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31 Amazing Feelings In Board Games

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“Spelling a dirty word in Scrabble.”

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This Old Rag
Feel The Breeze
Time Sensitive
Don’t Push It
The Daring Beyond
I Just Want Something New
Coming Home
Psych Out
Whose To Know
Nutcracker Op71 No14 Dance Of Fairies
Sunny Afternoon
Flaming Hotsause
Bathing Brass
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  1. For games that people play in 2015 not the 1980's, check out the Dice tower ☺

  2. defintley the monopoly i always say do you want to have a snack

  3. The best feeling is winning at risk ( and that takes damn ages!)

  4. When you get the big ladder in chutes and ladders.

  5. When you conquer all IPC islands within one or two turns in A&A, love it.

  6. There is no way that it's a coincidence that I got a Monopoly ad before this video

  7. Electronic Talking Battleship (1995), Jenga, Ghostbusters:The board game & more

  8. List of boardgames in this video please. 😀

  9. "Just kidding, I don't know anything about chess"
    Me: Me too

  10. this is the most satisfying buzzfeed video i've ever watched

  11. When you have a hotel on Park lane and Mayfair… 😅😌

  12. List of board games stated in the video please.

  13. so amazed they included Dominion!!! best game ever

  14. Nobody and I mean NOBODY can convince me to stop playing monopoly it's a problem

  15. That moment when you get your friend to land on board walk…

    I just came…

  16. Most satisfying moment ever in chess : captured the queen for free.

  17. the most satisfying feeling in all of board games is buying a really fun 70 or 80 dollar board games, and actually having people excited to play it…

    or finding someone who doesn't think ticket to ride or settlers of catan are hardcore board games.

  18. actually the hardest thing to do in mouse trap is to get the boot to hit the bucket

  19. 1. Sorry
    2. Trivial Pursuit
    3. Uno
    4. Candyland
    5. Mouse Trap
    6. Connect Four
    7. Scrabble
    8. Game of Life
    9. Trouble
    10. Boggle
    11. Any game with a dice
    12. Don’t wake Daddy
    13. Guess Who?
    14. Hungry Hungry Hippos
    15. Clue
    16. Mall Madness
    17. Crossfire
    18. Taboo
    19. Risk
    20. Chess
    20 (Again) Twister
    21. ???
    22. Yahtzee
    23. Settlers of Catan
    24. Settlers of Catan (Again)
    25. Dominion
    26. Girl Talk
    27. Jenga
    28. Checkers
    29. Chutes and Ladders
    30. Operation
    31. Monopoly

    You’re Welcome

  20. If anyone actually checks out Dominion because of this video, it'll all have been worth it.

  21. am i the ONLY one who always finishes his monopoly games like your supposed too……………… IF YOUR LOSING IN MONOPOLY JUST TAKE THE BEATING LIKE A MAN!

  22. Now I just want to play these games…and I don't have them so I can't…

  23. OOf the chess one is hilarious as someone who has played ever since I was four

  24. that one row in the connect 4 that didn't fall with the rest of it 😭😭😭

  25. They should’ve added the parody Monopoly game called Ghettopoly

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