49 Board Game Reviews! 39 New games! | Rapid Reviews September 2023 - cutlassboardgame.com

49 Board Game Reviews! 39 New games! | Rapid Reviews September 2023

The Brothers Murph
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Oh heck yeah you know it’s time for Rapid Reviews!

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  1. Always love the Rapid Reviews. Have you guys played ‘Mage Knight’? It was a game I found pretty overwhelming for a while but I’d have to say it’s superb. Particularly with you guys getting into the solo game scene.

  2. I have been greatly enjoying Sagrada Artisans. It is my first legacy game.

  3. Perfectly done video! Please don't change anything 😃

  4. Please show more pictures of these games guys. Love your videos recently. This is a visual platform so show us some of what these games look like!

  5. For Splito the points for 2 public objectives are added to the right pile (only if achieved) and then each player multiples the score from his left pile by the score from his right pile, I think you confused the scoring rules with Between two castles…

  6. I know EXACTLY what 1-cost card you're talking about in Robot Quest Arena! My girlfriend got two copies of that early in our first play and TRASHED me, so we also looked it up on BGG to make sure that we played it correctly. Still had a lot of fun!

  7. We barely have the same taste in games, but I love your monthly Rapid Reviews videos.

  8. I was so happy to see turing machine on BGA. Love the game and this online version is just so nice! Just playing a game during lunch or on the train. Excellent!

  9. Best channel out there. You guys rock.

  10. I'm so interested in Powerline but there's just not enough content out about it.

  11. Lil Wayne definitely plays A Mille Fiori…

  12. NICK! Read Exhalation by Ted Chiang. SF Short story collection and they are all bangers.

  13. Have you guys played Dodos Riding Dinos? That feels like mario kart in a game to me, as there are thematic and chaotic dexterity elements involved with rolling logs and dropping meteors on your opponents to slow them down.

  14. Scram sounds a little like team based Silver?

  15. Hey Nick, one of the best sci-fi books I’ve read is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. My only tip is DO NOT READ ANYTHING ABOUT IT BEFOREHAND. It is so good if you go in completely blind. Cool to hear you both enjoy other forms of analog entertainment!

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