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5 Board Games that are LYING to you!

The Brothers Murph
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Some games lie. Dirty dirty liars! How dare they lie so! We at The Brothers Murph only tell the truth! What other games are lying! Call them out in the comments!

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  1. Scythe? Big ass mechas fighting? No sir, you just bluf with those awesome minis.

  2. Funny & entertaining as usual, easy on the eyes as always 😉, and the icing on the cake was the adorable ending! All I could do is Awwww🥰😊

  3. Honorable mention: any game that puts playing time on the side of the lid

    Looking at you, Eldritch Horror with your '30min/player' LIE

  4. I thought the same about Arboretum! The more people you play it with… It's so complicated. lol

  5. Unknown Lake is my early pick for GOTY 2023.

  6. I love Arboretum. The choices of what hurts me the least or what helps someone else is superb. I think I get the most enjoyment out of watching my opponents brains melt. Seeing the look of frustration in their eyes when they make this giant cluster of trees but fail to score it. They think they are getting bunny rabbits but realize its demons from hades that just stole their soul. Its beautiful. I cannot overstate how much joy I get.

  7. Architects of the West Kingdom = you play as Architects
    Viscounts of the west Kingdom = you play as Viscounts.
    Shipwrights, Explorers, Raiders, and Wayfarers = all good here

    Paladins of the West Kingdom…LIES

  8. The biggest lie is that 'crunchy' is a good word to describe games.

  9. Cryptid. The cover doesn't prepare you for an evening of cubes and hexes.

  10. Nick clearly had way too much fun shooting and editing this!
    Great work

  11. It seems obvious that Alexander Pfister and Beth Sobel are the worst liars in the industry and need to be stopped. Who will stand up to their lies?!?!

  12. Brew, cutthroat game with such a cute art. Don’t play it with sensitive people!

  13. Very funny…looking foward to seening the next episode.

  14. Arboretum is such a mean game, I hate it, lol. Great choice

  15. Love the Background, and the comedy, as always.

  16. I wish you could've seen my face when you transformed into a demon from my nightmares at 2:18

  17. Ethnos = cover screams: "its a fantasy war game".

  18. Love the video! A way to talk about games with a twist!!

  19. Animated, enthusiastic, committed, informative yet Oscar winning performance. Thanks you for this expose. Our eyes have been opened to the truth.

  20. Very funny Nick 😀 keep up the good work 🙂

  21. You crack me up Nick! I've seen a list like this before (probably from The Dice Tower) but that list was more about games that they don't like because of the lies…and I know for a fact that you LIKE these games if not love them, but that doesn't mean they don't lie, which I totally get.

    v v v

    Honorable mention for Tokaido…ah, this game is so zen, so relaxing, so chill, it's a game about the journey not the destination…until you start to play, then it's just turn after turn after turn of trying to mess over the other travelers, racing to get those village spaces (for money) forcing other impoverished travelers to skip over all the spots that need money…hahaha…if anyone has the chance, watch the Tabletop episode of Tokaido from 2014 to illustrate the point, stealing the vista spots so the artist struggles to get his paintings completed or someone who has money continuously taking village spots to hoard coins…both viable strategies, and both cut-throat as hell. It's a fantastic game, it LOOKS like a chill game but plays like a dog fight…LIES! hahaha Thanks Nick, you made my day!


  22. I've always said Port Royal is the most elegant game. You can explain the cards as they're flipped! Even when you're not the active player, you still have a chance to get a card (no/low player down time)! Everyone laughs when someone performs the "Two-card Bust"!

  23. The new channel direction has been amazing! Keep it up. These videos really stand out and are good YouTube videos not just good board game YouTube videos.

  24. Space Base, should be called Space Fleet. Nothing to do with a base, everything to do with assembling an armada. Nick, you should go excavate the basement of AEG to see what other lies are afoot!

  25. This will admittedly make me look dumb, but the first time I heard about Set a Watch (a game I really love), I was expecting some kind of euro that involved time pieces. What I got was a very original fantasy set solo-friendly experience. Just the name alone with no details up front? Lies.

  26. "you could fit a family of four in that box!" 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Lol! Thanks Nick; enjoyed this — though it was not what I was expecting. I initially was thinking something more along the lines of the "play time" or "player count" on the boxes that are lies (hah, 45 minutes my ash, 3.5 hours later… or sure you can play at 6… if you never want it to end!!)

  28. The Brothers Murph need to contact the Family Murph and adopt me

  29. This is classic material, Nick! I haven't laughed so much since the work-out video!

  30. 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis says you play it over 13 Days, but it's actually much, much quicker than that.

  31. Every bit of the tongue in cheek but if this makes me the happiest. Same with the Board Game Gripe series. Can't wait for more.

  32. This was hilarious😂 I really felt like Eldritch Horror was a lie for me. I started with Arkham horror and thought that I could easily take on Eldritch Horror without any issue. And lo and behold I had no clue how to play Eldritch because it’s a completely different game! How can two games from the same family be so completely different, the mechanics and Eldritch whore are so frustrating compared to those in Arkham I get it but OMG LIES

  33. Ohhhhh I really like the new backdrop, and that’s no lie.

  34. Love the concept and style of the video, good job scripting this.

  35. Tiny Epic Quest. Tiny and Epic at the same time? Lie.
    Rings of Power… Oh sorry just talking board games.

  36. Smallworld is in a big box. I wouldn't want a game called Bigworld in a small box. How Dare they.
    Great Western Trail? You are going to Kansas City. That's in Central time zone. More accurately should be called Half-Western Trail that needs a part II.

  37. Calico has two meanings: "printed cotton fabric" or "a domestic cat with a coat that is white with mottled black, brown, and orange patches". So, the cover is of an orange tabby cat on a calico quilt. No lies: you just can't take your eyes off the cute little kitty to see the quilt. I understand.

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