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12 Games of Christmas – Strategy Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower crew highlights 12 great Strategy Games that might make a great gift for you or a hobby gamer you know.

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  1. I just added Ancient Knowledge to my Christmas wish list – looks great. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Can someone please explain the difference between strategy games and tactical games?

  3. They pay more than the YouTube ads. Perhaps if the DT received enough Patreon money, they could do an ad free version for those patrons. People gotta eat!

  4. I don't see the link for the above board video.

  5. Mike ascribes WAY more theme to After Us than is really there. The game is about 99% mechanism 1% theme, albeit with the very cool "build an engine by putting you cards in the order that optimizes production" that was first seen (at least by me) in Furnace.

  6. I very much appreciate the fact that all of this is currently available. Thank you.

  7. A few I wouldn’t have been surprised to see on a list like this that I have been enjoying lately, Revive, Barcelona, Mille Fiori, The Rich and the Good and Nucleum. Keep up the good work Dice Tower!

  8. Hmm, are you going to do solo games also or did you already?

  9. Arent all games strategy games? Im new to the hobby.
    Does this mean theres no luck?

  10. @11:00 – Love ya Chris, but didn’t hear anything about the game because THAT HAT! 🥰

  11. I appreciate Chris’s reference to Learn to Fly

  12. Does Joey really like these games? Strating every one like "Boob, dosen't it sound stupid" or "can pretty game really be good" 😄

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