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5 Best Solo Games – Board Game Holiday Gift Guide

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Jeremy has put together a list of 5 solo experiences (and a couple honorable mentions) that you just might want to consider when giving board game gifts this holiday season…or maybe just get them for yourself.

See what you think of his list, and jump in the comments to share your thoughts!

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Hosted by Jeremy


  1. Killer work!! Grow your page easily – 'Promo SM'!

  2. Thanks J but WHAT IS that LOKI game above your left shoulder?.. something i should be delighted about for xmas?

  3. I appreciate this list and also hearing a BIPOC gamer talk about games!

  4. It's like you're just reading titles off my shelf. 🙂

  5. I might be treating myself to Hoplomachus Victorum if Chip Theory has any copies for sale at Pax Unplugged. 🤞

  6. l'm Looking forward to hearing about your best games of 2022!
    Peace to you!

  7. Too many bones. Mage knight. Spirit island. My top 3. Thanks for the video!

  8. Great list Jeremy! I’ve also enjoyed Guilds of Merchant Explorers and Planet Unknown in n this category.

  9. Picked up the Magnificent and Warp’s Edge for $25 and $13 recently as a gift to myself. Definitely excited to get both to the table.

  10. Mr. Howard, I love your content so much. You present games in a way that is unpretentious, accessible and with positivity. Breath of fresh air.

  11. Jeremy, I got warps edge because of your recommendation. I love it. Waiting for the Anomaly expansion to ship. Thanks.

  12. Appreciate the suggestions! Can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on Victorum!

  13. I just treated myself to The Magnificent – on a great sale! Thank you for the recommendation.

  14. Getting heart surgery in January and was looking for some good solo games to play during recovery. The timing of your video was perfect! Thank you for the reviews!

  15. Great list! Jaws of the lion is one of my favorites to play solo and I really want to try imperium classics.

  16. Love seeing The Magnificent getting a mention. Great fun solo game

  17. All star titles. Cascadia and Bullet Heart are tops on my list. Buttonshy are always fantastic. Warps Edge is amazing. I love all the Renegade Solo Series

  18. Agree with your list, as a solo player I have played most you listed and keep coming back to Warps Edge and Cascadia. Cant wait to get my Hoplo.
    The biggest omissions I cant stop playing are Falling Skies, Final Girl, and the best of all…Mythic Mischief.

  19. As a DnD channel, of course we love board games. Thanks! Liked and subscribed 🙂

  20. In GB I would be very lucky to find a solo game (or any game) for less than £30!
    Sad for a solo player like me 😊😊
    All the Best

  21. Warp's Edge expansion is on pre-order now on Amazon… just saying 😁

  22. Where can I get Hoplomachus: Victorum in time for Christmas?

  23. Great video, never seen that last one and it has me interested.

  24. Magnificent appealed to me but I held back because of some bad reviews. I got a ding & dent for $15, and now I can't stop playing it. Simple rules, complex decisions, love it!

  25. love Warp’s Edge most👍
    It’s just a fantastic game😍

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