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4 Games We Played so You Don’t Have To – with Tom & Zee

The Dice Tower
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Tom and Zee take a look at 4 games they don’t recommend, so you can be spared the experience!

0:00 Intro
0:50 Manhattan Project: War Machine
4:48 Quoridor Pac-Man
9:00 Portals
14:04 Age of Inventors

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  1. Disappointed about the Pac Man Quoridor! Thanks for reviewing it.

  2. But Tom gave Portals a 7/10 in his latest speed review!

  3. I love that you have two people discussing and take a little more time with each game. This is infinitely better than the old videos where Tom or another solo reviewer will list all the games they don't like. Discussion is king for me.

  4. Tom should really reconsider his rating scale. Portal getting 6, while both of them slam on it hard. The game sounds utterly dreadful, and he gives it a 6…

  5. I Kickstartered Age of Inventors, played once and sold. A dud.

  6. Holy heck. Blasted these games into the orbit

  7. I almost backed War Machine because I wanted a game with a follow mechanism. I decided it looked clunky. I bought San Juan and Space Base instead without having to wait for production. Sounds like I made a good call.

  8. Played War Machine as well. I fully agree with all said here. It's too quick and the lack of a coherent rulebook frustrated us during our play. That being said there is some fun planning and given that you are rolling dice Yahtzee style you are TRYING for something every turn. An OK game

  9. Just looked into it and War Machine is part of the Manhattan Project line, they acquired the rights to the franchise after fulfilling the Energy Empire: Cold War kickstarter and all future games in the series will be coming out from Grail Games. Hopefully future installments are more on the mark.

  10. I enjoyed portal, I really like adding the extra pattern score cards.

  11. I was looking at Quoridor Pac-man since I love those classic arcade games from the 80s, but it sounds dull as dishwater, so going to give it a pass I think.

  12. 10:10 So it is Azul? Now that is a the good evaluation of Azul then!

  13. A nice, good, two-player Pacman game would be a huge hit.

  14. I went back and forth on Age of Inventors while on Kickstarter because of its looks. Glad I didn’t get it.

  15. Damn, I thought they re-released the old Pac-Man board game from the 80's. That thing was great.

  16. Agreed about War Machine – disappointing, and the board mix up issue means no one appeared to be looking at the proof reading

  17. Hmm I didn't think Portals was bad, especially as a two player game. Though it doesn't really stand out in the sea of games available

  18. I like this video but I wished you guys used a lot more B footage of the game. I find I have to keep looking up the games to see more pictures.

  19. Great reviews, saved some cash on Portals. Really don't like that banner at the top of the video.

  20. Bummer… I pre-ordered Quoridor Pac-Man…

  21. Gentlemen, your sacrifices are greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten.

  22. I like the solo mode of Portals…okay. It's not bad as a little puzzle game. However, I can think of others in a similar vein that are more rewarding.

  23. A terrible rulebook is pretty much every Kickstarter game, which is 85% of every flippin board game now! Man i miss the old days. Games now are just churned out with little to no play testing, and sell because of minis or FOMO. Hence why ill just continue to scour the second hand market, once hype on a game dies down.

  24. I quite like War Machine and props to Grail Games for the way they fulfilled the EE:Cold War expansion, and the transparency during the WM kickstarter printing errors. They did the right thing when so many other companies would not.

  25. What a shame about War Machine. I love the art and graphic design.

  26. Age of Inventors…with Einstein prominently on the cover…was not an inventor.

  27. Uh oh, someone in my Friday game group backed Age of Inventors. Hopefully we like it better than you two did!

  28. Thanks for putting out more of the shorter format videos recently. I love hearing your thoughts on games, but the long videos are just a bit too much sometimes.

  29. Thank you for doing this again. I like this format.👍

  30. Thanks for the video. Love you two guys in this format.

  31. Quoridor sounds like it has similar problems to Scotland Yard

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