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2022 Top 10 Family Board Games

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After over a year of reading your comments and recommendations, I’ve updated our family’s top 10 list. If you’ve already seen the list from 2021, “The top 10 family board games of all time,” every game on this updated list is NEW. Each of the games fits into the same criteria:

1. They must be something everyone (all ages and genders) wants to play.
2. They must be something everyone CAN play (not too much reading so the littles can enjoy too!)
3. They must be educational or enriching

You can check out my ratings for all of these board games and – even better – discover the best deals for family board games on Amazon by visiting

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0:00 – Introduction
0:41 – List Criteria
2:39 – #10
4:18 – #9
5:33 – #8
7:34 – #7
9:15 – #6
11:03 – #5
13:57 – #4
15:48 – #3
17:25 – #2
19:26 – #1

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  1. Dice forge is so much fun!!!!!!! Lot this list.❤

  2. Too many strategy games and you should let people know it’s games for parents playing with young children. It’s misleading cause family games are various ages even without young kids.

  3. 3:45 caught picking her nose 😀 Thanks for the great content! Really loved this list.

  4. Hi Thanks for the recommendations. Surprised to see mind management in the list. The game is Age13+ and other reviewers although rate the game very high have said game is difficult to explain. Just wondering how you got around those issues with your 6 year old. Thanks

  5. Some good family games not included here;Quack of quedlinbourgCubitosCelestiaKingdomino

  6. This is a fabulous list. The way you have introduced your children to games is truly inspiring. Thank you

  7. Awesome list, thank you!
    My wife, daughter and me recently got into boardgaming (again, on my part).
    My daughter is 6, almost 7 and we started with Carcassonne, which is fun with a great table presence, the way the land unfolds basically.
    Other good ones we enjoy (and I think I got one or another because of one your older videos) are:
    Andor junior
    and a couple others we are going to try soon (quacks of Quedlinburg, lost desert)

  8. Thank you so much for your reviews. I recently discovered your channel and I love your videos. When you try a lot of games you are bound do end up with games you don’t use or don’t find interesting. What do you do with them?

  9. Awesome list! And very useful! I love that you focus on family games and games children can play.
    Thank you very much! Keep up the great work.

  10. Great list. Our favourites are My City, Quest for El Dorado and Explorers (glad you really liked it after our recommendation for it). Dice Forge is one that certain family members really enjoy and excel at.

  11. Great list!! Plunder! A pirates Life is one that my daughter loves

  12. Nice, wondered if you would do another of these.
    My daughter (7 now) is really enjoying, Die Wandelnden Türme, Barenpark, Roam, Diamant, Kingdomino, 7 wonders Architects, Explorers and Cartographers.

    Great list, a few new suggestions for me to check out.

  13. May I ask, once you finished my city the legacy does it have much replay value?

  14. Thanks for these suggestions! I am really intrigued about Mind Management. Have you tried Magic Maze for kids? It looks amazing. We have the regular Magic Maze which our teenage niece and nephew picked up really quickly (we allow talking).

  15. I usually don’t play multiplayer games. I mostly play 2 player games and solitaire.
    But I’d recommend the following:
    Forbidden Island. I used to play this game with my younger siblings. You work together to find the treasures of the island and escape in time before the Island sinks.
    Sleeping Queens – a nice card game of set collections.
    Cartographers – a Roll and Write game where you explore unknown lands and use colored pencils to draw in your sheet the different type of terrains.
    I would also recommend Marvel United, in which you take roles of heroes and going around the cities saving people and fighting the bad guys. 😁

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