16 games I packed for our vacation! | TRAVEL FRIENDLY BOARD GAMES - cutlassboardgame.com

16 games I packed for our vacation! | TRAVEL FRIENDLY BOARD GAMES

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Hey friends! Welcome back to the channel! Francis and I have taken a little family vacation to Mexico and OF COURSE I had to pack 16 board games like a crazy person. Let’s chat about all the games I packed and how I packed them. Hope you all enjoy and let me know of some other great travel games!

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  1. We keep a variety of games my parents like up in Maine at our lakehouse. So I mainly pack what I want to play for the car trip up north. Always something for solo (usually maquis and clans of caledonia), and a safer option my family may play (ticket to ride or azul). I have yet to travel with the big box games. I may bring Castles of Mad King Ludwig royal editon up north for Christmas. And I got mini azul as a Halloween gift, so I'll bring that instead of the full sized for mom & dad. When we used to visit our timeshare in Mexico every year, my parents always brought Canasta and Mexican Train.

  2. Nearly 2 minutes wasted to finally get to the topic. Some people like to hear their own voice

  3. ALL THE BUTTON SHY!! Have fun on your trip!!

  4. I've never considered myself a solo gamer, but your channel has helped me realize that I do and can enjoy the solo experience.

    As to travel games. I do enjoy grabbing a few roll and writes (especially when they can share similar dice) like the ganz schon clever series and mountain goats, and like you fit them into a larger party game box.

    Best of luck reaching 10K. It is going to happen!

  5. Nice game list. I took a Three Sisters with me on vacation and had a great time playing it solo
    Have fun in Mexico, and happy holidays

  6. Enjoy your Christmas Vacation 🎄 We are leaving on our vacation Tuesday & Janell and I spent about 30 minutes pairing down the 30 or so games I had laid out for consideration 🤣

  7. Omg I actually got really confused teaching Arboretum for some reason-we picked up that game on a spontaneous Target run and played it that night! hahah thanks for sharing all these fun little travel games Jenna and HAVE FUN ON YOUR TRIP!!!

  8. Have fun in Mexico, great group of games and very nice packing. I loved that Fire and Ice video, it was great. Merry Christmas.

  9. You could play Teotihuacan at Teotihuacan!

  10. Codenames is my go to travel game. Really light if you don't want to take a bulky box (all you need are two decks of the cards). However, when I got to Mexico this year, I'm definitely bringing my binder of solo PnP games.

  11. I don't know what I would bring, I wasn't in Gameboards when I could travel. I think I'd take some roll and write games with me (there are excellent dice apps on the I phone), and maybe Everdell and Zombicide! ^^

    Have a good time in Mexico Francis and you!
    Joyeux Noël! Merry Christmas!!!! 🎄💫🥂🎁🥳✨🎅🏻

  12. Great travel games would be any from the Clever series of games and you could add Tranquility and Photograph as well. Enjoy your vacation and Merry Christmas!

  13. When I’m traveling with games, I take everything out of the boxes and travel with components in Ziploc bags. I can fit a lot more that way😂

  14. My last trip i brought about 6 games and the one that was the biggest hit was Abandon All Artichokes. my friends are not big gamers, but they loved this lightweight cute vegetable card game.

  15. Yeah I've been sleeping on your channel. Loved Tim's video with all of you!! You got my attention with Merchants of The Dark Road! The game looks super charming.

    I'm excited to see more of your content! You have a really refreshing take on games. Keep it coming!! 🐺
    Subscribed ✓

  16. Enjoy your vacay! I love "The Crew: Mission Deep Sea" as my travel game.. easy to teach, but not easy to lay down once you are playing!

  17. I'm soon to head to the coast to see my grandparents, so I'll be bringing Tussie Mussie from Button Shy for its grandparent friendly theme, tiny footprint, and bonus solo variant (that I've yet to play).

    I think there might be a backgammon set there too so I'll try and judge in a few games on that

  18. Holly jolly is great! We got it a couple months ago and it's quickly become a family favourite! A much simpler design than their roll and writes, but there is a really neat math system that feels pretty unique!

  19. Edits are overrated lol… enjoy your trip!

  20. Please I beg you do NOT film like Alex from board game co. I never watch his videos because I can’t stand NO B ROLL. How are we supposed to know what the game is without seeing it?

    The box art is NOT the game!!!!
    I don’t like having to pause every minute to search up the game on bgg to understand what he’s talking about.

    This is the reason why I love your channel. We don’t need another Alex.

    Pleaseeee keep your b roll in. You’re one of the only channels who do this

  21. My travel games recently are: Archaeology The New Expedition, Banishing, Sprawlopolis, and Explorers.

  22. I just got trails and rhino hero for casual games

  23. I saw you’re past 405k total views. Congrats and keep up what you’re doing. I enjoy the content you make

  24. Nice list. For my holiday trip, I packed Arboretum, Cat Lady and Spirit Island. Enjoy your trip in Mexico!

  25. If you're interested in editing less. You might try a teleprompter gadget with bullet points for each topic to remind you of the details you want to mention. That way you can still have the conversation you're looking for but not have to try and remember specifics causing you to edit mishaps or extra phrases.

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