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5 Board Games I Think You Should Play

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  1. Machi Koro! Lovely and quick game, my friends and I love to play at a brewery!

  2. mice & mystics reminded me of a game i played for the first time with my friends this past year, titled ‘betrayal.’
    there’s several editions now but, you choose your character and it follows a story that you can read aloud as you explore a (possibly haunted) house. definitely another DND gateway game lol highly recommend 🙂

  3. soviet kitchen unleashed has been a favourite of mine these last months! you use an app to scan cards with different colors to match given shades of food, and can follow a story mode!

  4. I love mice and mystics, its such a fun game. If you like games that are d&d-esque I also suggest Gloomhaven. I've also been getting into legacy games lately (which are story driven board games). Season 1 of pandemic legacy and betrayal legacy are fantastic.

  5. I can’t wait to play some of these games! The cat one especially!! I know what I want for Christmas now!

    The little figures at the beginning reminded me of meeples!! Carcassonne is a great game if you haven’t played it!

  6. Azul and Splendor are great boards games I've been playing recently. Thank you PJ for these recommendations!

  7. Cascadia is a brilliant game, easy to play, gorgeous art , most important…easy to teach 😂

  8. I've been diggin the Red Dragon Inn lately. Theres expansions to add on characters/players, and its easy to turn into a drinking game if thats your thing

  9. I have to know if you played Gloomhaven or Frosthaven, they are my absolute favourites! They’re super daunting at first but so fun once you get the hang of them

  10. Board games are my favorite thing sooo here are my recs

    -Scout (short, easy, fun card game)
    -Radlands (great 2-player battling game)
    -Wonderland’s War (bag builder battler. Very fun. Very long 😂)
    -Spirit Island (simply the best game. Nothing will top this. Solo or coop. But very difficult to beat)

  11. Just as a suggestion. You can play Codenames online if you can't physically have friends to play it with. I'd highly recommend it. Its hilarious ❤

  12. This reminded me that I haven't played Harry Potter Codenames in a while. Me and my boyfriend are not good at it lmao

  13. This is the type of KickThePJ video that I need a sequel to! I’ve been valuing your recs since 2015, and this came at the perfect time. From a board game lover to another- play Escape The Dark Castle! Easily the most addicting game I’ve ever played, and it’s a table-flipper for sure. Enjoy!

  14. Ah these are great! Absolutely love Wingspan and need to give it more goes.
    I highly recommend Regicide if you want another small game that's great with two players. Also been really enjoying Cascadia, which is a tile and worker placement game set in the beautiful cascade mountain range where you'll be trying to make habitats for lots of animals! That and Cosmic Encounter is also always a great one (especially with five players).

  15. My personal go to is Set bc you can play with a lot of people! (And also I pretty good at it)

  16. Ive been really into a game called coup its really fun. The best games are the ones that destroy friendships 😅

  17. Dungeon Degenerates is a board game with really deep fun lore and an incredible art style of cards, creatures, and lore/booklets. Highly recommend it for that alone

  18. Skull king is a game that I would recommend checking out

  19. Spirit Island is pretty amazing. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it's fun burning, drowning, terrorizing, or otherwise annihilating settlers…

  20. Another beautiful boardgame that's worth checking out is Parks, it's a multiplayer game where you (and up to three other players) take on the role of two hikers (each) who hike a trail across four seasons. The game is really simple to pick up and has some of the most beautiful art cards ever. The main goal is to collect national parks which are worth victory points. At the end of all four seasons the player with the highest victory point total wins!!

    As well as parks, a lot of other people are mentioning root. BUT, another game that has the same artist that's very easy to get into is "FORT". It's a deck builder where you take on the role of a group of kids and best friends as they build up their fort. It's another victory point game but it's incredibly charming.

  21. I give mangrove tour guides, n so many bird freaks have admitted to me they only kno birds thanks to Wingspan.

  22. LOVE wingspan! Been playing it for about a year. Here’s some of my favorite board games: Cascadia, Viticulture, Sagrada, Parks, Newton, Azul (all versions), and Verdant. I’m sure there’s some others I’m forgetting. PJ please share more board game recommendations!

  23. I have to know if you played Gloomhaven or Frosthaven, they are my absolute favourites! They’re super daunting at first but so fun once you get the hang of them

  24. For beginning of the night fun I recommend cobra paw! Easy, simple, high speed fun 😊

  25. I've really been enjoying evergreen as of late

  26. I’ve been playing the game Azul which is really fun with a small group!

  27. i love wingspan! it's one of the only board games that i have gotten my parents to play & it is now a staple of our family gatherings. i've been loving sleeping gods, personally!

  28. such a fun vid, always enjoy hearing your reviews! :')

  29. I highly recommend Codnames Pictures as well!

  30. What I wouldn't give to have a board game night with PJ and friends!

  31. I highly recommend Menara, a cooperative temple building game! It's sooo fun

  32. wingspan is sooooo fun! i'm glad to see it getting some well deserved love :3

  33. I recently bought flamecraft and would recommend 100%! It’s dragons running tiny shops with pun names and the artwork is beautiful. It has loads of different shops and enchantments so it’s really replayable!

  34. Absolutely love these styles of videos, as I'm a big fan of board games. My suggestion for a new board game if you don't already own it is Mystic Market. It's a relatively easy game where players are collecting magical ingredients to sell on the magic stock market. There are physical game pieces to represent the stocks, and the players get to make the changes upon selling items. The goal is to become the richest by the end of the game, and it is genuinely such a fun little game that I highly recommend.

  35. me when i ignore everything else about wingspan except gathering eggs GIVE ME ALL THE EGGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Arkham Horror will always be my favorite board game, despite how complicated and long it is.

  37. Recently played Flamecraft for the first time and it slapped! If you love engine building and transactions, that's the game for you! The Azul games are also great… we have Queen's Garden and it's a good one for two or three people!

  38. There’s also a wingspan app where you can scan the cards you collect on your board to be able to hear all the calls of the birds in your “forest”! It’s pretty neat!

  39. My Top Two That Are My Faves,Would HAVE TO Be”Isle Of Cats”(🐈‍⬛🏝️🐈),& Also”WingSpan!!”(🦅🕊️)Due To Me LOVING Animals,Like Crazy🤪🥰& Also How Each Board Looks Quite Interesting To Me,As Well!!😉

  40. A game I'll recommend anyone is Exploding kittens, there's lots of strategy and funny pictures that may or may not be safe for work depending on the deck you have, and the zombie expansion just raises the stakes and makes the game take even longer! Every draw is a gamble but the more cards you have the more you can do, and you can attack other players or help them, it's a lot of fun! Last living player wins!

  41. wingspan is my FAVORITE my friends and i call it the gay bird game hahaha

  42. I’ve played Wingspan!! It’s fun, but can be a bit difficult to get the hang of at first if you’ve never played a game like it before. But the art style IS pretty and if you’re willing to put in the time to learn it…it is indeed a very satisfying play!

  43. idk if it’s just a kickstarter game or if you can buy it but there’s a game called Cultivate where you make a cult and convince people to join and it’s very fun and also frustrating when you’re losing (and your whole group of friends turns against you for no reason like mine did 😡😡😡😡) but nonetheless a good time

  44. Please have Daniel J. Layton introduce you to No Rolls Barred so you can be a guest over there and play board games with them. Pretty please. It feels like you'd have a lot of fun over there.

  45. have you tried the real life version of Eels and Escalators from spongebob? i haven’t had a chance to yet but from what i hear it’s actually very well thought out and complicated!

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