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5 Small travel board games to take on holiday

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Summer vacations are round the corner, and summer vaccines means it’s actually possible to go on them! So it’s time to start thinking about going off on your holidays and what games you’ll want to bring. Naturally they’ll have to be pretty small to not take up your entire suitcase, so Wheels has picked out some minuscule and miniature titles to cram into the bottom of your bag. Here’s 5 small board games for travel that are great fun to play…

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00:00 – Introduction
01:48 – 1. Railroad Ink & Railroad Ink Challenge
04:38 – 2. Tiny Epic Games series
07:09 – 3. Welcome to the Dungeon
10:17 – 4. Similo
13:34 – 5. Dice Academy

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  1. First time I've heard of Similo. Thanks!

  2. tiny epic galaxies is fun, it left me wanting just a bit more, like it was missing the cherry on top

  3. Hive is a perfect game and perfectly portable too. Very fun, easy to learn, hard to master with endless possibilities, short match length, high replayability and very sturdy/durable. It is a masterpiece. The only con is a 2 player game. For 3 or more Love Letter is great and very portable.

  4. Small travel have video, didn't mention Button Shy wallet games… Hrm.


  6. We getting teenii tiny! Love your play throughs of these games on the channel and would be delighted to see y’all play other ones at some point

  7. Since we usually rent a house with about 10 people I'm not quite sure what to bring along next time. I'm considering Bang!, Root, Everdell, Splendor, Set a Watch, Lifeboat, Wingspan, Coup, Mysterium and Villagers and Kubb…I think Scythe and Gloomhaven are too big

  8. Please have a play of one to two tiny epic games.

  9. It's really simple but I love Stax. It's literally just a small bag of different coloured dice that you try to stack into miniature towers of matching numbers, with those numbers representing the points that the tower is worth. There's a few more rules but it's fast, fun and easy to teach.

  10. For our holidays it’s The Crew or Deep Sea Adventure

  11. Thankyou for using my favourite word – plethora.

    That means a lot…

  12. Interesting. I learned about WIll Bill's soda at GenCon, because of their food truck. So it is interesting to see it advertised on a game channel (for synergy) and a British one (since it seemed like a very American company).
    Also, want to suggest Roll For It as a good, portable game.

  13. These are my favourite type of videos!! I’d love more inspiration style vids, games for children, horror theme games, reluctant newbie games

  14. A good list to celebrate the world slowly getting back to normal.

  15. Great recommendations. Tiny Epic Zombies being upside down has my brain in a kerfuffle though

  16. we have "Who did it" with us this year, it's a fantastic little game for the family

  17. I love small games.not only for holidays, but to keep them in my backpack whenever I visit friends just in case someone wants to play

  18. My go-to is Love Letter, with just 16 cards. One of my all-time games too.

  19. Those last few games bring back memories of some rather chaotic early videos : )

  20. I specialize in small games. The Crew is fantastic, Oink Games has a bunch of hits with Startups, Deep Sea Adventure, the bizarre hand shedding game Maskmen (which is unlike any card game I've ever played). It also has Dungeon of Mandom VIII (which is a smaller version of Welcome to Dungeon) and beautiful tiny Modern Art (though something on the bottom of the easel and some paste-ups from German or French are required). Arboretum is very good. Button Shy has some good stuff of which Sprawlopolis and Agropolis are the stand outs. I've heard great things about Air, Land and Sea, but haven't played it yet. Mint Works is a neat tiny game in a tin. No Thanks is a brilliant game for a pub.

    My favourite is still the super tiny For Sale, which has the most decisions per minute of any game out there. It's so small and only a few minutes, but the decisions are consistently great.

  21. Three Dragon Ante for me (and my casual-player friends and family)

  22. Your Tiny Epic bit doesn't start until 4:40, not 4:02.

    Edit: Welcome to the dungeon at 7:09, not 6:30. I think the timestamps in the description just need fixing.

  23. Dice academy looks so cute! I had quite a few small games, Great Heartland Hauling Co, Adventure of D, Tiny Epic Galaxies, For Sale, Oh My Goods and others. Though never found a huge desire to play games on-the-road.
    That was pre-pandemic, there's a huge mood to get out more. I've kept Harbor and Love Letter and of course a classic pack of cards. Flingers crossed for a small box games revolution in 2021-2022!!!

  24. Having read the title, I was expecting some Oink Games. However, not disappointed with your picks whatsoever!!!

  25. Surprised you missed coup but I recommend Boss Monster and Flux

  26. I'm very excited for Tiny Epic Pirates to come out – Galaxies is my favourite of its genre, and I'm a big fan of age of sail/piracy stuff, so it should be a complete win for me!

  27. This is the kind of content I really enjoy. Great video!

  28. Bananagrams is nice and small to put in your bag. Admittedly it can take up a lot of table space, so one for when you get to your destination rather than on the plane/train, but definitely a good choice!

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