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25 Board Games to Buy Right Now – Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! 25 Best Board Games You Can Get RIGHT NOW! The sheer number of board games released each month can be overwhelming. That’s why (of the hundreds of new board games, card games and accessories released this month) we’ve assembled a list of “best bets”, games that caught MY attention, and a few wildcards to suggest – in this month’s Board Game Buyer’s Guide.


Communicate and compromise while working together to decorate your dream home!


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Azul – Queen’s Garden:
BattleTech Interstellar Operations:
Clinic Deluxe Edition:
Creature Comforts:
Dominion – Allies:
Forbidden Desert:
Forbidden Island:
Free Radicals:
Kombo Klash:
Monopoly Deal:
Pac-Man Board Game:
Pan Am:
Siege Of Runedar:
The Hunger:
Wise Guys:

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00:00 Intro
00:26 Eye Catching Games!
05:10 Chaz’s Wish List
10:00 What’s In Store
14:40 From Wish List to Game Shelf
19:42 Best Bets

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  1. Classic opening music? Oh heck yeah! .The Hunger is on my watch list, but 11:53 Gathering of the Wicked is going to be my next perchance. Another Villainous Disney Werewolf game.

  2. Great video – thanks for the informorshorn!

  3. Siege of Runedar is WAY too long and repetitive for what it offers. Played it, dumped it.

  4. This is where I'd put my copy of Vagrantsong… IF I HAD ONE!

  5. The Hunger also reminds me of Deep Sea Adventure. So a mix between that and The Quest for El Dorado as well?

  6. I like SHH from Pack o Games. And I hate word games

  7. On the Renegade Discord server, they have mentioned that there will be a book with more information about Cobra. And Cobra are just evil GiJoes. Lol

  8. I got The Hunger a few months ago. It’s similar to Clank but different enough. I enjoyed it a lot.

  9. I always thought Clank 2.0 was Clank in Space…The clearly superior Clank.

  10. This video made me really want to listen to some led zeppelin "Communication Breakdown"

  11. When commented on Battletech, Pac-man, and introducing Long-Shot, the use of illuminating alliteration illustrations was noted and the exercise to say such tongue twisters ten times fast was a fun activity…for about 30-seconds. ;-p

  12. I took the bait. Watching to see what kills clank! 😛

  13. I took the bait. Watching any video with Chaz in it.

  14. 🤨Click bate never makes me feel good… 18:05 especially when you have to scrub to find it

  15. No BGG entry for "Nothing to talk about" yet?

  16. I approve of Kid Who Knows How To Get Out Of Chores!

  17. That PAC-MAN game actually reminds me of a, well, PAC-MAN game from around the 80s/90s it was one player as the waka waka lad against the ghosts gobbling pellets and such. So I’m actually very curious!

  18. I hope this trend of talking about games available for purchase now continues. It's so much better than hearing about crowdfunding games I won't be able to play for a year or more.

  19. Excellent stuff Chaz, always worth a watch 🙂

  20. Fascinating to learn about games I haven't heard about. Also, really intrigued by Seige of Runedar.

  21. Really enjoyed this video. Definitely found it helpful and hope to see more like it.

  22. Good ole Forbidden Island. It was my gateway game and so one of the first to enter the collection. 🙂

  23. Are you planning to do a watch it played for "Tiny Epic Dungeons"?

  24. I always thought Rodney's box flipping masterclass would be included as a bonus when joining the WiP team… I guess I was living in my dream

  25. Great list, and really great to see Vigilante on your own list 🙂

  26. Great video! These buying guides are super useful. I wish all the GI Joe stuff came out when I was ten. I mean I still have all my Joe’s, but I probably would have gotten into RPGs back then.

  27. 6:18 This made me laugh AND took me back to 1984. Thanks Redwood! (BECAUSE KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!!!) 😀

  28. Love the Bardsung shoutout. I got that game at my LGS and am loving it!

  29. Clinic deluxe is so good!!! So fun and so many subtle jabs at the health industry 😄
    Monopoly Deal is better than Monopoly, but it's soooooo so random.

  30. Oh wow, thanks Chaz for the shoutout for The Ghosts Betwixt! I’d love to send you a copy if interested, thx so much!

  31. I agree, Magic is the star of this episode. 😊

  32. The Null & Nichtig box hitting the cover screenshot out of the frame was a nice touch for my stoned brain.

  33. Those ending scripts are hard to do with those marbles in your mouth. 😉 LOL

    Magic Hands FTW!!!

  34. Thank you for showcasing The Ghosts Betwixt! I just finished Chapter 1 and it was a blast! I wish it had more airplay on YouTube! It’s a fantastic game flying under the radar!

  35. Do a section about accessories or upgrades to buy!

  36. 9:25 Mafia and mobsters is not an adult theme? The heck is wrong with you! XP

  37. I see you always check big general stores for games, don't you have specialized stores? We have loads around here.

  38. To master the secret art of flipping a board game, Chaz, you must seek out the expert, Grand Master Rodney Smith, and study under his tutelage for many many minutes…😉

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