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20-11 | 100 Greatest Games Ever Made (according to us)

The Brothers Murph
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We’re back for the next installment of our Top 100! It’s time for 20-11

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1:26 20
8:54 19
14:42 18
20:55 17
27:37 16
33:21 15
39:37 14
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51:02 12
56:48 11

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  1. The next 10:

    20. Maracaibo
    19. Five Tribes
    18. My Father's Work
    17. Boonlake
    16. Clank! Legacy
    15. Cthulhu Wars
    14. Scythe
    13. Great Western Trail: New Zealand (Sorta true crossover!)
    12. Underwater Cities
    11. Earth

  2. 20. Cascadia
    19. Everdell
    18. My City
    17. Art Robbery
    16. High Society
    15. Battle Line
    14. RUN
    13. Sky Team
    12. 20 Strong
    11. Galactic Cruise

  3. Mike’s 12: the world no longer makes sense. Up is down, left is right, black is white.

  4. The only games I've played the physical copy of are Suburbia and Arnak. I've played both Tzolk'in and Feast for Odin on BGA. All of those are great games. I own The Crew, but haven't played it yet. My 20 to 11:
    20 – Scythe
    19 – Le Havre
    18 – Mama Mia/Sole Mia
    17 – King of Tokyo (Dark Edition)
    16 – Roll for the Galaxy
    15 – Project Elite
    14 – Settlers of Catan Card Game
    13 – Memior 44
    12 – Dinosaur World
    11 – Starship Catan

  5. Some more great ones here! I want to get Grand Austria Hotel so badly but I'm waiting to find the expansion available so that I can play it solo (which is how I'll get the most value out of it). Also interested in Great Western Trail: New Zealand and Shipwrights of the North Sea: Redux based on your descriptions and enthusiasm.

    20. Ark Nova
    19. The Great Wall
    18. Twilight Imperium: 4th Edition
    17. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
    16. Obsession
    15. Parks
    14. Nucleum
    13. The Reckoners
    12. The White Castle
    11. Weather Machine

  6. many of these are well known games, instead of going through what the game is about, it would be more interesting to hear what drives the big drop/rise compared with your previous year rankings

  7. My jaw dropped when Mike revealed where Feast For Odin is now on his list. 😂 Great list gents. Here are my 20 to 11:
    20 – Return to Dark Tower
    19 – Gloomhaven
    18 – Agemonia
    17 – Lost Ruins of Arnak
    16 – Viscounts of the West Kingdom
    15 – Knarr
    14 – Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
    13 – Raiders of the North Sea
    12 – Too Many Bones
    11 – Star Wars: Imperial Assault

  8. I would absolutely love to see a 2p playthrough of Grand Austria Hotel from yall

  9. Nice to see you two still appreciating Grand Austria Hotel. I feel sorry for those people who play it once and have one of those occasional suffer games and then never play it again. My partner and I, who have played it dozens of times and know the flow of it, even had one of those recently when an extreme few ones and twos were rolled over the course of the game. Wasn't fun, we didn't even do end scoring, just packed it up. At least it sucked for both of us. You definitely don't want to be the one person having a suffer game while the other thrives. That hurts.

    Also cool to see Lisboa so high. What's so lovely about Lacerda's games is that although learning them is tough, the gameplay is so elegant and smooth. We're still waiting for the right time to learn and play The Gallerist, because we know it will be fun, we just need extra time and energy to get through the painful learning process.

  10. i am suing google for alowing deepfake on this feast of a parody !!!!! the channel has been kidnapped by deepfake aliens!!!!

  11. Is wonderful world similar to century? If so, which one would you recommend more? Thanks !

  12. Anachrony probably would have been in my top 20 too, but I've only played on BGA so I didn't rank it lol. Great game.

    20 The Taverns of Tiefenthal

    19 Ascension: Dawn of Champions

    18 Patchwork

    17 Lost Ruins of Arnak (one spot off of Nick!)

    16 The Isle of Cats

    15 Just One

    14 Space Base

    13 Wavelength

    12 Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails

    11 Pax Pamir: Second Edition

    Also, have AFFO ranked higher than Mike 🤯

  13. Closest I’ve come to a True Crossover with one of you! My 20-11:
    20- Cascadia
    19- Blood Rage
    18- Clank
    17- Rising Sun
    16- Five Tribes
    15- PARKS
    14- Lost Ruins of Arnak
    13- Project L
    12- Champions of Midgard
    11- Abyss

  14. King of 12 is my next purchase. Thanks for the Jedi Mind trick. 🙂

  15. Well i guess Feast is trash now, thems the rules, good to know i never need to play that

  16. 20 : Castles of Burgundy
    19 : Wavelenght
    18 : Project L
    17 : Century : Spice road
    16 : Earth
    15 : Obsession
    14 : Everdell
    13 : Dominion
    12 : Clank!
    11 : Cascadia

  17. A feast for odin is one i really need to pickup, I've only played nusfjord and i hear the praise for odin and need to add it in.

  18. Guess I’ll have to cancel my preorder for AFFO now… such a shame 🥲

  19. Feast drops out of Mike’s top 10? The real big shocker is when he reveals his top 10 as 10 different versions of Monopoly.

  20. I adore so much that King of 12 has made this list, I'm starting to evangelize it too!

  21. The cut from pulling the phone off the mug killed me loll

    You guys are awesome!

