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61 Board Game Reviews! | Rapid Reviews June 2023

The Brothers Murph
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Oh you know what time it is! It’s time for Rapid Reviews where we review everything we played in the last month! This time we played a whopping 61 games!!!

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  1. I like you two so much I watch the full ad.

  2. The fact that you said that in Stationfall there are all these rules that are hyper specific to unique game states suggests that, despite you trying to be so diplomatic, the game is not actually good. Either that or you were exaggerating. Just be honest bros, the game sucks!

  3. Tom hinted recently that you shouldn’t try to buy a foreign version of Comic Hunters because wink wink nudge nudge. I’m assuming they are bringing it over as a Dice Tower Essential or something…

  4. Heck of a month gentlemen!!!
    Spent a looooooot of mine playin Cascadia solo. LooooOOOOVin it!!!
    Still waiting on Earth to arrive (6/20-6/25😢)

  5. Its kinda funny too, this is the second video I've seen this month that reviews "plays of the month" and they just briefly mention Earth.
    "Great game, check it out, realty recommend it."
    I'm like WTF?!?
    I haven't even played it yet and I'm totally in love

  6. You guys play more board games in a month than I’m likely to play in my life 🙌

  7. I love nimalia so much as well! So easy to table, so fun to play in such a small package ❤

  8. im excited yall got to play automania, Sucks you were not blown away as it is one of my top 5. But thats ok, it got shown some love.

  9. for whatever reason, Lacerda games get some hate in the board game world, i cant figure out why. but i whole heartedly believe that once people start playing them, they get addicted. glad you guys are trying.

  10. "Theme MATTERS, publishers … we played Crokinole!" lol Glad you played War Chest. Best of the Undaunted-type games, although I am looking forward to General Orders: WWII. Blitzkrieg is very good, but Caesar is an all-timer for me. The combos and different things you can do with it make it so dynamic, even though it's a two-player abstract.

  11. Yes! Meadow is great. Really good solo mode, too

  12. If you want Calico to be less brutal, just add one more tile to the draft pool. It's how I play most games. It's still challenging!

  13. What do you think of 'The Mother Road: Route 66' as a bit more thematic version of 'Can't Stop'?

  14. Hi, thanks for the shout out (Sean T.) as a new patron member! My gf and I have loved you guys for a while and I was able to sign up recently. Glad to support you guys.

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