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6 Best Party Board Games Ever Made

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Okay forgive us, NORMALLY this would be the absolute golden time to release a list of party board games. We hope that in the future there’s a time where you can actually play all of these but for now let’s just dream of better times with some of the best party games ever made!

00:01:07 – Dead Last
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00:04:16 – Captain Sonar
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00:06:41 – Telestrations
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00:09:14 – Trap Words
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00:12:07 – A Fake Artist Goes To New York
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00:15:25 – Happy Salmon
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  1. Now Wheels, you know the question we have to ask is: whose wedding is happy salmonned?

  2. I've used Telestrations as an ice breaker at team meetings a couple of times. It's fun, but also a reminder of how easily a message's meaning can drift as it passes through multiple hands.

  3. Relatively easy warm-up game is zombie dice: 13 dice in 3 colours. You each take it in turns trying to roll through your dies, picking 3 at a time from the cup at random. Your goal is to collect as many brains as possible (green dies have 3 brain sides, red have 1). If you roll a brain it goes in your brain pile for the round, accumulated shotgun blasts are also kept and feet are rerolled (picking enough dice to take your dice up to 3). You keep rolling until you either decide to stick, or until you roll 3 shotgun blasts, in which case you end the round with none of your collected brains. First to 13 brains wins.

  4. I recommend We Didn't Playtest This At All. Its a super silly fast paced card game where all yoj have to do is play cards until someone wins. (Or everyone loses. This is an option) plus if you get the expansion edition you can create your own cards

  5. I'd like to recommend Code Words: Pictures. It's a game of trying to give a single word and a number of cards and your partner/group is trying to find which cards you mean to get the "code word". Easy to learn, kinda hard for those trying to think of a single word for some of the weirdness in the pictures, but loads of fun and laughs.

  6. Coup is a great social deduction game that is easy to learn. I highly advise it, (maybe even a lets play on the channel) as it's a ton of fun. Also, while it is ancient, bananagrams is still a great game.

  7. You had to say the C or X word Wheels.

    This makes me unhappy. 😔

  8. Sad River Cheese? Wheels, you're just plain WEIRD.

  9. 15:30 I often go to parties with a fish. Everyone knows the best parties are Fish Parties, you 😋 twisted boy.

  10. Bold of wheels to assume any of us will be going home for the festive season

  11. You mentioned Monikers, that is one of our group faves. We usually close out the night with a couple games. If you have a lot of people and enough space, Two Rooms and a Boom is pretty great as well.

  12. The fact that you used the flubbed merch outro makes me think of the Simpsons quote "We did twenty takes and that was the best one."

  13. Trapwords sounds like Xtreme Password. Fun!

  14. Captain Sonar is fantastic, so much content in the box

  15. Why am I surprised a fish is on this list?

  16. I’ve played Sonar and can attest that it is indeed really fun!

  17. My votes would be Just One (Co-op) or Wavelength for team vs team

  18. My family loves playing Dobble, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and exploding kittens.
    Guess I might add a few more. 😉

  19. Can I ask if the reference to "paid promotion" at the start of the video is only about the ad at the start for voodoo, or does the video include paid promotion of particular games? Thanks!

  20. My take on your Trapword example:

    There exists an extremely well-known photograph of the construction of one, with the construction workers sitting on a steel beam having lunch.

  21. A couple of interesting games here that I hadn't heard of before. Thank you, Wheels.

  22. There's a free phone app called "Person Do Thing" that I always pitch as "a caveman trying to explain a higher concept to a crowd".

    You are given a word that you need your team or whoever to guess, but you are limited to a list of only 36 short words that you are allowed to say. So trying to get your friends to say "earthquake" with the explanation "place go big fast, but no far" spirals into a lot of clarifying questions and answers. It's fantastic!

  23. Fast? This year started 3 decades ago and still has like 10% left to load

  24. I love Trapwords, but even this beautiful word game doesn't approach the peerless glory that is Decrypto.

  25. "Might not have been on your radar"… I see what you did there! 🙂

  26. Happy salmon is a riot… And super hard when you can't shout lol.

  27. Great assortment of games including some of my favorites!

  28. I would love to see a video on easy online party games you can play over a video call. Usually, I love playing fun and easy games with my cousins and grandparents over Christmas but since I can’t see them this year I’m trying to find alternatives.

  29. I love how Micheal Wheelan Wheels began all formal and stuff and completely broke down once it got to Happy Salmon

  30. Why are you showing me party games in 2020

    I still don’t have any friends

  31. I would never consider Captain Sonar a party game, I wouldn't even call it's little brother Sonar a party game… Like, it's got the high player count but it's quite a teach for a party. It is very good though…

  32. A more…..NSFW Version of Telestrations that is pretty much the exact same game is "Scrawl" by Big Potato. If you can get a good group going and not take it seriously, the cards having you drawing just insane things. Some examples include: The person next to you naked, dinosaur buying a new handbag, Elderly Person Conga Line, Adopting a cacutus, Netflix and Chill and Lost in IKEA.

  33. Can you guys please do a playthrough of Balderdash?? It's my favourite board game, it has a fairly simple concept, and it would be right up Johnny's alley for sure! Pleeeease?

  34. Codenames is a great party game that can be played by all ages because it is done in teams. Really Nasty horseracing Game gets very loud and boisterous too.

  35. Number 1 Party Game BY FAR is Time’s Up. Banned Words is much better and less ‘gamey’ and without the terrible theme of Trapwords. Captain Sonar has far too many rules and requires careful listening – not a party game imho. More like a group game or for an appointment game night with 8 people only. Thanks for the list!

  36. If you liked Dead Last, you should check out MadMobz. It also has mobsters that come with their business, cars, and house. It is one of my favourite games! Especially now that we have to stay home, my family and I play it all the time and the winner is free from any chores for the following day 😁

  37. dude, if ud worked out ull look like thoR!!

  38. HOW GOOD is happy salmon (or as I like to call it, sweaty salmon)?! I played the silent version with work mates the other day and we had side cramps from laughing so hard. It was a bunch of frantic hand motions and heavy breathing HAHAH

  39. Great list guys! I had Dead Last in my game collection. Its like really fast Survivor! Although on my first play everyone turned against me and I almost got pushed into a pot plant playing it. 🙂

  40. I find it very weird that the man is 99% in the image while you show almost nothing of the boradgames. Fk stupid way to provide info

  41. Wow! Nice content! I also want to share this Lagim Card game that my family and I are enjoying. It's amazing that they actually came up with the idea of Philippine Folklore since it's kind of dying down a bit. It will surely educate future generations.

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