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6 Best Party Board Games Ever Made

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Okay forgive us, NORMALLY this would be the absolute golden time to release a list of party board games. We hope that in the future there’s a time where you can actually play all of these but for now let’s just dream of better times with some of the best party games ever made!

00:01:07 – Dead Last
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00:04:16 – Captain Sonar
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00:06:41 – Telestrations
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00:09:14 – Trap Words
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00:12:07 – A Fake Artist Goes To New York
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00:15:25 – Happy Salmon
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  1. i HATE you, i now want to play even more tabletop games i'll never be able to because of the lack of interest and availability of the people around me!!!

  2. Looks interesting! Want to recommend also the LAGIM CARD game. It is an absolutely amazing game, we just can’t get enough of it!The design is probably the best part of the game. The artwork, the difficulty rating, the abilities, the little snippets of story and play style, and the anatomy of the cards. All of it gives each creature a very unique feel and style, making it very enjoyable to play! Visit their website for more info.

  3. The coup and cash and guns are our faves. I just paused the video and ordered Dead Last

  4. If you like Telestations and speak German – Mutabo is worth a serious look. Some of the funniest moments in gaming came out of it in my groups.
    If you are not offended by pointing foam guns at each other: Cash n Guns is hilarious fun as well.

  5. 15:21

    And this is how Wheels managed to make a video that includes a full frame, close-up shot of his bum.

  6. Going to add Anomia to this list! Anomia is a really simple and fast-paced card game about word recall. Played it a bunch and it’s always funny and frustrating to watch others struggle to think of words only for you to also go completely blank. Also, haven’t played Telestrations but Scrawl is basically the same thing

  7. Happy salmon! Very happy to see it on here. That was one of the ones I bought for my family just cos I heard of it on Dicebreaker, and that was after you guys mentioned it in passing on a painting stream. It’s AMZING, I highly recommend!

  8. That 'this man is being paid to do this' captions had me in hysterics for way longer than I'd care to admit.

  9. I would add Roll for It to the list, it's a simple game about rolling dice and trying to buy cards, and can be a lot of fun, my parents love it and bring it out when family gets together

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