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22 Anticipated Board Games For 2022

Don’t Be Board
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So many great games were released in 2021 but what are some that I am looking forward to in 2022?! Well let’s find out! Spoilers I’ll put all the BGG links below the timestamps.

0:00 Intro
0:41 My City R&W

1:53 Warriors

3:02 Jabba

4:25 GoAII

6:12 Colt Express 2 Trains!

7:15 TM Dice

8:28 Marvel Dice Throne

9:40 Paint The Roses

11:32 Unmatched!

14:19 Namiji

16:04 Isle of Cats Expansion

17:23 Arkeis

18:46 CoraQuest

20:04 Tenpenny Park

21:18 Slay The Spire

23:10 Get On Board

24:23 Explore & Draw

25:33 Zombicides

27:47 Tiwanaku

29:10 Founders

30:28 Distant Suns

31:39 YAK

33:03 Bonus 1


  1. Thanks for including Tenpenny Parks! 😀 The game launches for pre-order on March 8th!

  2. TWO TRAINS???
    You had the same question i did….are they going to sell a new playmat?

  3. Oh! There was definitely some "behind closed doors" previews of Sagrada Legacy at Pax Unplugged!

  4. Also, my pick for upcoming game on last week's Favorite Game Friday was Ostia. Iys by the same designer and publisher as Aqua Garden, one of my favs from last year! I believe its hitting kickstarter this month!!

  5. I wonder of you can play 2 v 2 as usual when you have the 6 Marvel Unmatched characters (2 boxes).

  6. It is truly dissapoiting to see Unmatched becoming into another Marvel sub-product.

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