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15 Most INSANELY Expensive Board Games Ever Made

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HOW MUCH?! Join Adam as he runs down the 15 most ridiculously costly board games in the world, including a solid gold Monopoly board, a designer Jenga and Kingdom Death: Monster

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  1. The most expensive board game I own (which I have had since the late 90s?) is the Gold Edition of the Star Wars Trilogy Trivial Pursuit game! I brought it over from the USA on my holibobs to Orlando, and still got it safely stored! 🙂

  2. I saw a copy of the 3D Catan board on sale in my local board game shop for 300 quid.
    But it's in a normal package, not a wooden box.

  3. My most expensive board game is my copy of Battlestar Galactica, which I got after it had gone out of print.
    Copies of it usually go online for upwards of £300; I got mine in an eBay auction for 90 quid.

  4. they're currently selling a verision of catan 3d in the local game store. It comes in a cardboard box and looks very mass produced

  5. the Danish version of Monopoly, called Matador, is circular still 🤔

  6. Have you done a video for the craziest/most expensive kickstarter add-ons and stretch goals? Ascension Tactics had the option to pay $7,500 to have your likeness made into a playable character.

  7. Would love a good Catan 3D but my wallet's just slapped me in the face. So many cool interesting games one'd be eager to possess.

  8. I don't own this but I bought this as a gift (split with someone else). An early copy of gloomhaven, not like mega early but it's not got updated things (stamina potions giving two cards back) and it cost me around 80 dollars from me, and 80 from my friend

  9. Isn't it funny that, if you took the time and patience, most board games can be copied on cheap paper and still be fun?

  10. There is clearly a break point where spending more money goes from making something look nicer to making it look gaudy and ugly. Once you start bedazzling everything in sight, it ironically looks cheep.

  11. My copies of Scythe and the Reckoners boardgame don't feel so bad anymore

  12. My most expensive and exclusive board game is master thieves

  13. actually met someone who had the smallworld one, it was insane. i wasnt too into it but it was a really nice experience

  14. Adam's the kind of person who can make you interested in something you never thought you'd be interested in. He could get me interested in industrial metal sheets if he wanted to, that's how good he is.

  15. I actually own Kingdom Death: Monster. Not sure how I should feel now…

  16. I've just bought all those. Do you have anymore suggestions as I've still got some spare cash. Was thinking of a luxury copy of SNAP maybe.

  17. $5,000,000 for a single board game? That is pretty expensive.
    Not as expensive as a complete set of all the factions armies from Warhammer 40k, including all of the, now, out of production models. Not to mention all the new models that Games Workshop releases and re-releases on a, seemingly, weekly basis.
    I suppose you could argue that Warhammer isn't a "Board Game" but you play it on a mat/board, you move pieces, you roll dice, and there are clear objectives that must be met to achieve victory. Sounds like a board game to me.

  18. I love how this went from beautiful to hideous, from the "sweet spot" of excess with 3d Catan, Kingdom Death Monster, and other collectors editions, to hideously gaudy with solid gold monopoly and that abomination of a backgammon set. Where is your "line in the sand" for what's beautiful versus what's gross? Mine is at that Go set. Simplicity in construction, beautiful in design, ridiculous in price. Everything after that just stops looking appealing.

  19. some people will pay 14,000 like hell you mean rich fuckers

  20. The most I've spent on a boardgame was the re-release of Hero Quest which I bought almost entirely for nostaglia purposes. I haven't even managed to get a single game of it yet T_T

  21. I heard of a game called duel noir the price for losing is your life I tried to invent a real life version of it but apparently it’s illegal

  22. I hate that "get a regular product and make it gold plated" logic to make it expensive.

  23. How much for a solid gold and diamond incrusted version of Kingdom Death Monsters?

  24. The newest to make the list for 44 billion, it's Twitter

  25. That final backgammon board looks about as disgusting as the excessive wealth of a person owning that.
    Also that chess set looks like a pain in the ass to play, pieces look far too similar.

  26. I miss this lists. As somebody whos not an expert on board games, this were fascinating

  27. Mate of mine has Kingdom Death Monster and it is a good, playable but pretty complex game. You need to be happy to paint a f-ton of highly detailed miniatures but it is a high quality and fun game. The price is mainly the large number of high-quality components and the fancy minis.

  28. For another video, I would be interested to see most expensive games that people would actually buy instead of these millions of dollars display pieces. Like show off the games that cost a few hundred and cram in a heap of miniatures and stuff. Could even comment on whether you think it warrants the high price or not.

  29. I got 3D Catan (list price $300) for half price at a going out of business sale. I sold an Anniversary Edition of War of the Ring for $1800.00, which was lower than anyone else was selling it for. (Prices in USD). All of the other games mentioned takes stupid money to own. People who have run out of things to do with their money.

  30. someone talk me out of doing a heist for all of these.

  31. The most I've spent on a board game is about $150 on Century Golem Edition with the custom mat and bonus packs. I love that game and we play it so much the cards are starting to get worn.

  32. the very first shot is wingspan, my favorite addiction the past 4 years, im all in!

  33. Anyone buying any single one of these games are not buying them to PLAY them. They are buying them to flex their wallets.

  34. Of course KDM is the only modern boardgame on this list

    Love the game, also kind of hate it, have at least 100 hours in it playing on TT Sim. I cannot imagine ever owning it

  35. Wow… my local shop has a mint 3d katan for only $350

  36. Gotta say, some of the low entries actually look cool, and I could see a group of friends who really like those games pooling money for them (especially the 3D Catan game)

    Then, you have the ones that are just money-burning because they're pointlessly covered in gems or made of gold. $4 Million, if spent, saved, and invested right, would set you for life…or you could spend it on a fancy, shiny chess set. I could find a simple glass chess set that looks just as shiny and pretty for like $20 at Walmart.

    As for most expensive one I got, a few DnD board games worth up to $100 new that I got for Christmas one year. Never really played them much since I can't find anyone to try them out consistently.

  37. I think $250 is the most I've spent in one go on a board game. But that usually includes expansions or upgraded stuff. My comfort zone is much lower usually around $100 or less.

  38. I was hoping for expensive games that some people would actually buy, i.e. standard editions that just cost a lot because they come in huge boxes. Any game can be made expensive by throwing diamonds at it, I was hoping for games where the expensiveness is inherent. That would've made the list more interesting.

  39. Some of these are cool and some you can KINDA understand the price.

    But who in the unholy hell will pay 3 grand for JENGA?

  40. The most expensive game I have is my complete Too Many Bones collection. Got the ultimate completionist pledge during the Unbreakable gamefound campaign and already have Riffle and the coffee promos. $1100 worth set to arrive within the next month or so

  41. A Board Game that inspires a successful Manga would come with a hefty price. Such is the power of acclaim.

  42. My most expensive board game I own would logically be the only special edition board game I own. So Scott the woz monopoly.

  43. I reckon No Rolls Barred would have an absolute blast playing Kingdom Death Monster. The art style is a horror trope («Berserk» manga, I believe). The gameplay is the best cooperative legacy boss battler / build a civilization in a nightmare world using the skin and bones of your monstrous enemies -game I am aware of. Unlikely to happen, but I can hope.

  44. Imagine you go to a friends house to play some board games and that mf pulls out a $4,000,000 chess set

  45. I dunno, Villainous, maybe?
    My chess set probably costed a little more, but it was a gift, I don’t know…

  46. I’ve got another one for you: Don’t drop the soap.

    Priceless because nobody will sell one of the only 2000 copies ever made.

  47. ADAM: What's the most expensive game you own? My lovely LOVELY Crokinole board set me back £200+ and I regret NOTHING

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