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12 Hottest Board Games this Month🔥& WHY!

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These are the top tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

*The Perfect Wave*

Grab your board, paddle out, and surf your way to greatness!


*Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R.*

Join forces with iconic Marvel superheroes to vanquish Earth’s greatest threats!

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  1. I've had both Scythe and Expeditions. Scythe has a more scripted beginning; once you have your player mat and board, the first 1/4-1/3 of the game is rather pre-determined. Expeditions allows for a more "open" beginning due to more emphasis on explorations, which Scythe has little of. I would still suggest getting a few workers in Expeditions before wandering too far from the South. Expeditions has low direct player interactions so it can feel like a multi-player solitaire thus I think it plays best at lower player counts because more players just add more time without much payoff in experience. Expeditions has an excellent Automa Factory and I even prefer it over multiplayer as it gives me the same feel in less than an hour. Both games, like most euros, are about efficiency of actions especially since they are a race for stars, a race that may give unfair advantages due to turn order. Both have imbalances with their assymetrical abilities. I sold my complete legendary edition of Scythe after the Rise of Fenris campaign as its arc has ended both for the publisher and for me; still in my top 20 games of all time. I sold Expeditions IronClad after 5 plays because for the playtime, I prefer more direct player interactions in a multiplayer setting. Plus a friend has both games so I can always play his. I'm sure because of it being a SM game that will be supported, the Scythe universe with its art, and the amazing production and easy of play, Expeditions will continue to do well and climb the rankings. If not for the SM treatment and Scythe connection tho, I think it would just be another good euro. Regardless, I don't think it will ever ascend to the status of Scythe, but few games do.

  2. Great video, Chaz! Even on packed weeks I make time to listen to it in the car!

  3. Haven't try Expeditions, but I'm on the hype of the game, I'll try it soon

  4. Since you asked, I do really love Scythe, and Expeditions is slowly growing on me. I’m not thinking it will have the same amount of staying power, even though many reviewers currently seem to prefer Expeditions over Scythe. However, I admit that I hope I’m wrong about my prediction, and perhaps excellent future expansions could make it every bit as lasting as its predecessor.

  5. Wow, Mr. President's board is like a…submarine dashboard…or the sound system controller of the Sydney Opera House or anything bigger

  6. I have no idea what people are seeing in Expeditions. It is a solo game masquerading as a multiplayer game (5P is an outright joke) with a pasted-on Scythe theme. Another unbalanced, RNG-fest from Stonemaier. But hey, still glad others are enjoying it… Obviously just wasn't for me.

  7. I shall placate the YouTube algorithmic robots but commenting thus – Scythe is great and a really good blend of theme and mechanisms. Expeditions is a very different game, much more of a puzzle and no where near as much theme – despite the brilliant art and big mechs of course. I like both but for different reasons, I'm not sure they are very comparable. The issue I have with Expeditions is that its too much of a table hog, if the tiles and mechs were 30% smaller I'd be happier!

  8. How would you rate the new Cyclades Version for 2 players?

  9. "He cannot be flapped"🤣 I feel like this should be a special card ability or player power in some game🤔😉

  10. I am really enjoying Expeditions and was a big fan of Scythe. I think Expeditions is a “safer” game for my style given that I sometimes struggle with conflict in games and I love the slower and more exploration focused gameplay. I have not really paid close attention to reviews or reception of it, largely because I started enjoying Scythe less after continually wading through Reddit posts calling into question the tastes of its fan base along with fans of any SM game while I was still new to the hobby and SM games being my entry point into the deeper end of the hobby…

    But it’s a rare sequel that ever eclipses the original in terms of appeal, even when they’re both doing completely different things. It’s also going to be one I’m going to be afraid to talk about much in public because I think the popularity of the original is going to invite stronger opinions than I have the emotional stamina to follow.

  11. Didn't they also announce a Dune Imperium: Uprising? Which maybe is the reason for the popularity?

  12. Scythe is one of my favorite games, and I have very much been enjoying Expeditions. I don't know if I'll like Expeditions quite as much as Scythe in the long run, but it is easier to get to the table, so I may end up playing it more overall.

  13. Only one complaint; not enough alliteration. Chaz has set the bar so high, it leaves me wanting more. Ha ha 😂

  14. Great video, Chaz! A lot of great games on that list.

  15. You want interaction? I’ll GIVE you interaction, Marler!

    I have played Expeditions recently and I don’t think it has the same staying power Scythe does. It might be just my experience at five players (which is definitely not the optimal player count) but it didn’t shine for me. That said, the releases of Scythe and Expeditions aren’t comparable, with the former being Kickstarted and the latter a shorter pre-order. I don’t know if future expansions for Expeditions will keep the hype as the various Scythe expansions did either. Depends what they add, I suppose. More locations? Inverted cards? Robo-mechs with souls?! You went too far, Jamey! Too far!

  16. 'looks quickly around for Chaz'…… whispers "yeah, a new episode of The Climbers"

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