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27 Board Game Reviews | Rapid Reviews September 2022

The Brothers Murph
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Oh you know we’re back with this here Rapid Reviews! This as always was a outstanding month of gaming! What was your favorite game that you played this month!? Let us know!

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  1. I just pre-ordered Tiletum yesterday… Lemme know if you Murphs are down!

  2. You should absolutely take a look at Pagan.

  3. This was fun to watch. Love learning about games I don't know much about. I especially like the banter and q&a at the end.

  4. Just to confirm your own feelings, I believe the entire dice tower group review of merchants of the dark road also didn't like it. I think Zee did a good job of expressing why it didn't work for him. I would check that out before another play. Life is too short to play games we don't like!Keep up the great stuff!

  5. Great western trail 2nd edition with Rails to the North… or great western trail: Argentina? Which to buy? Never played any GWT before

  6. Just got into Ark Nova. Convinced to get it after your play through. It is so good. One of my favourites now! Loooove it!

  7. Sorry I missed ya'll live. So fun to watch these! I really want to try Palm Island. I'm also excited to see ya'll play Sagrada Legacy at some point. Thanks for another great vid!

  8. The Brothers Murph are not just normal Nerds you are exceptional Nerds. Just like the rest of us obsessed with games in the hobby. I know I am inthralled by boardgames and I am ok with that.

  9. Keeping my first edition with Native Americans .

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