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25 New Game Picks, Best Bets, & MORE! | Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! 25 Best Board Games You Can Get RIGHT NOW! We’ve assembled a list of “best bets”, games that caught MY attention, and a few wildcards to suggest – in this month’s Board Game Buyer’s Guide.

Vs. System® 2PCG®: House of X

This giant-sized, 200-card set has everything for 2 players to jump right in to the Vs. System 2PCG!


7 Wonders: Edifice

7 Wonders Edifice is the most accessible expansion for 7 Wonders, introducing a new form of player interaction without adding complexity or playtime!


Puerto Rico: In this initial printing there are four too many “fruit estate tiles” and four fewer “coffee estate tiles” than stated in the Puerto Rico 1897 rulebook. Players can get the missing “coffee estate titles” for no cost here: . They should arrive within 7-14 business days.

Rodney’s Puerto Rico tutorial:

Campaign Trail: This is the page that Chaz used to contact the publisher of Campaign Trail to receive his game’s missing punchboard:

Jamie Keagy joins us from The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast! Check it out at:

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00:21 Honorable Mentions This Month
04:39 Deep Dive into: Marvel Villainous & Expansions
08:28 From Wish List to Game Shelf
14:25 A Tour De Realms with Jamie
18:45 Best Bets

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  1. You need to start making videos about games NOT to buy, Chaz! It'll be better for our wallets. 😉 Just kidding, keep up the good work! Love to see what new coolness awaits each month!!

  2. The Box and price you are showing for Aeons End Legcy do not match the video and you description. You are describing Legacy of Gravehold (a lot bigger box), whereas the pictured box is the first Aeons End Legacy game.

  3. My wallet curses you, but my joy and mental health thanks you. This is awesome!

  4. "… as your UNventure Adfolds…" 😆 Yeah, let's just keep rolling. I'm sure no one will notice. Almost…almost.

    Oh, and who is this mysterious individual that loves "coins"? Are they really into loonies? Enquiring minds want more details!

  5. Hi just wondering where do you buy your board games?

  6. I have done the watching and am now doing the commenting! These segments were awesome as usual.

  7. Would you be willing to do a top Single Player list? I'm getting more into solo gaming and excited to learn about the best single player games and bigger games that play well with one!

  8. I'm happy with the motion graphic used in the 8:57 we created together with an illustrator friend, specifically for AEG. I hope people can use it to understand how the game works, and we have no doubt in recommending it. Much love, and of course, a new subscriber.

  9. Chaz you'r the best, Cthulu I'm still on 2nd edition and shall never move. The angles in my living room tell so.

  10. Puerto Rico was first published in 2002, in fact 😉

  11. Adding Detective Rummy to my want list, checking out Guild of Merchant Explorers, and will continue drooling over DS: Marine. Love Dominant Species, and would love to take the battle underwater.

  12. Excellent stuff as always Chaz, looking forward to seeing all the WiP crew in a couple of weeks 🙂

  13. I'm not even finish watching but i had to say. That Marvel segment was chef kiss Chaz.
    Please never change. 😄

  14. I love how well Chaz rolls with the punches. Always entertaining and well put together.

  15. I fell in love with Dominant Species Marine after learning it for the World Series of Board Gaming. Never played the original but I don't feel compelled to after enjoying the new one.

  16. Wasn’t Puerto Rico released back in 2002?

  17. The road to Innsmouth had a horrible interface. We tried playing it on our phones and it was not an easy task. I don't know why they didn't make a phone app for that game when the internet is required and you're supposed to be playing around a table. It's a tabletop game…

  18. Why is it always dog eat dog? Can't we disconnect our constant preconceptions of canines? I've never seen one chomp a cousin or nibble a nephew twice removed.
    Doc Oc is epic. We should fall to our knees and chant "We're not worthy" in his presence.
    Be careful with those heavy boxes. Seems like one may have hit you towards the end there and affected your word speak. Be careful with word speak. Word meaning important.
    -Sincerely Your present and/or future Nemesis

  19. Your Villainous segment is one of my favorite segments I've EVER SEEN on this channel! That was SO WELL DONE and entertaining and informative and charismatic and…just awesome :).

  20. I really enjoyed that Villainous segment. Make mine Marvel Marler!

  21. Great video! Also, I LOVE those posters behind you!!!!

  22. is it possible to get those boardgame posters that you have? or are they personally custom made?

  23. Deep dive was a great addition! I’ve only played the original villainous once or twice and I loved the idea of it but was worried it would feel a little mean at 2p (how fitting). But now with Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney lines I’m gonna have a hard time picking one if I ever do go down that (white) rabbit hole. (Good thing Disney doesn’t own LotR because a villainous from Middle-earth would probably jump ahead of those automatically just by existing)

  24. Thanks for introducing Campaign Trail to me, Chaz! I just recently acquired 1960: The Making of the President and fell in love with the game. I would definitely be interested in this Presidential Election Campaign game that allows for more players.

  25. I’m sorry, but these games with missing pieces. That’s unacceptable

  26. Jamie!!!!!! You are an amazing spokesperson and I love watching you! You should know just how talented you are, because I sat through your whole segment riveted to those beautiful blue eyes even though those games were about as different from my tastes as a teacup poodle is from a great dane. Love watching you! You are dynamic and amazing and Chaz needs to invite you (and Ollie & Stewart) on way more often. Seriously, so happy you're back at this and so happy to see your awesome passion for gaming! <3

  27. Speaking of Almoravid – the next game in that series, Inferno, is just now available from GMT. It's set in 13th century Tuscany and depicts the civil war between Florence and Siena. I preordered and have played it once. Very enjoyable, not least because you can besiege familiar towns such as Montepulciano, Lucca and Pisa!

  28. Great Video, Chaz! Hope you enjoy Almoravid. It looks super fun. Also, great to see Jamie!

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