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3 Board Games You Shouldn’t Overlook

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I recommend three hidden gem board games which you might have overlooked.
1️⃣Fantasy Realms –
2️⃣My Farm Shop –
3️⃣Fairy Tale Inn –
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  1. I’m with you! For some reason I just don’t find the fantasy themes appealing. But I definitely want to try fantasy realms

  2. Grat theme for a video, hoping this continues.

  3. I purchased Fantasy Realms based on this video, and tested it out solo with a dummy hand before taking it to my game night last night. We played it four times, with everyone asking to play it again immediately after the previous game ended. Thank you for cluing me into this gem!

  4. I haven't gotten the whole Fantasy Realms rundown from the 10+ Red Rising reviews I've watched. So succinct & nice

  5. Does My Farm cone from the same publisher as Dream Home, they look similar?

  6. "My fantasy bodyguard is Ser Jorah Mormont."


  7. None of these games are new to me. But you take the time and thought to notice what makes them good, and then even more time and thought to convey that information to us. So now I see them for more than the bland dime a dozen games they seem in other reviews. Thank you very much.

  8. I can't believe how much my farm shop looks like an app store thumbnail.

  9. The best selling of a Rudiger Dorn game. buying it immediately!

  10. Correction: Machi Koro lets you use three dice once you pay for that ability.

  11. "Better to be ugly and fun then pretty and boring"

    That's Castles of Burgundy right there.

  12. Fantasy Realms is ugly and Red Rising is beautiful, so I will always go for the attractive game over the non one when they have similar mechanics.

  13. So wait, is your issue with the fantasy setting or just any game that actually has the word 'fantasy' in it? If the former, that's a weird choice of fantasy bodyguard if you're not into fantasy.

  14. Red Rising is largely inspired by Fantasy Realms

  15. So… why don't you like Fantasy games? Or miniatures?

  16. My friends and I love Fantasy Realms. At the end we always have to make up a story using the cards in our hands. Sometimes they are flat but often they are hilarious. Thinking about the story in addition to points elevates the game another notch for us!

  17. "Better to be ugly and fun than pretty and boring" is what I tell myself everyday lol
    Not gonna lie, that My Farm Shop sounds legit and yes, I 1,000% would not consider the game because of it's mobile farmville game look.

  18. Fantasy realm is somehow similar to Red rising by Stegmaier games

  19. Would be curious to know what you think of Red Rising which is Fantasy Realms kicked up a notch

  20. I ADORE "My farm shop" and feel like I've been telling people about it for years. But they see the front of the box and dismiss it. Sadly 😅

  21. Love Fantasy Realms, including what to me, is some of the best art and theme in gaming. So much depth in a small deck of cards, and the scoring is actually fun — we go around one card at a time and it is like telling a story. Thanks for the other two recommendations – juat put them in my cart. Your writing and delivery is top notch – humorous analogies abound!

  22. Hidden gem: Dragonwood, seven dragons and Dragonrealms

  23. There goes my vow to not buy another board game for at least six months after watching your "10 Mistakes Most Board Gamers Make" video. Although to be fair, it is pretty rude to tell someone not to buy lots of board games only to go and suggest they not overlook a bunch of them xD

  24. Would you recommend playing with all the modules first or is the base game really good too?

  25. So Fantasy Realms is… Rummy Advanced? Sounds great!

    My Farm: "Give me three dice or I walk"
    Roll Player: "Hold my Dice Bag."

    Let's be real, Disney Connect 4 probably exists somewhere.

    Sadly none of these are solo, but they all look really interesting. I really liked My Farm in particular, I'll have to see if my friend has that one and ask them to bring it next time they visit.

  26. Just discovered this channel, and it's wonderful! Superb writing, wry and funny. 'It's not bad artwork, I've just evolved to distrust it'. Subscribed.

  27. I feel like you need to have Fairy Tale Inn if you've got family kids that have that sad closet with boxes of Connect 4, Monopoly, and Sorry! stacked up and unused on the top. You could say, "It's like Disney Connect 4!" and you've got them hooked.
    Ironically, I was at Disneyworld a few weeks ago. They have Disney versions of all those crappy games, but they don't have Villainous, which seems to be at least a good game. So while my family spent money at the gift shops, I went around steering people away from them and mentioning Villainous, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and No Thanks.

  28. 5:30 Oh. A Rüdiger Dorn. Indeed, gotta try it or at least read the rules then. I'm a fan of Goa and Louis XIV (one of the rare games I bought in German even though I can't speak a word of that language)

  29. whats wrong with fantasy tho… i love fantasy

  30. I would never even think to pick up fairy tale inn but I'm really excited to try it out now, though all of these look pretty fun. Maybe there's hope in the future of these games getting 2nd editions or being reincorporated into something flashier!

  31. I'm sold on "My Farm Shop" after this video. I'll pass on the other 2 for now.

  32. The analogy master right here. You crack me up in each of your videos :). Keep up the good work! I can feel that this is truly your passion.

  33. I'm pretty new to board gaming. Why avoid fantasy games?

  34. Bought Fantasy Realms on my local board game store recommendation, I now carry it around all the time. The companion scoring app is extremely well done and I highly recommend it

  35. Fantasy Realms is such a great game. We always play 6-8 rounds in a row, because the gameplay is so addictive! Also the fantasy setting is actually a plus for me😂

  36. No freaking way D-Day monopoly is real

  37. Fantasy Realms is super fun to play, but absolutely awful to score.

  38. Fantasy Realms is unbelievably good. Cant stop playing game after game sometimes

  39. Better to be ugly and fun than pretty and boring. Amen brother.

  40. Did not expect D Day Monopoly to be real

  41. The 3 fingers he held up were in sign language. I bet no one else noticed that lol

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