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5 Ways British and American Board Games Are Very Different

Lost in the Pond
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With Autumn fast approaching, I wanted to take a look at some of the biggest differences between British and American board games. Here are five of them.

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  1. When you're out of lockdown you should find your local niche gaming store. There are so many great games that haven't been absorbed by Hasbro. Such as: Ubango, Tsuro, Ticket to Ride, 5 Minute Dungeon, Splendor, Segrata, Azul, Terraforming Mars, the Isle of Cats and Pandemic to name a few. There are YouTube videos on how to play every game and reviews. You can also get games on Amazon.

  2. Too funny. I am the same age as you, and I remember Snakes and Ladders. I honestly thought I just remembered it incorrectly. I still remember the Parker Brothers jingles on TV in the 90's.

  3. "Secret livestream…" That caught me by surprise! I'm still laughing!!

  4. There weren't any MOTHERFUCKING snakes on the MOTHERFUCKING plane? 😉

  5. But all of these games arent as old as wahoo

  6. 8:15 Apparently Monopoly differs GREATLY between US and UK versions. I mean, you can't go bankrupt while in jail in the US version. Hell, jail is actively sought after in the end game.

  7. You kind of can't be bankrupted by hotels on Mayfair/Boardwalk if you're in jail. In fact, the goal of the game at that late stage is actually to get INTO jail so you're safe from all other properties.

  8. LOL…my Grandfather was the South West Georgia checker champion back in the day. He taught me and I beat my High School coach when I was in the 10th grade. He was so mad.

  9. It's not "a dice." "Dice" means more than one die.

  10. Draughts is CHECKERS?!? From context, I’d assumed it was darts. Well. This was funny and educational.

  11. I played both snakes & ladders and chutes & ladders, im pretty sure chutes & ladders is just 1 brand's version only, as I saw Snakes & ladders much more often.

  12. Risk has always been one of my favorites. I played Battleship a lot as a kid, too. And Euchre is a Michigan institution.

  13. I played the British version of monopoly at my grandparents, I took it home after they died. Didn't realize it was different until this video came out.

  14. I'm shocked when I saw waddington because of the way you had said it! Not at all how I would have thought to say it!

  15. RIP MB and Parker Brothers 😢
    Another piece of our childhood gone

  16. I absolutely LOVED playing Parcheesi as a kid!!

  17. I remember ludo! I used to live in Jamaica and played this game all the time.. I was confused and took me forever to realize that in the USA it's called Sorry 😅

  18. This board game is a product of fritos, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, owned by Disney and sold by Apple.

  19. So wait a woman came up with monopoly ?

  20. 😏going down the slides weren't always fun. Wearing shorts those metal slides burned like hell😂😂

  21. I swear I've never heard of either Mr. Black or Mr. Boddy before.

  22. After this episode, Lawrence Brown was absorbed by Hasbro lol ☺

  23. My friend and I went to England in 1993. I bought a travel version of Monopoly. On the plane to the U S we opened it and realized how American we are. All the streets were British and money pounds. Had fun playing and still bankrupted.

  24. a morality game where you have no control over your actions
    there are so many jokes I could make but they all feel mean.

  25. It seems that Hasbro become a Monopoly. lol

  26. This was fascinating, thanks so much! My family loves board games (and card games) and we have a game night several times a month.

  27. In the US, Monopoly is now public domain so as long as you don’t use an image of the guy with a monocle anyone can make a Monopoly game legally.

  28. Scrabble is the exception to the "Hasbro owns everything" rule. In most of the world, Scrabble is owned by Mattel (Hasbro's biggest competitor). Its only in North America that Hasbro owns the rights.

  29. Lesson of the day: Barry Manilow’s “I write the songs” is a cover. I had no idea.

  30. I still know it as snakes and ladders

  31. A good alternative for "he or she" is "they", so it takes less time to say xD

  32. If there’s an oil spill on the coast, will Hasbro absorb that too?

  33. I like backgammon. I think it's pretty universally called backgammon. Except I also know (thanks to this channel, I believe) that "gammon" is a type or cut of smoked ham in Britain.

  34. So the remaining question would be; Is cribbage a board game or a card game?

  35. "Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite board games and when they their rights have been acquired by Hasbro" 😉

  36. You forgot HeroQuest and the “broawdswawrd!”

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