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2022 German Game of the Year (Spiel Des Jahres & Kennerspiel) Announcement & Commentary

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Today the 2022 Spiel Des Jahres which is the German Board Game of the Year announced the nominations! In this video I tell you about these games, and give you commentary and predictions.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – Spiel Des Jahres Nominees
8:21 – Spiel Des Jahres Commentary & Prediction
13:52 – Kenner Spiel Nominees
18:05 – Kenner Spiel Commentary and Predictions
18:45 – Kenner Spiel Recommended List

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  1. I Love Witchstone as does my 12 year old daughter. We bought it last Christmas from your recommendation and keeps it interesting all the multiple actions you can do with nice strong pieces. Will need to get Cryptid now. Thanks for helping us and enjoying our family time thru the games we love😁

  2. I was trying to decide between dealt And scout. I think I’ll go with dealt now.

  3. Ark nova, for me, is the very definition of overhyped. And I never say this, in fact I hate it when people say it because they just want to show how unlike everyone else their tastes are which is silly and ridiculous. So I'm kind of ashamed to be saying it now. And the truth is I really enjoy playing Ark Nova, it's a fun game. But it's not as good as Terraforming Mars, it just has the advantage of shiny new toy syndrome. And overall, while it's a great game and really fun, it's nowhere near that good to justify this overreaction we're seeing. Which leads me to believe that it's a bubble that will get deflated as quickly as it inflated and within a year or two no one will be talking about Ark Nova. Maybe Tom Vasel but only out of stubbornness.

  4. Top Ten sounds like a really fun family game. Looking forward to the English game.

  5. I thought it would be Cascadia for sure.
    But than I played top ten. And it is also so good.
    So I am happy with both👍

  6. I feel like you almost said a swear word a couple times talking about the card quality for Scout

  7. Me and three friends played Scout and enjoyed it, but I agree with the components issue. Cards felt flimsy and after coupe of rounds some of them even looked slightly bent.

  8. Cryptic will win easy … it’s Germany and they are thinkers !

  9. Living Forest just won the As d'or (golden ace) in France in a similar category as the kenner 😉

  10. CASCADIA is truly a remarkable game and gets much love from anybody I am playing it with, however I now have been playing TOP TEN with 9 people and it was the most funniest experience we ever had with a game. Everybody was convinced that this was the best game of the year and for such an occasion. It connects people and creates unforgettable emotions and this is what a family game that is given on Christmas eve should do. However, having said this, it is only playable in large groups and it is not playable with "children". This is where it stops being a family game. Otherwise, it would be the best choice for SdJ.

  11. Top ten is a lot of fun with the right crowd! It's like the mind but with improv, really a fun activity!

  12. This are the best thoughts/ideas about the SdJ price for this year. Even the German channels went not that deep. But that's exactly what I want to see and hear.
    A big "thank you" from Germany 💪

  13. The SdJ price is not the price for the best game in this year but the best FAMILY game of the year. Now, what's the difference? The SdJ is always a game for families who are just buying one game in one year. This is like a helping hand for these people.
    Of course it is possible that the best game can win, like Cascadia, but not always.
    Like camel up is surely not better than splendor but it is a better game for families.

  14. So many have dismissed Lama as “just uno” and it makes me sad they are missing out. We played it tonight, as we do almost every week at the local pub. Yes, I mostly play heavy games, as do my friends, but this is just silly fun for everyone. I have purchased 14 copies of Lama at this point— partly from wearing out copies and partly from giving away my copy to who ever I just played with. I host multiple game nights in my community and this game above any other has brought so many people I know into the hobby. Not at all surprised it was selected for Spiel Des Jahres.

  15. We only played Scout at 2 player and I was so disappointed. Clearly the wrong player count, but it soured me on the game. I’d rather play Maskmen. Cascadia just has to landslide this…

  16. Great video @GameBoyGeek! I have not played all the games for either award, but here are my opinions: Cascadia is a fun game feels like the Spiel Des Jahres winner. As for the Kennerspiel, I also think several games deserve to be on that list including Sleeping Gods, Ark Nova, Witchstone and Khora. With that said, of the games on the list, Dune Imperium is an easy win for me. I do really like and enjoy Cryptid, but it came out in 2018 and shouldn't be on this years list 👎 Overall, I think Dune Imperium should be the winner and Ark Nova should be included on next year's list and the easy winner so far.

  17. We play Pictures all the time. We enjoyed My City, am looking forward to My Island, but keep playing Pictures.

  18. I'm not so sure. Cascadia is such a solitary experience. I wonder how many families will enjoy playing it. I think the SdJ race is going to be interesting. (And I predicted Camel Up would win over Splendor after watching my in-laws on their feet cheering for an orange 3 out of that pyramid!). I think Cryptid is a genius design. I had hoped Mille Fiori would get a nomination.

  19. We’ve had Cryptid since you first recommended it long ago and it remains a frequently requested game and our favorite deduction game (more that Planet X). Like you said, it’s great it’ll get more exposure!

    As to Ark Nova and many others, BGGers love multiplayer solitaire with a solo mode. Just for that reason alone I’m glad to see Dune Imperium get even more attention.

    (We also like Cryptid the most of all of them. We prefer other areas controls games, and if we want a Dune game we play Dune).

  20. The fixed hand is a big problem in Scout, as in Bohnanza. Looking at last couple year´s SdJs, it will be Top Ten. The unknown underdog.

  21. Here’s the problem for Dune Imperium: no game based on an IP has ever won the Spiel, Kennerspiel, or Kinderspiel (unless there’s some IP I’m missing). Maybe this year will be the first, but I suspect the Spiel juries tend to dock a game a few points if it’s based on an IP.

  22. The Spiel looks like a very weak year. Cascadia is a shoe in, and I struggle to think of many other games that have come out that are super-light like they seem to want for the Spiel (maybe Meadow). It doesn't feel like we have had a big party game this year yet. Those two small card games seem like throwaways to fill slots.

    The Kenner looks like a strong category. I thought Ark Nova would be there, but by the same token all 3 of the games look solid.

  23. Spiel trends to pick games that are accessible, IE has the broadest audience.

  24. Great coverage! Thank your for making this video. Just a side request, I wish you would not explain rules in a higher pitched sing-song style voice. It does not sound natural and is distracting from your message. You go into infomercial mode and I think being mellow and cool might improve your side rules explanation. That is all.

  25. I find it strange to have a game from a few years ago win game of the year. It's almost like they played THIS year's Cryptid and said… This isn't great. But do you know what is?

    And I think it's a solid game. I featured it in my Gateway Games for Every Occasion series.

    Karuba? So friggin' good! I also featured it! Lol.

  26. It looks like I'm going to be the oddball here, but it seems to me that the Top Ten has everything to win the award. Very much in the vein of Just One.

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