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20 Best new Board Games you NEED to play in 2023

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It’s January and you know what that means, it’s time for a breakdown of the top upcoming board games of 2023. We present games that are tie ins to video games and TV shows but show significant promise as well as magnificent manifestations of wholesome family life and living within extremely exciting periods in history. You can take on the role of Witchers, witches and whichever thing takes your fancy. This year presents MANY games that have had a huge build up too. You’re bound to find something exciting in amongst this bunch, let us know which of these you’re most looking forward to in the comments below!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Septima
01:54 Railroad Madness
03:03 Mistwind
04:17 Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies
05:41 Slay The Spire
07:30 Cyclades 2
09:02 The Last Of Us
10:22 The Queen’s Dilemma
11:30 Fit to Print
12:52 The Witcher: Old World
14:00 Age of Comics
14:53 Skyrise
15:39 Bamboo
16:39 Betrayal Of the Second Order
18:00 Arcs
19:22 Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game
20:41 Daybreak
22:08 Mothertree
23:30 Unconcious Mind
24:50 My Island
25:41 The Art Project
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  1. Quick update: the year's almost over and almost all of these games are still unavailable. A better title for this video would be "Games we'll hopefully see released in 2024, if they even stay in print for more than a few months, as the board game industry continues to behave like the board game industry."

  2. Feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for Septima to be a thing that I can buy!

  3. But many of these games won't be released till 2024 or even later (Elder Scrolls)

  4. You listed 21 games AND STILL didn't mention "The Dark Quarter" or "Scarface 1920"!

  5. The audio of this video is not great. The Music (and ads) is louder than the Dialog. I had to turn this up a good bit to hear Michael talk, but then to be blasted by some fo the musical bits between each game presented or the youtube commercials.

  6. I can't believe the game I illustrated is featured on my favourite tabletop gaming channel ♥️

  7. Where can I download a pc or smartphone version of STAY ALIVE marble board game? Thanks

  8. You guys should try Dragon Bowl. It's a fantasy board game that you play in conjunction with ten-pin bowling.

  9. Pssst.. Wheels.. It's Era, not Order. For the Skyrim entry. 🤫

  10. Surprised you didn’t say anything about Beast- a one vs many game with gorgeous art work and interesting card trading mechanic.

  11. Septima – Backed it. Waiting, on the edge of my seat anticipating.The rest I had not heard of or am not interested in.

  12. Thanks for the heads up with Cyclades 2. Never heard this was coming until now. I started wondering if I need to pack up the original and all the expansions to sell them off in preparation for the new one. I'm glad it's a reprint and not a redo or whatever that's called.

  13. Great video! I’ve watched a lot of 2023 anticipated games videos already but this video brought a handful of games to my attention I hadn’t heard about!

    Well done 👏🏻

  14. Someday my friends and I hope to be on a list like this. Some day…

  15. Amazing list, thanks Wheels! I had no idea Cyclades was getting a remake 😁

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