  12. Love this topic! My son is 2yo and I'm building a list of family friendly games to play with him as he grows up.

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