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20 games we never played before (Keep or Cull)

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It’s time for another episode of Keep or Cull, and The Shelf of Shame Project.

Last time, we only played 5 games, so we wanted to up it this time, and ended up playing 20 games we never played before.

We hope you’ll enjoy this video! What are your favorites from this episode?

Thank you all so much for watching.

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  1. I can't help myself.
    I see First Rat, i have to click on the video.
    But did you keep or cull it? Don't know…. I guess I have to watch the video😀

    Ohh I was so scared for first rat. You culled so many games.
    But I am glad that you keep it. I just love this game, even though It doesn't hit the table to often😀

  2. Agree on Mosaic. I thought it would be to my liking but it feels bland, derivative, and just not really "cilizationy".

  3. Absolutely agree about First Rat! Great game!

  4. Oh no! Culling Campaign Trail. I think that's a good area control game with unique mechanisms.

  5. Johannes's facial expressions in reaction to Sunniva saying Astra felt fresh cracked me up – you took us on a whole journey!

  6. I can't believe you don't know about the American voting system! That is sooooooo un-American!! 🙂

  7. Yay for keeping First Rat! I love that game!

  8. I actually really like Mosaic, but 4 player or 3 player, at 2 player it doesn't really sing…

  9. Sunniva's face when looking at that mint tin
    … Dead giveaway… Feel the same.

  10. Mosaïc is in my top 5 games of all time. I love (they are my favorite) Civilization games but I don't always have time to play the 4+ hours games. Mosaïc is great at giving you the sprawling cities and tech advancing feelings with very quick, almost instantaneous, player turns.
    Thank you for letting it down soflty though, it's not for everyone indeed but there will be quite a few people out there that would love it ❤

  11. New England on notice for having too many small states.

  12. Genoa is very fun game but you are right is totally group dependent. I like it more than Chinatown or Sidereal Confluence. Lastly, in new edition they reduce 5 player game rounds from 7 to 6.

  13. I’ve never heard of Time of Empires, but I love your description of “if Pendulum were good”. Pendulum is my favorite game of all time – yes, I know I’m in the minority. So if Time of Empire is anything like it, then I’m in! I love finding new games through Keep or Cull 😊

  14. Always a good youtube day when your Keep or Cull videos show up!❤❤❤

  15. I feel like you must have done something wrong in Solar Sphere. I only played it once, but with 4 players, we went to 6 rounds. I came second, having placed the fewest tiles on the sun. If I had to guess, maybe you took resources for each moral you went back instead of going back to the previous spanner/wrench icon? I remember it being hard to get the resources necessary to put out the tiles and found getting cards a better option most of the time. You also need to attack the rogue/enemy ships to avoid negatives – did you do that part?

    First Rat is definitely my favorite here. Wasn't expecting much before I first played it (about a year ago), but Gigli delivered again!

  16. Completely understand your reason for culling Mosaic…. The lack of game timer is also my gripe, but just holding on for now to see if the expansion makes it any better

  17. Johannes! Hold the game box still so we can read it! 🤣

  18. lol you guys are hoarders as many "gamers" are

  19. At 9:40, I read the rules and the game sounded horrible so I put the game away. I later re-read the rule book and it still sounded horrible. Finally, my wife’s brother came over and we figured we would play it because it was horrible………..and…….(twist)……we loved it. Great game.

    Me: What the heck just happened? I haven’t been this surprised since I saw that murder-mystery movie Glass Onion.

