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23 New Board Games – Board Game Buys – June 2022

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I talk through every new board game we added to our collection in June 2022.

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  1. Was your copy of Madeira still sealed or pre owned?

  2. Trails of Tucana is the favourite game of my students
    Fleet the DiceGame could be replaced with Three Sisters 😉

  3. Man, you went to town on your purchases this month. I agree with you on games from Steve Finn in that Biblios is pretty much the only one of his worth playing. I have Mining Colony last year and after 3 plays it hasn’t left my shelf. It’s ok, but nothing especially interesting going on in the game that you can’t find done better elsewhere.

  4. What a great list of games to get stuck into. Especially that run of Euros. Absolutely love Shipyard and Messina, and Ultimate railroads and Gutenberg are on the 'still to play' list. Stroganov is sitting on the shelf currently and I've got tempered expectations to be honest. That and Hippocrates seem to have quickly fallen out of the public consciousness and Game Brewer have really dropped the ball on those kickstarters. I picked up a retail copy of Stroganov about 4 months ago, and I've heard the component quality of the kickstarter is not much different. They're burning up a lot of good will at the moment unfortunately.
    I predict you will say that both of them are absolutely fine, but don't do anything particularly new or interesting.

  5. Pay dirt sounds interesting. You should definitely let me know what you think of it.

  6. Impressive gathering of games. I’ve heard someone else like “Mining Colony”. I will be interested to learn your thoughts on it.

  7. first played hick – hack some 14 years ago, i bring it out regularly , its always a great filler , happy thoughts

  8. Wow some game contenders there! Very excited to hear your thoughts. I'm glad you are trying everything new, old, party, ect. 👍

  9. I got rid of TAGS. There is usually 1 or 2 marbles left because some tag combinations are just impossible to play with the game's rules.

  10. Madeira is a fantastic game. I love it to bits, I love how punishing it sometimes feel, you get the same feeling when you e.g. play Through the Ages or In the Year of The Dragon. The mechanics where you need to have wood at the end of the turn, when you have ships, but the wood is not magically there, you need to have a meeple on the territory where there is wood is a killer (there might be wood at the beginning of the turn, but not at the end where you positioned your meeple), it's not that hard to learn, but it's really hard to play well, especially in a 4 player game.

  11. Not fair, Shipyard is on my list of "must buy if I see it" games, but I've given up hope 😢

  12. Looks like a lot of good buys this month! I have both Condottiere and Mining Colony. I suspect that you'll like both. Mining Colony is probably S. Finn's best game since Biblios. It uses some clever mechanisms for a tile placement game.
    I think Condottiere may be a little group dependant. I really like it, but I don't approach super seriously. And, you have to be okay with a little "take that" in how cards can be played throughout a round. But, with this one, it doesn't feel mean spirited, just cleverly tactical.
    Hopefully, you'll enjoy them both!

  13. Wow, you must have a high paying job to afford 23 new games in a month!

  14. A bit envious that you got your copy of Ultimate Railroads! RR is one of my all-time favorites – to be honest I've probably played over 500 games of it through the years (most of those online on BGA). So of course I pre-ordered Ultimate when it was first announced, but U.S. arrival has been delayed for many months due to the pandemic shipping challenges. Will be a pleasure to get the new expansion boards to the table physically when it finally does arrive. Playing with the new shared industry board option is almost an entirely different game – longer and different tactics.

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