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25 New Board Games: Both Physical AND Digital – Our Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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New Board Game Releases & Restocks – Board Game Buyer’s Guide!
Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! 25 Best Board Games You Can Get RIGHT NOW! We’ve assembled a list of “best bets”, games that caught MY attention, and a few wildcards to suggest – in this month’s Board Game Buyer’s Guide.


Trick-taking where the trump can change during a trick.


*Gloomhaven Buttons & Bugs*

Gloomhaven in the palm of your hand!


*Newest BoardGameArena Games*
Splendor Duel:
The Great Split:
And more:

Blueprints goes on sale on February 8th!


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00:00 Intro
00:21 Honorable Mentions
05:14 Chaz’s Wish List
09:30 Digital Cardboard: New Board Game Arena Releases
13:55 Hot Off The Press: The Newest Of The New
18:15 This Month’s Best Bets


  1. So this is the Matthew Jude of Death by Monsters fame? I'd never come across him in video form. I wanted to hear a random exclamation of Da**it, Paula! *Sigh*… I miss that podcast!

  2. Chaz—I found this channel through Rodney's How to Plays, but I must say I've started watching your informative Buyer's Guides and Momen-tens. Your writing and delivery are amazing, and my goodness there are a lot of fantastic games out there! My shelves aren't ready 😂

  3. Always a very useful video! Keep up the great work, Chaz!

  4. Fun fact: Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the TTRPG, Cyberpunk, which got its latest edition: Cyberpunk Red.

  5. The great split is a great I split you choose game! Highly recommend! Highly underrated.

  6. I have to assume that Camera Chaz's archenemy is Scriptwriter Chaz and his love for lengthy alliteration. I'm here for the blooper reel that ultimately males the final cut.

  7. Regarding digital, I'd highly recommend Armello to those unfamiliar. It's an older game, yet has a f2p version on mobile to try, as well as a proper release on PC and several consoles (with crossplay), and is very often on sale for under 10$.

  8. In reference to the alliterations, do you like or have you checked out V for Vendetta by any chance?

  9. The Same Game has been on the table for at least a round every game night I've had since it arrived. Absolutely fantastic discussions. Most recent heated debate was Bagpipes vs Chainsaw in the categories 'Duration of Use' or 'Complexity of Construction'.

  10. I think Chaz Marler is my favorite personality of Board Game reviewers 🙂 He is so cool!

  11. I really like bag of chips, which is the best game I've ever bought for $12, and splendor duel. Five Towers looks very interesting for my group that plays in a public space with small tables.

  12. Cascadia: rolling is a new game I am looking forward to. Im surprised to not see it on here but it may have just been announced after you made the video

  13. Uno Seinfeld, not that there's anything wrong with that.

  14. <looks around, suspiciously> Uhhh, I'm just here for the segue 🥸

  15. A game this is the same game is "The Same Game" ~Chaz Now, be honest, how many years have you waited to say that?

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