  22. My 20-11:
    20. Barrage
    19. Roll for the Galaxy
    18. Hadrian's Wall
    17. Gloomhaven
    16. A Feast for Odin
    15. Kingsburg
    14. Libertalia
    13. Five Tribes
    12. Fury of Dracula
    11. Ark Nova

  23. Straight BANGERS on this list.

    What a SHAKEUP in the top 20. Can't wait to see the rest!

  24. Love your channel and that you are encouraging top 100 lists, I had recently done mine with Pub Meeple (shout out! love that site) and been posting my other groups of ten so far, so here is my addition to this portion 🙂

    20: Hadrian's Wall
    19: Underwater Cities
    18: Rising Sun
    17: Great Western Trail: New Zealand
    16: Star Wars: Rebellion
    15: Roll for the Galaxy
    14: Power Grid
    13: Ankh: Gods of Egypt
    12: Turing Machine
    11: On Mars

  25. Lol nice pic choice for Nick’s grand austria hotel 😂 the powdered nose caught my attention before the lines did!

  26. I love Turing Machine. Love seeing it on this list.

  27. 20. Unsettled
    19. Quadropolis
    18. Evacuation
    17. Blood Rage
    16. Scythe
    15. Iwari
    14. Raiders of the North Sea
    13. Pest
    12. Dune: Imperium
    11. Bruxelles 1893

  28. AFFO…. I’m speechless. Great list though!

  29. That solidifies it! I've got to play my copy of Hooky!

  30. Some good picks here, I played GWT: New Zealand for the first time yesterday, the sheering thing took me half the game to get my head around, but once it clicked about needing the extra Harry (Shearer) it was great!

    20 – Cribbage (Up 23)
    19 – World Wonders (Down 11)
    18 – First Rat (Down 9)
    17 – Trekking Through History (Up 1)
    16 – Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed – (Down 6)
    15 – Heat: Pedal to the Metal (Up 7)
    14 – 7 Wonders (Up 51)
    13 – Critter Kitchen (Down 2)
    12 – Just One (Down 6)
    11 – Mille Fiori (Up 6)

  31. Love your picks, love these lists!

    My 20-11:
    20 Architects of the West Kingdom
    19 Lost Ruins of Arnak
    18 Jaws
    17 Galaxy Trucker
    16 Hadrian's Wall
    15 Star Wars: Rebellion
    14 Nemesis
    13 Fleet: The Dice Game (Second Edition)
    12 Sleeping Gods
    11 Furnace

  32. Just got a Feast for Odin on your reccomendation last week and played it over the weekend. Great game, I have to know what has supplanted it for you now!

  33. Great picks. Tough to rank them as they are all good.
    I want to try King of 12, Anachrony, and Paint the Roses.
    I gave SkyTeam as a gift as I keep hearing good things about it.
    Boon Lake has my curiosity now.

  34. Arnak is sitting on my table right now for another game of solo play.

  35. Jeez all worker placement or euros… where are all the non euro gamers??

  36. Ok honestly AFFO dropping out of Mikes top 10 after being #1 for so long literally blew my mind hahaha

    Also, I really hope you guys get a chance to play the Lets Waltz expansion someday. The asymmetric player powers and the ballroom expansion are one of those “I’ll never go back” additions. Plus the solo absolutely rules too. One day!

  37. I just received king of 12 from Lucky Duck's Memorial day sale… You guys are the only reason it was even on my radar. Excited to give it a try!

  38. King of 12, had it for a few months and just go let it to the table with my fam a week ago (4 players). Fun game I can see that it would get better and better the more you play with a group.

  39. I really want to play the other Great Westerns Trail (internal plural). My top 100 continued:
    20. Marvel Champions The Card Game
    19. Imperial Settlers Empires of the North
    18. Ark Nova
    17. Carnegie
    16. Cthulhu Death May Die
    15. The Quest for El Dorado
    14. The Crew
    13. Pandemic
    12. Memoir '44
    11. Res Arcana

  40. My prediction for Mikes top 10:

    1. Kanban EV
    2. Ginkopolis
    3. Clans of Caledonia
    4. Le Havre
    5. Wayfarers
    6. Teotihuacan
    7. Tawantinsuyn
    8. Oranianburger Kanal
    9. Darwins Journey
    10. Forest Shuffle

    Nick's I need to think about a but more 😄

  41. My number 14 needs the caveat that it doesn't technically exist yet. I've helped playtest the prototype a ton though and I really like it.
    20. So Clover!
    19. Lost Cities
    18. Tiny Epic Pirates
    17. Downforce
    16. Ticket to Ride (series, France is my favorite)
    15. Celestia
    14. Helionox: Chronicles
    13. Century: Eastern Wonders
    12. Star Realms
    11. Automobiles

  42. 11 Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

    12 Sea Salt & Paper

    13 Cyberion

    14 Stellarion

    15 Jump Drive

    16 Caverna: Cave vs Cave

    17 Tapestry

    18 Terraforming Mars

    19 Gaia Project

    20 Point Salad

    This suffers from recency bias a bit. I don't think Cyberion or Stellarion will hold those positions, but the others are pretty solid in their place.

  43. Turing Machine didn't have a place on my shelves for a while, because it lived on the coffee table for easy "turdle" access 😂

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