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28 Board Game reviews! | Rapid Reviews July 2023

The Brothers Murph
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Oh you know what time it is! It’s time for Rapid Reviews and we are reviewing everything we played in the last 30 days!!

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  1. It's always fun when you guys mention Rainer since he happens to be my uncle and the one who introduced me to this hobby

  2. I really want to try Tribes of the Wind because it looks so nice but it’s been getting some criticisms in the BGG reviews. Glad you all liked it!

  3. Skulls of Sedlec was my favorite game of the month

  4. I finally got to play Arnak and I loved it 2-player and solo. Also got to play Honey Buzz and got stomped, but had a blast 😂

  5. I finally got my copy of Legacy of Yu, and binged it in a week. 😂

  6. [Brothers Murph] Makes video called Rapid Reviews. Video is over an hour long 😬

  7. I appreciate these longer videos. 🙂 I have been enjoying Nimalia lately. A lot of game in a little box.

  8. I learned some cool games recently. Cerebria: The Inside World is super interesting, and I am really looking forward to exploring it more. Also really enjoyed Revive, which is a lot of fun.

  9. Obsession is amazing! Hope you have the expansion too!

  10. The only other person I have ever heard say…… ridonkulous.
    Love ya Mike
    Great video guys

  11. What was the "geez Louise" moment from Kuwait?

  12. Pickle ball is fun! I've played many times, going to later today and tomorrow. Disc golf is fun also, been playing thaydir about 3 years

  13. I just received and played the special edition of castle of burgundy and absolutely loved it!

  14. Got Fast Sloths to the table for the first time in years and had a blast – such a strange, wonderful game

    For new to me games, the My Little Pony deck building game is delightful

  15. New to board games but your videos are very helpful. Have you ever played or reviewed root and if so what do you think/ which video is it in?

  16. Sorry to have missed the live show. Pickle ball is the best. It is so addicting and it’s taking me away from board games 🙀

  17. Ummm so like do you need a fourth for your Disney trip or… 👀

  18. Gaia Project has been the standout new-to-me game. Godspeed by Pandasaurus was good, and I could see it being more fun at three players, but I'm going to try to trade it away. Played Game of Thrones board game for the first time and that was really something. I played it at six players and I did get boxed out early in a six hour experience, but I still had fun because I was in good company. Another long but good board game experience was playing Here I Stand for roughly fifteen hours over the course of two days. Definitely something I'd love to do again but not anything I can recommend.

  19. I have an idea for a top ten I think you might enjoy, let me know!

    So the title top ten games but wait, I was wrong?

    The theme is sometimes you play an expansion and immediately think this makes this game so much better, but then after several plays you decide that the base game is actually superior (could be more streamlined, better balanced, or better for new players etc).

    Cheers to another good video!

    P.S. Stonemaier games actually releases their sales numbers yearly, so you can get half of the numbers, but I am pretty sure they are the exception rather than the rule.

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