3 Pops And You’re Out! Come Play Bluey Keepy Uppy With Us! #boardgames #couple - cutlassboardgame.com

3 Pops And You’re Out! Come Play Bluey Keepy Uppy With Us! #boardgames #couple

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  1. Did they really license the gameplay Loopin' Louie for Bluey?? Look it up, it's exactly the same! That game was the best

  2. Not to be mean but her laugh is soooo annoying

  3. I wonder why he want to be her bf, she is enormous 💀

  4. Its fun watching you guys play with soooooo much energy 😊😊

  5. Y'all play the coolest games ever💯💜

    This is so healthy for relationships…

  6. Она сказала фразу почти на русском
    Не надо блин

  7. The same trick will work next year as well 2¹

  8. I had a game like that when I was little. The balloon was a plane, and the tokens were chickens

  9. For all of us who went back to see if it really was a tie 😂

  10. That look at the camera was a look of "oh the comments are going to chew me a new one."

  11. Why is this useless shit in my recommendations?

  12. This is like that one minigame in “Barnyard”

  13. I had a game just like this called loopin' louie!

  14. How is the balloon still inflated, despite being slammed on the thing over and over…

  15. I was just playing with my daughter like 20 minutes ago 😅

  16. I get the weirdest vibe from you guys.

  17. Had a game just like this as a kid, except it was a plane going 'round, and the coins had chickens on' em. Glorious game

  18. not gonna lie that does look pretty fun😂

  19. I watched like 5 videos of this couple playing board games and in each one you can feel how much of a poor sport the dude is.

  20. I would actually broke this one the first time playing it

  21. I'm so tired of seeing this stupid "Bluey" everywhere

  22. Rematch! Put the flipper arms perfectly opposite each other. It’s much easier for her in the orientation you have

  23. The thing I love about being an adult is absolutely NO ONE is stopping you from playing these games

  24. Got this for the kids and idk where the kids are

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