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14 New Games – Board Games Buys – May 2022

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I talk about the games I’ve added to my collection over the last month.

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  1. Rustling Leaves is a cosy little game. Not going to set the world on fire but it's a relaxing one to break out and the four different game modes go a long way.

  2. Looks like some good games this month. I have had my eye out for St.Petersburg too…congrats on getting your hands on a copy. Will be interested to hear your review of it!

  3. Awesome stuff Chairman! Always great to listen to you talking about different games. Cheers!

  4. Calimala was on my radar at one time and fell off. Forgot all about it. Will be great to hear your thoughts on it. And wasn’t aware of another Paolo Mori game – Rustling Leaves! Always willing to play his games.

  5. Saint Petersburg is great. Very pure game. Came out the same year as Ticket to Ride and Power Grid as well as a slew of other amazing games, so even though it was nominated for Spiel it got lost in the shuffle. Not being in print most of its existence has also contributed. It deserves a truly solid reprint with proper art. It's great with or without the market and the first 2 expansions really add depth and gameplay. The others are meh.

  6. I am pretty confident you will love Carnegie. It is an amazing game (only played it online).

  7. Congratulations on getting a copy of St. Petersburg. It's amazing. Wish I could find one

  8. Interesting collection of games this month….had my eye on a few of these so will look forward to hearing your thoughts after you get to play them all. Thanks!

  9. Trails of Tucana is a great and simple flip n write!

  10. I’ve watched a couple of reviews of St Petersburg and it looks like a very good engine builder with different colour cards being activated in order each turn, although I’m not sure it’s that good that I would pay a premium price for it.

  11. I have ordered Caesar. Bought Sleuth a while ago. Not tried it.
    I got St.Petersburg 2nd ed. too 🙂

  12. The rules and the board got changed from the original to that edition of Acquire you are showing in the video. They say that an important rule regarding stocks/points/money got changed, making it less "mean". And they then reduced an important aspect of the game. Making the game worse.

    So by playing the newest edition… you have not played the real Acquire game.

  13. Calimala is my default answer whenever I inevitably get asked “Which one is your favorite?” whenever someone sees my board game collection. Hope you enjoy it!

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