  20. At Board Game Rambling – sadly for Solar Sphere you did not play it incorrectly. I went into it thinking it was a point salad. There are so many ways to get points……you can recruit people with powers that give you points, you can fight rebels and that gives you points, you can go up tracks on your personal boards and those give you points. And if you play with the expansion you have a rondel that can be used to give you points. HOWEVER…….all of these points pale in comparison to just occupying the solar sphere. Every game you can swap out how points are scored by occupying the solar sphere BUT…..If you look at the point distribution of every single scoring card for the solar sphere it is by far the best way to score points in the game. If you try to do a Recruit new workers + Fight Rebel strategy exclusively……..YOU WILL LOSE. It’s always better to occupy the solar sphere and diversify only a little. The game comes across as having multiple avenues to victory…..but there is only one true path. All roads lead to Rome…..and all strategies for winning will rely on occupying the solar sphere. I think this can be remedied by reducing the scoring on the solar sphere. After I played a couple of times, I kept feeling that the game gave the illusion of multiple paths of victories but only had one main one. I will say the game looks gorgeous and I really love the mechanisms and I enjoyed playing it but they really made a mistake by making the game so heavily dependent on the solar sphere….BUT i guess they did call the game SOLAR SPHERE…..so maybe it was an oversight by me in not instinctively going for occupying it.

  21. Exit's Return of the Abandoned Cabin was one of their best in a while. Usually it's the deduction ones that I like the most (Murder, Kidnapping, Theft, etc).

  22. Mint Delivery „this is a series of games (…) about delivering things“. Nice!

  23. The thing about your videos guys is that you always put a smile on my face, so 35 minutes of a video from yourselves has really set my day up just great. Thanks very much, once again, for it, and I look forward to the next one eagerly.

  24. I agree with First Rat! Fun fun fun.
    Do you know where I can find the Mint soundtrack (the song at the end 😆) Sound more entertaining than the game itself! 😂

  25. You are slowly becoming my favourite board game content creators! Great job!

  26. Really enjoying your reviews and all these mini reviews within keep or cull! It’s refreshing to hear reasons other people didn’t enjoy a game so I can decide if it’s for me. I played seize the bean at a con recently and loved it! But it’s impossible to find! Any chance your copy would like to come live with me in Canada? 😂

  27. Have you played Pandemic's Star Wars: Clone Wars? That is fun and from what I've heard is an evolution of Lich King.

  28. Love your videos. Always make me smile. I need to get aboard the cull train. I’m more open to it than my wife but we openly agree we have too many games but then make a cull list and it’s like 5 games out of 200

  29. I like Century 3 the most out of the 3, but still not a must-have. I knew Mosaic was my biggest disappointment of the year in January already.

  30. Great channel!! Thank you! Great energy! Time of Empires looks fun. The wife and I looooooooove First Rat!!

  31. Nooo, the Exits are still excellent! Some are not as good as others, obviously, but some of the recent ones have been really Good! Return to the Abandoned Cabin, for example 😀

  32. Shame you didn't like Solar Sphere, I thought it was pretty good. Didn't have the same problem as you, but also ultimately didn't keep it as felt 4 plays was enough to see the most of it. So can't say if you were wrong or right, but didn't see it myself.

  33. I’ll add to the First Rat love. I just played it for the first time this past Saturday and really enjoyed it!

  34. You don’t know the name & location of all 50 United States, Johannes? That’s okay, most Americans don’t either! Don’t know about Campaign Trail, but 1960: The Making of the President is a great game from the same designer as Twilight Struggle (which is a much better game using similar mechanisms). Of course, the best election game is still Die Macher.

  35. Please cull your feast for odin? 😀 haha no seriously, fun episode 🙂

  36. Astra is really great, the box does make people think it will be short and it isn’t but I really love that taking the card isn’t really what you are doing, you are trying to getting the best rewards. There is a lot of tension when you go into it knowing that succeeding is all about timing it all right. 5 players is probably not ideal. 3 is probably best, 2 works pretty well, even with the extra rule set.

  37. Space alert can be a lot of fun but I totally agree on a couple parts. 1: it's extremely challenging and 2: you have to have people that are very communicative and aware of what everybody is doing. Just one person being off can throw everything into chaos and ruin everybody's steps.

  38. I am really interested in kids stealing from tombs right now. Thanks for the very full video!! ❤

  39. Great video! You covered two on my wishlist: first rat and campaign trail. I'm glad at least half of you liked campaign trail haha. Sorry the original colonies are a bit confusing geographically, you should see some of the city grids – oof!

  40. I really like hearing your thoughts on 'older' games.
    And I like your video's in general. 🙂 Thanks

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