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5 New Games – Board Game Buys – October 2022

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about all of the new board games that I added to my collection over the last month.




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  1. This month I added Ultimate Railroads, Flamecraft and Endless Winter. Super excited to finally get a crack at Russian Railroads as it’s been on my to try list for years!

  2. I would encourage you to review whatever interests you but my guess (after watching what must be hundreds of your videos) is that you will not enjoy a traditional war game set in what looks like a fantasy universe that obtw takes at minimum 90 minutes to play. You are pretty much a dyed in the wool euro gamer & that particular game looks to be a niche (wargame) within a niche (fantasy universe setting). Idk, you might surprise me but I tend to think not haha. You are also one that does not lean towards games w/ a lot of rules overhead so that might be another strike. I tried a number of war games this year for the first time & what I found was that I like the ones on the lighter end of the scale w/ some euro mechancis thrown in like Undaunted & Memoir 44 but I found that the ones I tried that were heavier, more traditional war games had larger barriers to entry ie., rules overhead, excessive fiddliness, etc. I find it becomes too much to manage at times & I just end up gravitating towards simpler, more streamlined gameplay. Your game group matters, too, & mine just does not have a taste for the hardcore war game genre. YMMV of course.

  3. I appreciate your opinion whether it's a game you gravitate towards or not. I would be interested in you take on Warbonds. I personally like to try different things and have unique experiences and I believe you do to. Of course if you don't tend to like those games and it turns you then the praise will be that much more compelling.

  4. I can totally relate to those red flags in War Bonds – rules heavy, too many components etc usually leads me to feel a bit despondent, if not nauseated. But sometimes you surprise me – Ark Nova and Brazil were to your liking.

  5. Nice! My own purchases this month: The new Palaces of Carrara, Marrakesh Deluxe Edition, Amsterdam Deluxe Edition, Tiletum and Tinner´s Trail.

  6. I got Municipium, but sadly not played it yet. Got Caesar's Empire last week.

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