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13 Great Games for a 7 Year Old – Family Board Games List

Family Board Games
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Family board game top 10 (plus 3 honorable mentions) for games my 7 year old CMan loves. Over half of these are also great for adults and we as parents actually enjoy playing all of these. The benefits of each game is described along with the board game jargon and mechanics feature in each game.

We are a family that loves boards games. See our other videos here: . This channel exists for four reasons.
1 – A great chance for us to do something fun together
2 – Capture this amazing time of our kids growing up
3 – We want to do something where we can give back. We are committing to donating 30% of our YouTube revenue to charity. Specifically a combination of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals which provide support for children’s hospitals as our son D man spent a week in one when he was born and the staff and care was amazing AND giving board games to local youth charities.
4 – Share the love of board games and hopefully pull some new families and kids in the hobby. We feel board gaming is great for kids because it is a fun no-screen activity where they learn problem solving, math, reading, and social skills.
And…. maybe because it is a great vehicle to publish some cheesy Dad puns

Our videos aim to be less than 10 minutes, try to entertain, will give an overview and show it being played, give a review for both kids, families, and adults, explain what kids learn from the game and what games could be played after.

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  1. Great commentary and descriptions to help decide!

  2. Thanks for this great video. My son LOVES Dragonwood. Can you recommend anything they is similar? I know about dragon realm but wasn’t sure if it was too similar

  3. It is realy nice and I like you so much❤😂🎉😊

  4. I’ll be adding a few of these that I don’t have into our game rotation.

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  6. I friggin love your channel!! Thank you so much for putting these together!

  7. Easy to follow and helpful review, thank you!

  8. Ty, i want to play some games with my 7 yo grandson…

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