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15 Most OVERRATED Board Games of All Time! (2024) #BoardGames

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Top 15 Overrated Board Games That Are Boring
This is Michael and Janela’s top 15 games that they have played and think are overrated. This will now be part of a new series top 10 board games lists. Each video will showcase around 10-30 board games. We will give our ranking and a small summary of the game. We got this idea from watching other YouTube Creators. We hope you enjoy this series! Experience the thrill of DOS gaming: Dive into online collection today and play heroes of might and magic 2.
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00:00 Intro to 15 Most OVERRATED Board Games of All Time! (2024)
01:19 Janela’s 15
01:56 Michael’s 15
02:40 Janela’s 14
03:36 Michael’s 14
04:54 Janela’s 13
05:59 Michael’s 13
06:43 Janela’s 12
08:23 Michael’s 12
09:30 Janela’s 11
11:00 Michael’s 11
12:34 Janela’s 10
13:44 Michael’s 10
14:38 Janela’s 9
16:23 Michael’s 9
17:25 Janela’s 8
18:33 Michael’s 8
19:48 Janela’s 7
21:32 Michael’s 7
22:27 Janela’s 6
23:55 Michael’s 6
25:12 Janela’s 5
26:45 Michael’s 5
27:58 Janela’s 4
30:20 Michael’s 4
31:51 Janela’s 3
33:58 Michael’s 3
35:08 Janela’s 2
37:17 Michael’s 2
38:40 Janela’s 1
42:25 Michael’s 1
43:50 Outro to Top 15 Overrated Board Games That Are Boring

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  1. Sorry it has been so long. I hope you guys enjoyed this! Let us know what list we should do next.

  2. Wingspan and Spirit Island are great picks for this list! Definitely give Cosmic Encounter another go with a different group. It is player dependent but it's a timeless classic and fantastic with the correct group.

  3. As to boardgames, to each their own. 😅

  4. I am in agreement with The Quest for Eldorado. I was really excited to play it because so many people said that they really liked it. It was a decent game but way to simple and basic for how hyped it is IMHO.

  5. It feels reassuring to know that someone shares my thoughts.

  6. i disagree only on 2 games wingspan and GWT,, come on! wingspan is a really good game sometimes u just need a cozyish board game and GWT is also great,youre right u really need to compete on those special character (cowboy engineer carpenter?) tho the only thing i hate about it is the finish line mechanics i feel like players has to much control to end the game.
    i didnt know about micro macro winning an award! now i hate it its not a game its activity and its paper! overpriced game indeed

  7. Lists are always subjective and as long as you can justify it for yourself, fair play. The only 1 I thought was odd was Magic, you both seemed to be approaching it like people who take up cycling and immediately want to get a 2 grand bike and all the gear rather than just going for or a leisurely cycle with friends. Again though, you are competitive minded and I am more co-op 😂 Thanks for your views

  8. I hate that people can’t just play the games they enjoy, why hate on the things that other people like?

    Board games can be such an incredible medium we should try to bring new players in by telling them how awesome games are. Nothing is worse then seeing someone with a growing interest in board games and that one friend kills that passion by telling them the intro games like ticket to ride or catan or even monopoly that they have been playing actually suck.

  9. Wingspan is so easy to spam, its rubbish really. Long live Wyrmspan, far better game.

  10. After watching your top 10 games of all time, I can see why you guys chose these games. To each their own, honestly. Janela sounds like she likes light rules and theme, while Michael likes mid to heavy games.

  11. There are 2 board games that for me are a league above the rest. 3 place isn't even close to those 2… and they're both on your list (Spirit Island and Blood on the Clocktower)

  12. T2R Europe is all about routes to win. The trick is to use your stations by baiting opponents to block you and then BAM! Deploy a station, and they've helped you complete a route. (I'm a T2R Europe fan as it's the game that got me into the modern era of board games)

  13. I think you call this episode “gsm s we don’t really enjoy”. Most of these should not be overrated as a lot are classics or great games!

  14. New to your channel and love it! Blood on the Clocktower is one of my favorite games, so I'm going to have to disagree with you about it being "just like werewolf", because I think everyone having abilities really helps the game and makes it more fun for everyone playing. I do agree with you that is SUPER EXPENSIVE.

  15. You’ve both got a long way to go with your critiques towards board games and being a board game channel in general. While you’re completely allowed to have your opinions, not liking a game because it’s “creepy” or “it’s not the 2nd best game of all time” really aren’t arguments at all. Where’s the nuance?

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