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14 HOTTEST Board Games of the Month, & WHY!

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These are the top tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

*Aliens Another Glorious Day in the Corps*

Lead the Colonial Marines into Hadley’s Hope in search of survivors & answers!


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  1. It's super awesome seeing Heat, Flamecraft and Dune: Imperium, although it ain't very surprising either! Gotta check out some of those others though… Hilarious video, you rock! Love ya, Chaz! – G

  2. For making Teej and I laugh & laugh at your videos and comments!

  3. Very interested in hegemony! Where can I get a copy? Is it only available as a kickstarter currently?

  4. Excellent stuff as always Chaz although I'm think you may be pronouncing Flamecraft wrong 😉

  5. My friend that comes over for gaming Saturdays mispronounces Ark Nova as Space Zoo.

  6. just curious, i can't wrap my head around the difference between an euro game and an ameritrash one; i feel like people use the terms arbitrarily, you called Darwin's Journey an euro despite the fact that the theme is pretty strong there… i don't get it haha

  7. eclipse: second dawn is giving off twilight imperium vibes from what I've seen in this video as i haven't played it is i cant say for sure

  8. I love the 3d simulations of the games in your videos

  9. What’s that GI Joe box behind you on the top shelf over your right shoulder 🤔

  10. many very good ones in there! Thanks for the video 🙂

  11. "Whadda mean they turned out the lights??? they're just freaking animals , man!" "Whadda gonna do? Put her in Charge????" "Any time… Any where .. "

  12. Huh, I'm curious what may have made Flamecraft so popular lately. I adore that little game, but some of the people I've played it with didn't seem to like it as much as I did, so I thought it wouldn't be all that popular with others. Anyway, fun video. Chaz's dumb jokes always make me giggle 😆

  13. 13:47 – "And these items include Dragon Miniatures…"
    13:56 – Artisan Dragon Color Miniature… SOLD OUT!!

    They're never gonna restock these, are they? Hahaha.

    Well, at least I bought the pink one. Lol.

  14. Just wish planet unknown kickstarter date would be announced

  15. What!, No mention of Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia boardgame? :p

    Finally got all the miniatures painted for my next boardgame night. Can't wait to play it with more than 2 people!

  16. Hi the beautiful picture of the little boy is not on site stellar print .Where can a buy ? thank for the video

  17. Ostia is great and i most definitely said the name wrong in my top games of 2022 video

  18. We played Dune Imperium for the first time at the UK Games Expo this weekend, such a great game! Worker placement and deck building are an elite combo!

  19. Too bad you can’t find Heat anywhere. My local gaming store only received 3 copies and they were sold before they even hit the shelves.

  20. Great video! I do appreciate your pronunciation explanations. It helps me correct any mistakes before I do something crazy like make a YouTube video where I mispronounce a word.

  21. And, just to confuse things, if you're Scottish (or anywhere in the UK, for that matter), it's pronounced heh-GEH-muh-ne with a hard g.

  22. Wow Flamecraft is back up!!!! It's such a beautifully illustrated game. <3

  23. One thing very interesting to me is how some months there will be more simple games, sometimes more complex, sometimes lots of fantasy, sometimes lots of informational or historical themed games, and then there's months that are a hodgepodge. I think it's cool the gaming community has become so diverse in branching out to different themes and trying different mechanics!

  24. Happy that Aliens AGDITC is being reprinted. I hope they reprint the expansions. I missed out on them. 🙂

  25. Im sure I misunderstood but I thought you said in Dune to lead your "precious carbs" to victory. Makes me very hungry for pizza. Carbs are indeed precious.

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